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ICAS, Chennai -(Regd.)

Model Answers
.Jyotish Visharada
(Semester I and ll)
Jyotish Visharada
Model Answers
Q.No. 1 : What do you understand by Vedha? Does it really
have any impact?
(8) VEDHA:
Vedha means obstruction. When a planet is transiting through an
auspicious sign from natal Moon, is subjected to Vedha by another
planet. It means the good effects ofthe planet will be checked.
~ The Vedha points are very important in transit predictions.
Sun and Saturn, Mercury and Moon do not cause Vedha of each
SUN: In transit, the Sun is auspicious in 3rd, 6th, l Oth and l lth
position from natal Moon, ifnot subject to Vedha. If SUN is in 3rd and
any planet (Except SATURN) in 9th will cause Vedha and spoil the
auspiciousness of SUN. Others points are 12,4,5.
MOON: It is auspicious in houses 7, 1, 6, ll, 10 and 3 from
Natal Moon. Any planet (other than Mercury) is in 2, 5, 12, 8, 4, 9
respectively shall cause Vedha.
MARS: Mars is auspicious in 3, 11, 6 from NATAL MOON
and Vedha will be caused by any planet in houses 12, 5 or 9 respectively.
II' MERCURY: Mercury is auspicious in 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 11position
from NATAL MOON and Vedha can be caused by any planet (other
than Moon) if it is in 5,3,9, 1, 7, 12 houses from Natal Moon.
JUPITER: Jupiter is auspicious in 2, 5, 7, 9 and II and if
Vedha comes from 12,4,3, 10 and 8 houses from Natal Moon.
VENUS: Venus is auspicious in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, II and 12
from NATAL MOON by any planet in 8, 7, 1, 10, 9,5, l I, 6 and 3
houses respectively will cause Vedha.
SATURN : Saturn is auspicious in 3, 11 and 6 by Vedha to it is
caused by any planet (other than SUN) in 12, 5,9 houses respectively.
When a planet moves into any house from where it cause Vedha,
let us say SUN is 12th from NATAL MOON, it will give bad results.
But if the corresponding house 6th in this instance be occupied by any
planet (other than SATURN), bad results will be checked. This is called
Vipreetha Vedha.
In normal practice, the sure result are given by planet in transit
with respect to its position from NATAL MOON. VEDHA to these,
means expected results has to be observed but with some reservations.
The result do not flow in either case on expected lines exactly.
There is another type ofVedha known as Nakshatra Vedha. This
type ofVedha caused by certain planets in transit in certain Nakshatra
counted from Natal Nakshatra position of another planet. These are 16
hi all (Two each for the 7 planets and 2 jointly for nodes)
NATALNAKSHATRA Transit in Vedha causing
occupied by transit by
Similarly, there is another way of seeing Vedha i.e., by Sarvato
Bhadra Chakra in which the transit planets are positioned in the various
Nakshatras in which they are transiting and their, left, right, opposite
aspects are seen to see if they will cause malefic effects by Vedha on
Janam Nakshatra, Janam Rashi, Janam Tithi, First word of Name and
Day of birth.
Q.No. 2: Study the following Chart and discuss the results of
Mercury Mahadasha in General and Venus and Sun Antardasha in
Venus Sun 9 41'
17 IS'
19 26 Mer3 56'
Jup 12 15
Lag 12 06'
Date of Birth: 25.6.1931
Balance Ilasha of Rahu
17 Y 5 M 29 Days
15 01
7 02'
Saturn, Rahu
Sun. Moon
Mercury Lagna
Posited in its own sign.
It is with its friend Sun
It is combust.
It is in 12th house (Dusht Sthana)
It is aspected by Saturn (R)
It is in the stage of infancy.
It is near Bhava Sandhi
It is lord of 3rd and 12th house hence functional Malefic.
In 0-9, It is in Lagna in Scorpio (inimical sign) and aspected by
Mars (Enemy) and Jupiter.
