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Thi Tran

Reddor Santiago
Jonathan Nguyen

I.Personal Life

1."My father was my first art teacher.”

2.His father sends many Thurberesque cartoons from WWII which really fascinated Paschke.

3.He sends a collection of his cartoons to the Disney Studios; they respond with a rejection letter
stating he was “too young”.

4.His childhood interest in animation and cartoons led him toward a career in art.

1.His family moved to a farm in Lyndon Station, WI: Paschke feels "different" from the other
children in his rural school.

2.Paschke moved a lot during his lifetime.

3.Paschke finished 8th grade in the city before moving to the suburbs: the “city kid”.

4.Personally, he longs for tough and sophisticated urban surroundings.

1.As a student at Arlington Heights High School, Paschke struggles through academic classes but
excels in art and athletics.

2.Although he does not play on the school team, he creates a highly praised series of cartoon strips
on football players.

1.MFA The School Of The Art Institute, Chicago, Illinois: he was influenced by many artists
featured in the Museum's special exhibitions, in particular the work of Gauguin, Picasso and
Seurat. [Andy Warhol included.]

III.The Movement & Accomplishments

A.The Rise of Imagism

1.Paschke’s vigorous studies added a controversial footnote to the Pop art movement. He sets a
new standard for many American artists.

IV.Contributions / Legacy / To Art Community

A.To Society
1.Real towards his art, he drew his subjects from the fringes of society. Viewers had a new look at
art expressionistically.
Thi Tran
Reddor Santiago
Jonathan Nguyen
2.He proved to the Chicago art community that Chicago can go beyond in architecture and