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SHRINIWAS KASHALIKAR YOGA IS A POWERFUL INTERCONNECTION BETWEEN individual consciousness and cosmic consciousness individual soul and universal soul a being; and God the cores; of all the beings aspirations of all the beings the cause of the universe and the universe

he cause of the past, present and future; and rest of the time, space, energy, matter and consciousness the contingent and the field spirit (soul), intelligence, emotions, instincts and metabolic activities in dif ferent systems of body holistic perspective, thinking, emotions, instincts and actions cognition, affect and conation spiritual, cognitive, affective, psychomotor and productive domains holistic approach; and analytical, synthetic, reductionist and other approaches holistic activities aimed at holistic health; in all the fields of life two sides of brain reason and intuition cerebral cortex, limbic system, autonomic nervous system, neuroendocrine system, endocrine system and the metabolic activities the immortalizing ocean of ambrosia viz. NAMA; and the process of NAMASMARAN goi ng on in billions of individuals the VISION and REALIZATION; of SUPERLIVING, HOLISTIC RENAISSANCE, TOTAL STRESS M ANAGEMENT or individual and universal blossoming This is only a frail attempt of its definition; as YOGA is beyond description