It is lord of 8th and l lth in D-9 (Malefic House)
It is in lst Drekkona ofRashi. Hence results (Mar) will be in the
beginning of Dasha.
11. It is in Arohini Dasha.
12, It is aspecting 6th house.
From above, it is clear that Mercury is functional Malefic in D-
1 and D-9 both. More over it is aspected by MaleficSaturn in D-I and
Mars in D-9. Mercury is combust and in its stage of infancy and on
. Bhava Sandhi. So Malefic results are expected in Dasha of Mercury.
Moreover it is in 12th (Dusht Sthana) house.
A. Being lord of3rd and 12th house, he will get confrontation from
co-born and relatives. He may also get urinary disease.
B. His income and wealth get decimated,
C. He may get disease likejaundice, Rheumatism.
D. He may go for foreign travel,
1. Venus placed in 11th house in its own sign.
2. Venus is lord4th and 11thhouse. 4th is good, 11th,though malefic
but due to placement of its own is good.
3. Venus is aspected by Ketu.
4. Venus in friendly Namamsha in 0-9.
5. It is 12th to M.D, lord,
From above, it is clear that Venus will give good results in its
Antar Dasha. As the age of the native will be 56 years at this time the
results of Venus will be like this :
1. Listening to religious discourses.
2. Devotedto pious deeds and inclination to religion.
3. Financial position will improve.
4. Being Moon in Venus sign, vehicle comforts will be gained.
5, He will also go for construction of ponds, well, water pool etc.
6. He will also get domestic happiness (Moonin Venus sign)
Antar Dasha of Sun
1. Sun lord of 2nd house (Finances)
2. Sun in 12th house with Mahadasha lord.
3. It is in Subh Kartari Yoga.
4, It is in 9th from Moon-Lagna.
It is aspected by Saturn (R)
It is in friendly sign.
It is in friendly Namamsha.
Being 9th (Trikona) from Moon and due to above said factors, he
will get ample happiness, wealth, estate (land) and pleasure of during
this dasha.
Q.No.3 : A native wanted to know the chances of his foreign
travel. Explain how will you solve the problem. Support your answer
with suitable examples?
Ans. : To see foreign travel, followingparameters are to bejudged.
12th house and its lord.
9th house and its lord.
12th house from lord of 1st or the 9th house.
9th and 12th house from Chandra lagna.
The Karakas for foreign travel, Saturn and Rahu.
The foreign travel takes place if majority of planets are in
Moveable Signs.
The basic charts to be seen are 0-1, 0-9 and Pardesha Saham
from Varsha Phala. If the Saham is aspected by 7th, 9th or 12th lord
who is related with any of these houses and their lords, will give foreign
journey during Dasha/Antar Dasha of concerned planets during that
year. It is only possible if there is any of the following combination of
foreign travels :
I . Sun in Lagna
2. Moon in 11 th or 12th
3. Mere in 8th
4. Venus in 8th, 6th or 7th
5 Saturn in 12th
6. Rahu in lst, 7th or 12th
7. Lagnesh in 12th
86th Lord in 12th
9. l Oth lord and lord of Namamsha occupied by lOth lord, both in
moveable signs.
10. J Oth house and its lord III moveable sign
11. Both Lagnesh and Chandresh in Moveable sign.
12 7th Lord in 9th.
13 Exchange between Ist and 9th Lord.
14 Exchange between 12th and 9th Lord.
15 Lord of 9th and 12th in Chara Rashi.
16 12th lord in 9th.
1. Dasha of Exalted Sun or Exalted Moon or of Exalted Mars or
Exalted Jupiter.
Dasha of Sun if associated with one Exalted Planet.
Dasha of Mars if strongly positioned in Lagna.
Dasha of debilitated Mercury.
Dasha of Jupiter if in 7th or 12th in Moveable sign.
Dasha of Venus if in 7th or 12th in Moveable sign.
