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About Maritime Safety & Security

In the end of 2006 the need of maritime security industry development seemed to be high. Both, strategic locations of oil - bearing areas and the shortest route to eastern export powers required proper preparation of the shipping companies and their vessels to continue transport safely for crew, cargo and charterers making it free from the risk of hijack or acts of terrorism. Responding this threat LCDR (R) Sebastian Kalitowski, the founder of Maritime Safety & Security established the very first first in Easter Europe, private security company, totally focused on maritime security industry. All the intellectual heritage of the company had been developed in cooperation with maritime professionals who have experience in the vessel management during the pirate attacks or who had implemented corresponding tasks as naval special forces officers. Strong efforts were recognized by local and national authorities. The company was granted rights to carry out maritime security courses for critical infrastructure as port facilities or tactical trainings for SWAT Units. Besides, Maritime Safety & Security experts assistance was visible in advising the most important government officers as e.g. Marshall (i.e. Governor) of the Province. Quality of provided services is the subject of institutional audition by Germanischer Lloyd from whom worldwide recognized ISO 9001:2008 certificate for anti - terrorism and anti - piracy trainings and maritime security and vessel protection operations was granted, confirming Maritime Safety & Security trustworthy partner for business. As a private company, it is an active member of worldwide associations integrating security companies and professionals, incl. International Association of Counterterrorism and Security Professionals. It is also a member of International Code of Conduct for Private Security Providers and Security Association for the Maritime Industry.

Armed ship security teams

Although the trends diagram indicates that successful pirate attacks have decreased since 2009, as a matter of fact, the threat is still present and any malpractice might have been cruelly exploited by pirates. Maritime Safety & Security support allows each client focus on crucial issues of the company, both at operational and strategic level and the same being assured that their shipping property is safe from any kind of crime at sea. Our broad network let us create tailor-made services for each partner who is therefore treated individually. Staff operating for Maritime Safety & Security Vessel Protection Teams is diligently vetted and trained to be professional in all aspects while working at sea. They are fully qualified with maritime knowledge, compliant with STCW convention - Basic Safety Training and Ship Security Officer and proficiency in anti piracy awareness, BMP4 and tactical issues rules of using fire and medical course based on U.S. standards of Tactical Combat Casualty Care inclusive. Carefully chosen operators are widely experienced in combat operations with training background from naval special forces (Formoza Polish SEAL), army special forces, army, navy, and Russian Spetznaz. All detachments are supported by 24/7 Operations Centre, providing intelligence and operational information during missions and keep in touch and liaison between Owner Operations Centre VPT.

Training for members of Vessel Protection Detachments

Prestige and credibility of the company is retained by personnel. Most important value of Maritime Safety & Security is background of properly trained and educated operators working aboard our partners vessels. Steadily developed training programme forces officers and ships masters who were afflicted with pirate attacks. Maritime Safety & Security Training courses are fully compliant with STCW convention. Besides, formal requirements demand from the students to familiarise with issues of maritime piracy and terrorism. Furthermore, participation in tactical trainings for efficient work aboard the vessels, teaching rational employment of force and learning how to execute life support under enemy fire.

is subject to preparing all participants for responsible and diligent armed maritime protection tasks implementation. Relevant maritime security knowledge learned at the courses is based on experience of naval special

Antipiracy Training for Seafarers

Actually Maritime Safety & Security has been the very first company in the world that designed unique Anti-Piracy Awareness Seminars for seafarers where students can learn how to prepare the vessel to passage through High Risk Area, work closely with Vessel Protection Detachment and familiarize with situation of pirate attack. in a practical way Training programme was written and tested basically after consultations with masters of ex-hijacked vessels and psychologist specialized in posttraumatic stress disorder. Furthermore, experience shows that after vessel hijack the crew might be held onshore. Such experience was observed in case of seafarers from the MV LEOPARD, MV ASPHALT VENTURE, MV GEMINI, FV PRANTALAY 12, FV ARIDE. Proper, training and preparation of the seafarers to such wild and hostile area can save their life. It was us who as the first in the world decided to include to our anti piracy courses, the basic knowledge of military course SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape). That training, on the desert island with flora similar to existing in HRA allows our students to learn how to survive in stabile physical and mental condition while in hostile environment, and how to behave during interrogation and afterwards escape successfully if there is an opportunity for that.

Other Trainings
Broad range of knowledge is offered by Maritime Safety & Security Training Centre not only in reference to maritime issues. Thank to cooperation with international experts and instructors all who want to develop awareness of security issues can participate in additional anti terrorism courses or reach proficiency in operating beats or firearms.

Maritime security solutions Vessel reinforcement consulting

Maritime Safety & Security is ready to assist you in preparing the vessel for shipping in high risk area. Our experts advise how to choose and secure the citadel (safe room). What is more, we assist in supplying the most important equipment, helpful in surviving until the military support forces arrive.

Ship protection devices

Maritime Safety & Security is official retailer of such vessel security and protection products as Blast Resistant Films protecting against glass splinters caused by explosions on board. We also do supply with non-lethal mean of protection Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) that imitates 150 db frequency sound, making possible deterring the pirate attack from the distance without using firearms. At the same time, the course of proper LRAD usage is offered to our clients.

Ship Hijack First person response

Vessel hijack and crew involves a lot of executives and would have usually paralysed all other company work. Maritime Safety & Security experts are ready to assist and support management in keeping in touch and negotiating with terrorist and the same allowing the clients running all other management operations of the company. Moreover, our experts provide post-traumatic stress disorder treatment for seafarers who survived pirate hijack and might have suffered its aftermath.

Watchkeeping dogs
Robberies and stowaways in port facilities are one of the biggest concerns for crews. Numerous ports do not secure properly both harbour infrastructures and anchorages. Maritime Safety & Security assisted by experts in dog handling, provide dogs protecting the vessels against unexpected robbery or unpermitted embarking the vessel.

Maritime Safety & Security

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