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Submitted ByParijaat Nishant Tomar Sumit Chandra Alessandra Bernardi

Chetan Agarwal Paritosh Baisoya Vikram Agarwal

Research Problem: Effective & Proper Planned Investment in IT leading to New Business Opportunities Independent Variables

Proper Planning for risk mitigation(as it requires huge investment) Competencies of Employee Internal Integration of IT System before Integrating Customer Process Identifying Gaps in Customer Business Encouraging Ideas from Front Line Managers as they are more closer to clients To have proper Infrastructure

Box 2
IT Assets Box 1 IT Investmen t

Box 7
Organizational Infrastructure

Box 4 Business Capabilitie s

Box 5 New Business Opportuni ties

Box 3

Box 6 Complemen tary Assets

IT Competen cies

New Business Opportunities through IT Investment =

a*X1(Investment) + b*X2(IT Assets)+ c*X3(IT Competencies) +d*X4(Complementary Assets)+ e*X5(Org Infrastructure) + f*X6(Business Capabilities)

UPS successfully able to identify and implement 5 different business opportunity so far Able to offer more flexibility in customer and operational services over the time

Identify Projects/Opportunities

Prioritizing Projects

Examine flow of Information in value network Identify Gaps in Customer Business Encourage ideas from Front Line Managers as they are more closer to customers Resources are limited Projects can be prioritized on the basis of any of following factors
Meeting Customers need Revenue Generation Relationship with clients

Establishing Cross Functional Team for

To continue maintenance cost of isolated parts of an organization i.e. cockroach system Identifying systems that can be integrated Creation of new information assets

Perform costing for the project

Replacing the older systems for the new ones Changes that introduce cost reduction or increase profitability

Collaborate with Customer to develop and test a prototype

Seek help from a major customer to establish certain standards

Test new business Opportunity

Explore new opportunities in congruence with customer