Dasha of Saturn if in 12th.
Dasha ofRahu if in 3rd, 7th or 9th or 10th house.
(In all the above Dashas, the foreign travel take place in antra of
planet strongly connected with 9th and 12th houses.)
Ketu antra in Dasha of Sun.
Sun antra in Ketu Dasha if sun is 6th, 8th, 12th from Ketu.
Jupiter antra in Venus Dasha.
Rahu Dasha in Sun Antra, if Sun in Kendra, Kona, 3rd or 11
from Rahu.
13. Saturn Antra in Mars Dasha, if Saturn antra in Mars Dasha, if
Saturn is in l lth or KendralHora from Mars.
Foreign travel takes place during:
1. Aspect of transit Jupiter or Saturn on 12th house or 12th lord.
2. Dasha/Antra of planet in 3rd, 9th, 2nd or 12th house or their
3 Dasha/Antra of 12th lord, if 12th lord in 3rd or 9th or aspect 9th.
I. Lord of Lagna is placed in 3rd and Aspecting 7th house, house of
foreign travel.
Lord of 12th (Mars) in 7th (foreign tendencies).
Saturn Mercury
V Lagna
3. Jupiter aspecting Venus, the 6th Lord
4. Lord of 9th (Sun) in 6th.
5. 4th house affected by Saturn.
6. Rahu in 12th
7. Lord of 12th is Mars, is in 7th with Venus.
8. Lord of 11th Venus, in 7th.
The native went on foreign tour in Dasha of RAHU/SAT on
12.2.94 to 18.12.96 for three times.
Hence 12th, 9th houses, 12thlord, 9th lord, Rahu and Saturn are
connected in the horoscope above.
Q.No.4 : Read out the results of Mercury Antar Dasha in the
Maha Dasha of Saturn?
18 36' 9" 11'
Jupiter (R)
1 15
D.O.B. 12.10.1938
V Lagna
7 27'
2625' /J
Sun 25 29'
26 13'
Moon Ibhu
1938 10 12
Sun 0 4 12
1939 2 24
Moon 10 00 00
1949 2 24
Mars 7
1956 2 24
Rahu 18
1974 2 24
Jupiter 16
1990 2 24
Sat/Sat 3 0 3
1993 2 27
Sat/Mere 2 8 9
1995 11 06
1. Saturn is lord of 6th (Dusht Sthana and 7th (Maraka)
2. Saturn is retrograde and in 8th.
3. Saturn is most Malefic for Leo Lagna.
4. Saturn is aspected by Mars (Yoga Karaka Planet)
5. Exchangebetween 7th and 8th lord (both retrograde) i.e., Jupiter
and Saturn. i
6. Saturn is aspecting Moon, Sun, (Lagna Lord) and Mercury.
7. Saturn is Jupiter sign in 0-9
8. Saturn is aspected by Sun, Mere, (Combust) Mars.
9. 6th lord in 8th (Vipreet Raj Yoga).
1. Mercury is its Mool Trikona and exalted.
2. Mercury lord of 2nd and 11th (Financegains)
3. Mercury is placed with Lagna Lord in 2nd.
4. Mercury is aspected by Maha Dasha lord.
5. Mercury is 5th from Moon lagna.
6. Mercury in Papa Kartari Yoga.
7. Mercury is combust.
RESULTS : Generally Saturn in 8th house gives long life. His
wife will also sick being 7th lord in 8th. But due to Vipreet Raj Yoga
(Vimala yoga), he will have fighting tendencies against diseases.
Moreover, Saturn is in the sign of Jupiter (Dispositor of Saturn) and
strong (being on Middle of Rashi) and is aspected by yoga Karaka
planet (Mars) and aspected by Sun (the Karaka QfRashi placed in 9th
house) he will get inherited property/wealth.
During the Antra of Mercury he will get the inherited property/
wealth (beingMercury lord of 2nd and l lth). He will get honour from
Government as the Sun (Government) is with Sub period Lord.
