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This project deals with the assessment of satisfaction level of the dealers towards the Birla Cement Brand in terms of quality and quantity, and factor that are responsible for the satisfaction level. We have focused our research on Birla Cement due to the slow growth rate instead of having huge market possibility. With the help of Questionnaire we have analyzed each and every factor that is responsible for the satisfaction level of the retailer toward Shree Cement. Study also included the market demand for the cement, market share, competition analysis to know the exact position of cement in the market. We have focused toward retailer scheme and its impact on the retailer and sale promotion of the cement.

Most important factor that are responsible are profitability margin , problem related to quality, problem related to the monetary coupon , problem related to the disbursement amount all these factor really hampering the retailers relationship with the company. We have also discussed the challenges in front of the company and its recommendation.

We planned to target the retailers and dealers to collect data regarding position Birla cement that :

1. What are weaknesses in the marketing strategies of company?

2. How many satisfied retailers are there in jodhpur region?

3. What factors must be adopted to enhance retail market.

4. What are the promotional activities adopted by company?


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