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Minister W."t &." of Foreign Affairs {1,fe-: ':.."

Ministre desAffaires 6trangeres

^,r" Ottawa, Canada K1A 0G2

Mr. EdwardChung President, Taiwanese Canadian Association Mr. MichaelStainton President, Taiwanese HumanRightsAssociation Canada of 45 Fontainbleau Drive TorontoON M2M lPl DearMr. ChungandMr. Stainton:

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Thankyou for your letterof May t|,2012, requesting public support Taiwan's for participation the World HealthOrganization expanded in (WHO). I regretthe delayin replyingto you. Despitethe 2010memorandum from theWHO DirectorGeneral requiringinternal documentation referto Taiwanas"Taiwan,Province China,"Taiwancontinues to of to participate themeetings the World HealthAssemblyunder name'oChinese in of the Taipei." For nomenclafure issues this nature, Government Canada, of the of and likemindedcountries, encourages ChinaandTaiwanto determine acceptable an compromise throughbilateralnegotiations. With respect the participation Taiwanin the WHO, Canada to of supports Taiwan'sfull participation intemational in organizations do not requirestatehood a prerequisite that as for membership, meaningful participation thosethat do whena practical and in - imperative exists.Giventhat Taiwanis compliant with the Intemational Health (2005)andhasa gooddealof relevantexperience share, Regulations to includingin the structuring its healthsystem in the development a highly advanced of and of biomedical industry,Canada continue support will to Taiwan'smeaningful participation where possibleat technical meetings otherWHO-affiliatedevents. and Onceagain,thankyou for writing to share your views. Sincerely,

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JohnBaird,P.C.,M.P. c.c.TheHonourable LeonaAglukkaq, P.C.,M.P.