Moreover, Mercury is 5th from Moon Lagna and Saturn (M.D. lord) is
11th from Moon Lagna, he will get gains from progeny.
The Saturn and Mercury are friends and Mercury is in Kendra
from M.D. lord, so he will get all goodresults regarding wealth, service
and honour.
Q.No.5 : What is the role oftransit in timing of events? Which
is more important Dasha or transit or both?
Answer: The result of thehoroscope (promised)is frutified during
their Dasha periods. But the same will be delivered by the transit of
I , If Jupiter transit over Trikona from radical Jupiter, the person
WIll acquire wealth, children, happiness, pleasures from religious
2, If Jupiter transit Trikona position from radical Venus, marriage
will take place.
3. If Jupiter transit Trikona position from radical Mercury, he will
get good education, career.
4. If Jupiter in Trikoka to radical Saturn, he will get favour (royal)
recognition, wealth, promotion in service.
5. Jupiter in Trikona from radical Rahu will give success in litigation.
6. If Rahu transit any three bad Nakshatras (3rd, 5th, 7th) from
Janam Nakshatras, the native will perform funeral.
7. Transit of Saturn in Trikona from Rahu will give loss of wealth
through kings, enemies.
Similarly, Transit of Saturn, on Natal moon cause Sadhe Sati
which causes mental agony to the native. Similarly Saturn while
l. Sun Cause deterioration of Father health.
2, Mars Humiliation.
3, Mercury hindrance in education.
4 Jupiter hindrance in religion pursuits.
S Venus wife's health problem.
6 Saturn physical ailment.
7, Rahu physical ailment.
S, Ketu Hospitalization.
The transit of slow moving planets gives clues to the timing of
events, Hence the most of events are timed during the transit of Saturn
and Jupiter,
According to latest research, the combined results of transit of
Saturn and Jupiter is used for timing of events, For timing ofmarriage,
it IS seen when Saturn and Jupiter transit over Lagna, Lagna lord, 7th
and 7th lord oftwo persons (Male and Female), the marriage take place.
In the above, SATURN denotes the time (Kaal) of fruitification
and Jupiter shows bencficncss and Sanctions the occurrence ofthe events.
house of short journey, travel within country.
house of long journey travel outside the country.
Professional house. If the 10th lord combines with
above mentioned lord or house, travel abroad for
company job is expected.
The 10th house should be a movable sign and foreign planet, like
Rahu if present would give travel to foreign country on that particular
According to Satyacharya-7th house is the house of travel of
all types.
Sarvartha Chintamani-8thhouse moon.in its dasha would give
foreign travel. If it is with the 10th lord then the travel would be on the
basis of company job. .
Manasagri-Saturn in 8th house will give foreign travel without
The lagna, lagna lord, l Othlord are in the movable sign there will
be a foreign travel on account of profession.
Karaka for Foreign Traval
Shukra-Shukra should be well placed or else he will not relish
the journey as Venus is the luxury planet.
Rahu-The outcaste planet give separative nature and
materialistic planet, Mars will give foreign travel regarding placement.
From the above, it is concluded that the role of transit in timing
events is very important. But the result will fruitify during the Dasha in
which the result is promised, in the Birth Chart. Hence both Dasha and
Transit are important for timing of events.
For example the marriage will be ceremonised when Jupiter will
transit radical Venus, 7th lord and lagna in the favourable dasha and
However, Dasha effect will get modified to some extent according
to position ofthe Dasha lord in transit or the position ofother transiting
planets vis-a-vis the dasha lord in birth chart.
Q.No. 6 : Discuss few Combination for going abroad for job
and for Financial prospects?
Ans.: Generally 12th and 9th houses indicates foreign land and
foreign travel.
9th House
10th House
~ ; . 4.
