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ICICI has very poor reach,due to limited num\ner of agencies/NGO/agri-vntures

DOes not address the issues of farmer development

Our strategy Look for tie-ups wherever possible; they provide a better farmer credit evaluation (lower risks), and farmer development leading to lower rates of default AND timely repayments Elsewhere, deploy KCC scheme only o For farmers having good credit standing (timely repayments), a small personal loan/Overdraft account may be provided o Debit card may be given for this account Promote farmer development institutes and agencies like agri-clinics. o Promotes better agricultural practices, including capital investments o Reduces the chances of crop-failures and losses due to inadequate information

Debit Card; NOT with KCC/KGC No control over how the farmer will consume the loan May be utilised for personal purposes, consequently, lesser investments in crops Puts money at risk without any efforts towards farmer development

With seprate account; Yes Farmers, with no monthly income option may need to fallback of loans Ease of access may promote usage of other banking services