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Sources of recruitment:1. Advertisements-news paper, radio, TV, magazines 2. Campus recruitment 3. Head hunters-executive search 4. Job portals 5. Consultancies or agencies 6. Employee Referral 7. Walk-ins 1. Aptitude Test 2. Group Discussion 3. Psychometric Profiling 4. Interview Much more comprehensive than SBI. It consists of:1) corporate etiquette skills in sales credit, operations, and collections business 2) specific product and process knowledge skills reinforced by live projects, assignments, and on-the-job training and certification based on project assessment 3) e-tests 4) Behavioural training programmes Performance Appraisal through:1) Evaluating the employee performance 2) Compare actual performance with standard performance They declare promotions in the month of April and promotions are based on performance.

Sources of recruitment:1. Advertisements- Online, newspaper, magazines etc. 2. Campus recruitment 3. Government Job services 4. Computerized employee database

Selection Process Training

1. Test- General English, Quant, Awareness and Reasoning Questions 2. Interview 1) Less comprehensive than ICICI. They just focus on training the staff to do basic things though there have been some changes recently. 2) They have tried to follow global best practices recently and are improving on the training provided. 3) Recent programmes launched include Parivartan and Citizen SBI. The promotions follow the lens of a tournament model(Lazear and Rosen, 1981) where the prize in terms of compensation for a position in the hierarchy is fixed in advance and is independent of absolute performance. In effect, an employee is promoted to the next higher level/grade not

Performance Appraisal and Promotions

because he is good, but because he is better than everybody else at the current level/grade.