If the 9th and 10th lord arc related it may be for reason of career
and professional advancement. If the 6th lord is also involved the native
may visit a foreign country on an official assignment sponsored by his
If the 7th lord and/or sun is thrown in with planets causing foreign
, travel a native may go abroad as diplomat or delegate.
JlIimini--Jaimini does not say anything about foreign travel. It
says that Rahu is the planet or Karaka which is involvedto give foreign
travel. It can be any way by the aspect of association with the IOth
house or the lOth lord.
Disturbed Finances:
Ifthe second lord is in the 2nd house with evil planets or aspected
by evil planets the person will have problem with finance.
If Mercury is in 2nd house with other evil planet aspected by
Moon will have bad saving.
Ifthe Ashtaka Varga Bindies of 12th house is more than the 2nd
house then the person will have disturbed finances.
The sun in the 2nd aspected by Saturn is not favourable for steady
If the 12th lord is present in the 2nd house the person will have
more expenditure leading to disturbances.
The combination of lords of the 2nd and 11th in the 6th when
malefics are placed in 2nd.
A weak moon in the 2nd aspected by Mercury causes loss of
inherited wealth.
If Sun and Mars are in the 2nd Bhava.
One gets involved in huge debts if the 2nd lord joins in the 8th
with 8th lord.
Aroda Lagna is very useful for fmding the financial prosperity.
If Aroda Lagna, Kosha pada and Labhapada are located in 6, 8,
12 position from each other.
2nd house from Aroda lagna is the house ofearning by oneself. If
Malclic'i arc associated with the second house and associated
with Znd lord and If the lord is debilitated in 0-9 or Rashi then
set back In financial matter is to be predicted.
4. 12th of Aruda Lagna indicates expenditure. 12th house if
associated with malefics or is debilitated or and 12th lord is
debilitated in Rashi or in 0-9 indicates heavy expenditure.
5. If Rahu is associated with 12th house of Aruda lagna then the
unconventional expenditure is to be predicted.
6. If Rahu and Shukra occupies the 12th house of Aruda lagna the
expenses cover the profits.
7. IfDasha Karaka is debilitated inthe 0-9, chart indicates problems
with finances.
Q.No.7 : Write Short Note on :
1. Famine will break up for want of rains when Venus raises or sets
in one of the constellation Jyestha to Sravana.
2. Jupiter and Saturn conjoins in Rashi, there will be trouble for
3. There will be drought condition when Venus sets in or retrograde
in Makha or Uttarashade.
4. In Sagittarius, if Jupiter and Saturn combines along with Mars
one cannot dream rainfall during that period.
5. When Mars and Saturn are in conjunction rainfall will be low.
6. When Sun, Mars and Venus transit the same sign drought is
7. Droughts are noticed when Saturn is unaspected in Aries, Leo or
8. If Mars conjoins Saturn there will be no rainfall and as such
famine will be the result.
9. By the application of Saptha Nadi Chakra and Koorma Chakra
one can understand the famine in a country.
10. If Jupiter joins the Sun, Mars, Venus, clouds will deliver rain if
not drought prevails.
Earthquakes are caused by the action of eclipses and through the
position of planets in the four fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and
1. Earthquakes generally follow close on the heels of eclipses and
especially inthose countries where the eclipse falls onthe meridian
, ~ 1..
or nadir. Also if there is any planet in fixed signs at the moment
of eclipse. the earthquakes will occur in those part of the world
where such planets are either rising, setting, culminating. Thus if
at an eclipse. the planet Saturn should be in fixed sign and distance
4~ n degree from meridian.
l-arthquakes happen more frequently when there are planets
especially Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars in the sign Taurus
and Scorpio.
The big planets Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and small planets
Mercury and Venus will be in angles and near to 4th and lOth
house of chart.
Major planets occupy earthy or Airy sign.
Earthquakes also happen in those localities where great
conjunction, of the planets fall on the cusp of the 4th house.
The planet Jupiter when in Taurus or Scorpio and in conjunction
opposition and parallel to Mercury, indicates earthquake.
