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Ethical Dilemmas

Robyn Waters, RN HCS/478 Francis Mieczkowski, Jr August 6, 2012

Description of Allen Family from The Neighborhood Description of two ethical dilemmas

Discussion of ethical principles

Role of the nursing Ethical decision-making model

Allen Family
64 years old married to Pam for 40 years middle manager at small manufacturing company poor coping skills history of depression 65 years old married to Clifford for 40 years stay-at-home mom colorectal cancer colectomy & colostomy history of endometrial cancer 24 years old part time job at grocery store Down Syndrome Hypothyroidism keratoconus



Ethical Dilemmas
#1- Clifford deals with poor coping skills and depression however he will not receive medical help for the depression.
increased levels of stress not being able to retire as soon as he thought not receiving medical care for depression

#2- Pam is dealing with colorectal cancer, history of endometrial cancer, colectomy, and colostomy.
increased levels of stress unable to care for herself/Clifford/Gary/house unable to attend church (just starting to go back)

Ethical Principles
Autonomy (individuals ability to make informed decisions)Clifford has the right to make his own decision about seeking out medical care for his depression. Beneficence (to promote the well-being of others)- Pam cares for Gary who has Down Syndromes. Her actions serve Garys best interests. Fidelity (to be loyal)- Both Clifford and Pam are loyal to their son Gary. Clifford is loyal to his job considering he has been at the same company for 20 years. Gary is very loyal to his friends and part time job at the grocery store. Advocacy (to support)- Pam supports Gary and Clifford in all they do. Respect (esteem, state of being admired)- Clifford, Pam, and Gary all respect each other and their part of the family.

Role of the Nurse

Remain neutral Preserve & protect ethical principles Advocate for patient Maintain therapeutic & professional relationship care impaired Demonstrate commitment to care Report illegal, incompetent, or impaired healthcare professionals Demonstrate cultural sensitivity

Ethical Decision-making Model

Baird Method Model
Be attentive Be intelligent Be reasonable Be responsible Be reflective

On any given day a person can be put into an ethical dilemma such as Clifford, does he seek medical care for his depression or does he continue to try and adapt? Or Pam dealing with cancer and trying to care for her family. Does she continue to care for her family all long her husband has poor coping skills? Remember everyone has ethical principles Nurses have a variety of roles in ethical decision-making Use of the Baird Method Model

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