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Segment Parts Catalogue (2)


Published by CowBoy Sewing Application Center
Version Number 2.0E

Bobbins (Reels, spools)

How to interchangeability of Bobbins (Reels, spools)?

1. Check the brand and model number on your machine
and your customer machine, like Durkopp Adler 506-3
2. Check the dimensions of bobbin as right diagram.
3. If the model number is not listed in this catalogue,
please contact us at for more bobbins.

Bobbin # HT0001

M: Steel

Bobbin # HT0002

M: Aluminium

Bobbin # HT0003

M: Steel

Sizes(mm): A-24.0 B-25.0 C-30.5 D-7.5

Sizes(mm): A-24.0 B-25.5 C-30.0 D-7.5

Sizes(mm): A-23.8 B-25.8 C-30.5 D-8.0

Applications: Durkopp Adler 204-370, 205-370

Applications: JUKI TSC-441, TSC-461U, TSU-471

Applications: Mitsubishi PLK-E1008H

Durkopp Adler 366-76-12, Jentschmann 266

JUKI TNU-243, JUKI TSH-411, Ciucani X86/204

Mitsubishi PLK-E2008H, Seiko THM-26B

Bobbin # HT0004

M: Steel

Bobbin # HT0005

M: Steel

Bobbin # HT0006

M: Steel

Sizes(mm): A-32.0 B-38.0 C-44.1 D-7.7

Sizes(mm): A-23.0 B-26.5 C-30.0 D-9.0

Sizes(mm): A-20.0 B-27.0 C-31.5 D-7.7

Applications: Singer 7-33, 7-31, Singer 27B

Durkopp Adler 120, Durkopp Adler 20, 21

Adler 166, Adler 104, Adler 105, Singer 45K

Seiko SLH-2B-FH-1, Seiko SAM-21, Hightex 733

Singer 7-9, 7-34, Chinese machines GB4-1, 4-3

Jentschmann 166, Chinese machine GA5-1

Bobbin # HT0007

M: Steel

Bobbin # HT0008

M: Steel

Bobbin # HT0009

M: Steel

Sizes(mm): A-41.0 B-16.5 C-18.8 D-12.0

Sizes(mm): A-37.0 B-10.2 C-13.0 D-9.5

The LARGEST bobbin on the market!

Seiko JW-8BL-20-2, Seiko JW-8BL-30-2-BTFL

Singer 29K, 29-1, 29K73, Golden Wheel CS-6900

Seiko JW-28BL-30-2, Seiko JW-28BL-30-2-BTFL

Singer 29U171A, 29U173A, TAKNG TK-2972

HIGHTEX #71850 (pantent pending)

Sizes(mm): A-15.8 B-4.2 C-5.6 D-6.0

Bobbin # HT0010

M: Steel

Bobbin # HT0011

M: Aluminium

Bobbin # HT0012

M: Steel

Sizes(mm): A-34.5 B-12.3 C-15.1 D-9.5

Sizes(mm): A-28.5 B-7.0 C-9.3 D-9.5

Sizes(mm): A-37.0 B-10.5 C-13.2 D-10.8

Applications: Singer 132K6, 133K18, Seiko SK-2B

Duerkopp Adler 525, 524, 523, 528, 72525-105

Durkopp Adler 221-76-273, Durkopp Adler 220

Seiko SKZ-2B,SKZ-6, SKM, Jentschmann SKZ-650 Duerkopp Adler 72525, 72527, 72528, Minerva 525

Durkopp Adler 221-76-73, Singer 145W, 144W

Mitsubishi DY-253-00, Durkopp Adler 265

Juki LG-158, Juki LG-158-1, Juki LT-591

Bobbin # HT0013

M: Aluminium

Sizes(mm): A-26.0 B-9.0 C-11.2 D-10.0

Durkopp Adler 467, Juki LU-2210N-6, 2216N-7

Minerva 72525, 72523, 72524, 72526, 72528

Bobbin # HT0014

M: Aluminium

Sizes(mm): A-25.5 B-8.0 C-10.8 D-8.2

Bobbin # HT0015

M: Aluminium

Sizes(mm): A-25.6 B-8.5 C-11.0 D-8.0

Mitsubishi PLK-B3040, Juki LS-341N, Juki LS-1341 Sun Star KM-640BL, Golden Wheel CS-6130

Durkopp Adler 767, Seiko BEW-8BLS, -8BLCS,

Mitsubishi PLK-E2010, Mitsubishi PLK-E2516R

Mitsubishi LY2-3300-BOB, Brother BAS-412, 423

Seiko BEW-28BLCS, -28BLS, Juki LU-2266N-7

Mitsubishi LY2-3300-BOB, LY3-6840-BOT

Siruba YF616-X2, Unicorn ls2-h5100xh

Bobbin # HT0016

M: Steel

Bobbin # HT0017

M: Steel

Bobbin # HT0018

M: Steel

Sizes(mm): A-22.0 B-8.5 C-10.0 D-8.0

Sizes(mm): A-39.0 B-14.5 C-17.5 D-12.0

Pfaff 471, Golden Wheel CS-8810, Taking TK-591

Quilting machine for bed, mattress and Tatami mat

Ciucani MC-747, Ciucani MC-06, Ciucani MC-88

Pfaff 491, Golden Wheel CS-8820, Taking TK-592

Meca Hera, Dueffe, HASHIMA and Chinese quilter

Ciucani MC-949, Ciucani MC-89, Ciucani MC-99

Bobbin # HT0019

M: Steel

) A
33 0 B-10.0
B 10 0 C-12.5
C 12 5 D

Bobbin # HT0020

M: Aluminium

) AA 22
0 B-7.5
B 7 5 C-10.0
C 10 0 D

Sizes(mm): A-25.6 B-9.0 C-10.6 D-12.5

Bobbin # HT0021

M: Aluminium

) A-28.0
A 28 0 B-9.0
B 9 0 C-11.5
C 11 5 D

Quilting Machines Mammut VM7, Mammut P2S/P1S Juki PLH-981, 986, Seiko CW-1,7,7B,8,8B,8V,8BV

Mitsubishi LU2-4400, Mitsubishi LU2-4420-BoB

Mammut P2A/P1A

Mitsubishi LU2-400-BOB, Mitsubishi LU2-420-BOB

Singer 47W70,131W, Consew 207,223,227,382

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