Earthquake may also occur ifthe great comets are nearer to Earth
and also nearest to the Sun.
The Asterism of the day belongs to Prithvi and Vayumandala.
The place ofoccurrence can be had by the help ofAvakada Chakra
and the direction and plan find out by the aid of Koorma Chakra.
Earthquakes generally happens when there are many planets on
or ncar the four cardinal points (i.e.) the first degrees of Aries,
Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.
Plane crash generally occurs when there is aspect of Saturn and
M a r s , , ~ ,
Saturn, Mars, Rahu conjunction in an airy sign gives rise to
accidents in the Vayu region.
In annual chart if the position of Saturn and Mars are adversely
placed many accident are likely to occur.
Saturn (Vayutatva) planet held in the vayutatva Nakshatra along
with Mars can bring plane crash.
The crash can be known by Koorma Chakra. ~ ' .
Sun with Mercury will give a windy spells along coastal areas
and increases the depth of high and low pressure systems.
Sun with Saturn, the pressure is stagnate over a long periods.
Sun with Rahu gives rise to seasons with local storms during any
Sun with Mercury gives acute, sharp and whipping winds.
Disturbances in Sun affect different parts ofthe Earth producing
Saturn Uranus square to Jupiter Rahu gives rise to storms.
Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Uranus have aspects on Kendra or
conjunction gives rise to severe cyclonic storm.
In an annual chart, planet holding airy signs and airy stars, afflicted
by Rahu, Mars and Saturn can cause storms.
Sun, Moon position with respect to their faces and interference
of planet like Mars, Saturn, Rahu are the signs of storms.
Saptha Nadi Chakra and Koorma Chakra can be conveniently
Cause for accidents are Mars, Saturn and Rahu.
If Mars and Saturn in Annnual Charts in earthy signs, indicates
of bus accidents.
The 8th house of annual chart and Natal chart will become basis
for predicting bus accident. "
Mars, Rahu, Saturn transiting earthy signs and earthy stars when
affiicted gives rise to many accidents.
Koorma Chakra can be consulted for this purpose..
Q.No.8 : Write Short Note on : oM, )cr.;"
Rise in the Price of Silver :
When Mercury is Retrograde price of Silver always rise.
When Mars in Aries, Leoor Libra then rise in price of Silver can
be easily predicted.
Mercury in Leogives price rise of silver.
When Sun in Pushya or Dharmista Nakshatra having no benefic
aspect gives rise to Silver.

r - ? : _ ~
.. ,'
Note the Karaka of Jaimini Jaimini Karakas
from the above horoscope and Atma Karaka (Jup)
tabulate. Amattya Karaka (Mere)
Find out the Aruda Lagna and Batra Karaka (Sun)
Darapada, Hora lagna and Upapada Mantra Karaka (Sat)
in the chart. Pitra Karaka (Mars)
Grathi Karaka (Ven)
Dara Karaka (Moon)
Arudha Lagn.
; ~ - ,
Lagna is Gemini in the mid cusp at 15
and the lord of lagna
MERCURY placed in 9th house Aquarius an ODD sign-Mercury is
In Aquarius, Moon along with the lagna lord Mercury is placed.
This indicates the native is intelligent; and is a thinking person such as
scientist etc., as moon represents mind. Lagna lord position is good
(9th House) Dharma Sthana. The lagna is strong. Hewever, there is no
benefic aspect to lagna or lagna lord.
Considering Moon lagna and Surya lagna, Moon lagna is strong
as Aquarius lagna lord is in 9th exalted and retrograde.
In Navamsha Chart Moon is in Libra and aspected by Mars and
Venus, Mars masculine planet. Lagna lord Mercury is in 2nd from
Navamsha lagna, debilitated. This infers lagna is weak.
In Parashar System, marital life is judged from 7th house and
Navamsha Chart.
