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Concordia University John Molson School of Business Department of Finance Fall 2012 Semester Administration 201/2/A Introduction to Administration

Duration: September 10 to December 3, 2012 Time: Monday 2:45-5:30pm Room: MB S2.210 Professor: Abe Tevel Office: MBS 12-280 & MBS 12-282 Phone: 848-2424 ext: 2792 Office Hours: Monday & Tuesday 2:00-2:35pm Email: Course Description (Administered by the Finance Department) This course is intended to develop a basic understanding of the role of administration in society. This course includes a survey of different forms of organizations, their social and legal responsibilities and how they function to achieve their goals (Concordia University Undergraduate Calendar). Course Objective To analyze the basic issues arising from business creation including such issues as: entrepreneurship, ownership, management, human resources, and the relationship between capital, labour and production, within the context of understanding the Canadian business system. Also such topics as, understanding international business, conducting business ethically and responsibly, managing the business enterprise, organizing the business enterprise, understanding entrepreneurship and small business, managing human resources, motivating and leading employees, understanding labour management relations, producing goods and services, increasing productivity and quality, understanding accounting issues, and understanding securities and investments will also be addressed. Reading Material Required Textbook: Business. By Griffin, Ebert and Starke, 7th Canadian Edition, Prentice Hall Company, Toronto, 2010. Optional Reference Textbooks and Articles: Business. By Pride and Hughes Canadian Business Its Nature and Environment. By Fitzgerald, Chammard et al. Business in the Canadian Environment. By Peter H. Fuhrman Canadian Business A Contemporary Perspective. By Applebaum, S. Bechman

Evaluation: Mid Term Exam Term Paper/Essay Final Exam

October 22, 2012 Assigned September 24, Due November 5

30% 20% 50%

Note: To enhance our learning in this course, you will be requested to bring to class the business section of the newspaper on several occasions. In addition, every second or third week we will play Ask the Professor. This will be an opportunity to investigate and/or clear up any issue that you may be curious about in our contemporary business environment. Come prepared (with questions). Academic Integrity: The Academic Code of Conduct at Concordia University states that the integrity of University academic life and of the degrees, diplomas and certificates the University confers is dependent upon the honesty and soundness of the instructor-student learning relationship and, in particular, that of the evaluation process. As such, all students are expected to be honest in all of their academic endeavors and relationships with the University. [Undergraduate Calendar, section 16.3.14 or Graduate Calendar, Code of Conduct (Academic).] All students enrolled at Concordia are expected to familiarize themselves with the contents of this code. You are strongly encouraged to visit the following web address:, which provides useful information about proper academic conduct. Make sure to take the academic integrity test if you have not done it already. ** In the event of an unforeseen crisis / medical emergency, the university reserves the right to make changes to the evaluation procedure. Grading Scale: Your letter grade in this course will be based on the following. Please note that there are no supplemental exams in this course. FNS DD D+ CC C+ BB B+ AA A+ Below 50 50-53 54-56 57-59 60-63 64-66 67-69 70-73 74-76 77-79 80-83 84-89 90 and over

TENTATIVE SCHEDULE Administration 201/2/A Fall 2012 Semester Week 1 2 Lecture Date September 10 September 17 Description Review course outline Introduction * CLASS CANCELLED * Term paper instructions on Moodle (Due November 5) 1-2-3 Review term paper instructions 3-4 Chapters 1

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September 24 October 1 October 8

Class cancelled Thanksgiving (university closed) 4-5 Mid Term Exam (30% of Final Grade) Last day for academic withdrawal Mid Term returned Term Paper Due (NO EXTENSIONS) Newspaper Day (Saturday issue) 6-7 7-14 14-19 Newspaper Day (Saturday issue) 19-20 9-10 Last Class - Review FINAL EXAM PERIOD

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