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Lesson Plan Template

Name: The Amendments of the Bill of Rights Class/Subject: United States History Date: October 31, 2011

Student Objectives/Student Outcomes 1. Students will be able to define and describe the first ten amendments. 2. Students will actively participate in discussing examples of each of the amendments along with the teacher with fun and interactive YouTube clips to play as examples in aiding the learning of the amendments. Content Standards: 14.A.2 Explain the importance of fundamental concepts expressed and implied in major documents including the Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution and the Illinois Constitution. Materials/Resources/Technology: Computer/Projector Power Point YouTube Clips Smart Board

Teachers Goals: To demonstrate ways in understanding the amendments in contexts that is relatable to the student.

Time: 10:00 Teacher will project from the computer the PowerPoint presentation displaying the objectives of the lesson. 10:05 Teacher will ask the class if they are familiar with the Bill of Rights and follow up with appropriate comments via the students responses. 10:15 Teacher will define each amendment via Power Point, while also playing an associated YouTube clip.

10:35 After each amendment is defined and the related video clip is played, the teacher will pose questions on the students such as: Is there any other example you can think of for the (#) amendment? Is this amendment important (to you)?

10:50 Assessment/ Checks for understanding: Game time! On the Power Point, there will simply be links to the YouTube clips we related to each amendment. Students will come up to the Smart Board, click whatever link they chose, watch the clip, and recite the amendment correlated with it, and recall the amendment. Whole class participation will be implemented as a collaborative effort. . 11:00 Review Teacher will re-recite the objectives of the lesson. While passing out a half sheet of paper, teacher will ask the students to grade the teachers performance: Did they think the lesson was effective? Was it fun? Did it help you understand the amendments better?