Rahu in the 7th house make the native unconventional. In other
words, the native has peculiarity in the married life. Such as marriage
ofinter-east, or husband short, wife tall etc. Rahu and Mars are enemies,
the position of Rahu and Mars in 7th indicates some problem in the
marital life.
Rahu also aspects 5th house where Kalatra Karaka Venus is
Lagna is also aspected by Rahu. This confirms that Venus and
Lagna is aspected by a malefic planet etc., the family life problems.
Since this is female chart, position of Mars and Jupiter should
also be considered. Here too Mars with Rahu, Jupiter is in 12th,
(Expenses house) which is not good.
Lord of 8th (Longivity) Saturn is placed in 5th house aspected by
Venus from 11th house-Good.
Bhagya Sthanadhipathi, lord of 9th also Saturn in 5th house
aspected by benefic planet Venus indicates Bhagya.
Retrograde Saturn aspect over Mars, Rahu and Venus who is
dispositor of 9th house creates sadistic pleasure as Saturn is a sadistic
planet in nature. It is to be noted Saturn is exalted is also retrograde.
Saturn and Rahu are friends 3rd house (7th from Lagna) is having
connection with Venus-indicates more trouble.
Saturn is retrograde in Sth, this also gives the beneficlMalefic
result of 4th house too.
.. When Saturn operates from 4th there is no aspect to 7th house.
When it operate from 5th it aspects Lagna-expecting problems.
Mars and Rahu in 7th aspccted by retro Saturn indicates accident
as Mars and Saturn combination indicates suddenness. There may be
late marriage as Saturn is slow, Mars represents blood indicates blood
related problem.
Moon indicates mind and intelligence. Moon also indicates periods
(menses) in female chart.
Rahu Ketu axis separates Mars and Venus indicating trouble in
mutual understanding.
Considering Mars and Jupiter as this is a female chart, Mars
association with Rahu, Jupiter in 12th is not good.
Jaimini : Here the marriage life is judged from Atma Karaka,
Dara pada and Upapada, 7th house, Navamsha, Karakamsha Lagna.
In Navamsha Chart lagna lord is aspected by Mars, Venus and
hens week.
Moon Dara Karaka in Jaimini Lagnalord Saturn own house hence
It can be seen both Parashari and Jairnini :
Mars aspected by Saturn
As per Somnath whenever Ketu is in 1agna or trine in N a v ~ s h a
the native is cunning and repulsive.
j,' Dara Karaka (wife), is in Kumba associated with benefic planet
Mercury aspected by Venus benefic Kalatra Karaka.
This infers spouse is gentle and obedient. Lagna lord Mercury,
Sun, Argala is formed by Jupiter and Mars. But Mars Argala is not
formed due to the position of Rahu.
In Navamsha, Dara Karaka is aspected (Jaimini aspect) by
malefic. This again infers misunderstanding betweenthe couple as shown
in Parashari.
Saturn (R) aspect Venus, Mercury and Jupiter indicates benefic-
happy married life.
An important point is the Dara Pada is aspected by Dara Karaka
indicating longevity.
Karakamsha Lagna and Dara Karaka is place 6th/8th indicating
In Navamsha Sun in trine indicates divorce or widow hood.
Moon in Rashi, Lagna, Vamada Lagna or Athma Karaka indicates
widow hood.
Uppada there is Sun, indicates divorce. The divorce is sudden,
hence in Chara dasha of Rahu, Ketu, Mars or Saturn may bring the
divorce. Rahu is the separator.
The Chandra Dasha starts from Gemini in the counter clockwise
from lagna. During Makara Chara Dasha, (Rahu posited) (from Gemini
=8+ 11+8+10+2+3=42 yrs.) there is possibility ofdivorce. Here Saturn
also aspects, hence chances of separation is more.
Conclusion :
Wife is dashing nature with head strong. Married life is not
Q.No. 10: Short Notes
(8) Famine Combinations
Famine depends upon weather conditions. Ifthere is no rain there
. is no growth ofvegetation which is essential for human and animal life.
