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Madelyn Diaz ENC 1101 11:3012:20 0045 Summary Swales, John. The concept of Discourse Community.

Writing about Writing. Ed. Elizabeth Wardle and Douglas Downs, St. Martins: Bedford, 2011. 466-478 Author John Swales of The concept of Discourse Community defines what criteria one must fulfill to called their group a discourse community. Swales identities 6 characteristics that make up the discourse community; (1) a set of common goals, (2) participatory mechanism, (3) openness for additional feedback, (4) defined genre, (5) specific language amongst the discourse community, and(6) a reasonable ratio because veterans and novices. Swales uses an example of a group that he is involved in himself called the Hong Kong Study Circle. He goes through the list of criteria and explains why his group is classified as a discourse community. He also explains that defining a discourse community isnt so cut and dry. There are groups that can arguably be classified as one or not. Analysis October 22, 2012 To begin with, discourse community is still a topic of study that I am unsure of. Moreover, after reading this article by Swales that has not changed. His example that he provided in his article was not very clear to me, and it was a little hard to follow. The criteria that he has listed help my understanding a lot more, however. I do not agree with all of the things Swales says a group needs to have to define themselves as a discourse community. I do not think that a group needs to have a reasonable ratio between novices and experts. The reason being, I believe that a group of experts could be classified as a discourse community on its own, as well as a group of novices. I do agree with Swales in the fact that a discourse community can be hard to defined, though as well. I think the goal Swales was trying to achieve in his article was to give a definition of what a discourse community is. He wanted students to have a greater understanding of this topic and to realize how discourse is in our everyday lives.