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ProCash 1500

Cash Dispenser for indoor use

Features and highlights s Frontload or rearload s Compact system dimensions s Standard PC s Standard LCD display s Best-in-class ergonomics and design s Optional lighted indicators at all input and output modules, labeling in Braille In addition to cash dispensing and information display (e.g. balance inquiry) the ProCash 1500 can be enhanced to meet a customer's specific needs: s Load/unload electronic purse s Print receipts or other documents s Issue and/or print tickets or vouchers from multi-use cassettes s Multimedia components s Audiosystem (loudspeaker/ headphones)

s The ProCash 1500 has been designed for indoor

installations and is particularly noteworthy for its compact form. As a lobby system or for a retail installation, the ProCash 1500 is equipped with up to 4 cassettes and excels in locations with high customer traffic.

ProCash 1500



OPERATING SYSTEMS s CSC-W/OS (Windows NT) APPLICATION SOFTWARE s ProClassic s IBM 473x /PBM Emulation s NDC (NCR Direct Connect) s DDC (Diebold Direct Connect) POWER SUPPLY

Standard PC
DISPLAY s 10.4" TFT LCD VGA (640 x 480) s 10.4" TFT LCD SVGA (800 x 600) s 12.1" TFT LCD SVGA (800 x 600) s 15.0" TFT LCD XGA (1024 x 768)

touchscreen Optional s Privacy display filter s Touchscreen

KEYBOARD s 8 stainless steel softkeys s Numeric keyboard (incl. 4 function keys)

Dispenser module 1 to 4 cassettes (with or without security lock), max. filling height per cassette: 310 mm, foreign currencies and cassette presetting possible Reject/retract Single reject/bundle retract, storage in separate compartments
PRINTERS s Receipt printer (needle or thermal) s Journal printer (needle or thermal) ELECTRONIC PURSE (GELDKARTE)

110-120V~/ 220-240V~, 50-60 Hz


Standard 108 - 300 W, depending on configuration


optional: EPP (Encrypting PIN Pad)


(Transaction module for Germany's GeldKarte) Load/unload electronic purse

SAFE s Security level UL 291Business Hours s Security level UL 291Level 1

Standby: 44 dB(A) Operational: 51 dB(A)


Optional s Logo area, info panel for card symbols, Lighted indicators at all input and output modules s Lighted logo area

Optional Encryption/decryption module EDM Integrated security camera Interface for intruder alarm system

Temperature: + 5C to + 40C (+ 41F to + 104F) Rel. humidity: 5% to 85%


Hybrid card reader (ISO 7816) Tamper-resistant lock Card retained if not removed Card returned if power fails Optional: CIM86 DIP card reader SWIPE card reader
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DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHTS Height Width Depth Weight

Frontload 1398 mm 55.04 in. 450 mm 17.72 in. 708 mm 27.87 in.

UL 291 Business Hours

UL 291 Level 1

200 kg 440.80 lbs.

420 kg 925.68 lbs.