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ASSIGNMENT COVER SHEET ( Individual Work) Student Name : Program : PISMP (Sains) PR Assignment Title : Project Coursework Lecturer

: Mr Wang Leong Boon Date Submitted : 21 SEPTEMBER 2012 Student ID : Subject/Course : ELE 3102 Date received (filled by lecturer) :

I declare that all materials in this assignment are my own work except where there is clear acknowledgement and reference to the work of others. I have read the Examination Regulations of Teacher Education,1999. I give permission for my assignment work to be reproduced and submitted to other academic staff for the purpose of assessment and to be copied, submitted to and retained by the Institute of Teacher Education (ITE) for the purpose of checking of plagiarism. Signed : Date :

Assessment Criteria Criteria

Levels of achievement
Excellent Good Satisfactory Need to work on it Not acceptable

A. Compilation of materials in a portfolio (20%) - organise all completed tasks in a portfolio in chronological order D. Quiz (20%)
Take a quiz comprising 20 questions basedon: Topic 1: Language Acquisition and Language Learning Topic 2: Theories of Second Language Acquisition Topic 3: An Overview of Teaching Approaches Methods and Technique. E. Reflection (10%) Write a reflection on the process of preparing & completing the assignment. What were the problems faced and how they were overcome How has this experience developed you cognitively

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Moderator (If any)

Areas to develop :

Signature: Name: Date: Declaration by student with regards to the feedback given by lecturer/s: I hereby declare that I have understood and accepted the feedback given by my lecturer/s. Students signature: Date: