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Subject : Sociology

Topic: Deviant Behaviors

Submitted to: Ms. Wajiha Kazim

Submitted By: Nada Zain ul Abidin...36

2nd Semester
BBA 2007-11 Evening

Date : 16th June 2008


Institute of Business Administration,

Punjab University, Lahore
1. Which of following acts do you consider the deviant?
Act Deviant?
• Murder YES (unless its for self defense)
• Alcoholism YES
• Parking on the double yellow lines YES (unless its because of an emergency)
• Shoplifting YES

2. List those acts which are,

• Both Deviant and illegal;

1. Drug trading
2. Breaking into someone’s house or a shop
3. Shoplifting
4. Gambling
5. Forging a signature
6. Driving in the wrong way on a one way street
7. Not stopping on the red signal

• Deviant but legal;

1. Wearing casual clothes on an executive meeting

2. A girl riding a motor-bike
3. A man crying in public
4. Trying to climbing up a downward moving escalator
5. Having strange animals like a bear or lizard as a pet at home
6. Having a mental or a physical disability
7. Wearing a sweater in summer

• Are illegal but not deviant;

1. Riding a bike without a helmet

2. Official asking for bribe in public sector organizations
3. A company hiring people on basis of references even when the policy
states that the hiring should be based solely on the qualification and
experience of the candidates

3. Comment in 2-3 lines whether a particular act is considered deviant may

vary according to who does the act and where it is done.

If a poor, hungry, homeless man picks up a fallen piece of food and eats it,
people are not surprised and consider it a normal thing. On the other hand, if a
rich well-dressed businessman picks something lying on the ground and puts it
in his mouth; his act will be considered deviant.

A man may be punctual and obedient during the week while he is at work, but
on Saturday afternoon he shouts and jumps in excitement while watching the
afternoon cricket game. Both behaviors are "normal", in their respective
4. For each of the following, list at least 3 acts in your school would be

• Deviant only if done by the student

1. Going to the staff-room, without permission, sitting there and having

2. Calling teachers by their names only
3. Being absent on an exam day

• Deviant only if done by the teacher

1. Skipping a class or a lecture,

2. Shouting, singing, and laughing loudly like the students during their
free times
3. Coming to school with a spiky or a funky hairstyle
4. Sitting down on the corridor floors or the grounds

• Deviant regardless of who does it

1. Playing a guitar at school

2. Coming to school dressed up as a clown
3. Climbing the school trees and walls
4. Practicing karate
5. Wearing a uniform like dress
6. Bringing a pet to school

5. Do you think that this list would vary from school to school?

Yes, for example practicing karate at a ‘martial arts’ school in Japan or playing a
guitar at a school which has music classes, wouldn’t be considered deviant at all.
Similarly at schools with uniforms, coming without it would be considered
deviant, and not the other way round.

6. Which of these acts wouldn’t be considered deviant if done outside the

context of your school?

Taking your pet with you (to the park), playing a guitar (at home/with friends).