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Site minder configuration in IIS 7.

0 Issues and Resolution

1) R12 web agent is only compatible with IIS 7.0. Hence R12 web agent

need to be installed, with R6 Agent would get following error messages in some of the pages.

2) IIS web site should be running in Classic mode instead of Integrated


3) Hanlder mappings should be having an entry for webagent dll ,

duplicate entries might result in following error, for this issue in Hanlder mappings in IIS, need to check for webagent. Dll entry and if any duplicates (can be cheked under c:\inetpub\wwwroot) needs to be deleted

4) ISAPI and CGI restrictions in IIS needs to be checked and siteminder agent needs to be allowed and it should be the first item in the ordered list, else might get the following error