Influence ofrain is the main key factor. Hence combinations for untimely
rain, no rain, scanty rain are as follows :
1. MERC AND SATURN Mutual aspect increase temp. loss of crop
2. Mere and Saturn and Mars Causes dry weather crop burnt
scarcity of water
3. SATURN unaspected in No rain crop fails &
Aries, Leo and Sagittarius famine
Malefic planet transit Vayu.
Chandra or Dahna Nadi
4. 5th Day Chaitra Paksha Famine condition Famine
constellation of Aridra coincide
5. 1st day of bright half of Jyeshta Want of rain crop destroys Famine
coincides constellation of and famine
Bharani, Kritika and Jyestha
Q.No. 11 : How do you predict rain fall ?
ADS. : Normally Sun enters Moola Nakshatra during December
every year. When Sun transits over Moola Star 61/2 days (progress)
I1JliI\ the cloud get puberty.
" I' In the month of Pushya, Aswini Nakshatra day (JanlFeb month)
commencement ofpregnancy ofrainy star start from Aswini to Vishakha
Nakshatra. In February-March Aswini Nakshatra rain stars attains
fruitfulness every day.
If Ritu Garbha and Beeja of the star could take place properly,
the particular rain occurs.
The entry of Sun to the asterism commencing from Aswini is
noted along with the time of entry of the Sun in the asterism. The
.ascendant and Navamsha lagnas worked out. If lagna falls in the
following sign :
Kumbha, Kataka, Vrishabha, Meena, Makara, Vrischika and Tula
There will be good rain.
Entry of Sun into particular asterism (rainy star) and day star
(also known as Moon star) are considered for the rain.
Combination for Rain
Moon Nakshatra
SUD entry Nakshatra Remarks
Same Group Same Group Unsatisfactory rain
Moon Moon Shows rain with Thunder
Different Groups Satisfactory rain
Pancha Tatwa Siddhanta of Hindu' the Sa tanadi Chakra are
used for rain forecast by our ancestor.
Q.12 : Write short not on :
(a) Combinations for Plane Crash
Generally accidents are indicated from the conjunction or aspect
of malefic planets. If Saturn and Mars associate, placed in Kendra or
Trikona position, accidents are indicated. This has to be analysed from
the annual chart and national chart of the place.
If Saturn and Mars are adverse, in these charts we can predict
Vayu Tatwa sign is the signification for air crash. When Saturn
combine in Vayu Tatwa Nakshatra, accidents occur.
Koorma Chakra is advantageous for this purpose.
b) Storm
Storm is formed due to wind and rain. The planets Saturn Jupiter,
Moon rainy planets are the significators.
Sun and Moon are the potential significator for the variation of
atmosphere weather change.
Disturbance on Sun affect different parts of Earth.
In the annual chart planets in Airy sign and Airy Stars afflicted
by Rahu, Mars and Saturn causes storm. Sun and Moon position
interference with Mars, Saturn are the main significators.
Saptanadi Chakra and Koorma Chakra can be used for this
c) Saptanadi Chakra
Planets Saturn Sun Mars Jup Venus Mercury Moon
Naadi Stormy Windy Scarcity Soma Cloudy Jala Amrita
Planet Krithika Rohini Mrigsbra Aridra Punarvasu Pushya Ashlesha
Planets Saturn Sun Mars Jup Venus Mercury Moon
under Vaishaka Swati Chitta Hasta UPbalguni P.Phalguni Magha
respective Anuradha Jesta Moola P. Ashad U. Ashadi Abhijit Sravana
Nadi Bhami Revathi U.Bhadn P. Bhadra Shatabisha Dhanista
d) Bus Accident :
Saturn is a malefic planet. Mars and Saturn combination causes
bus accident, Eighth House is a Dushta Sthana. In the annual chart,
National Chart this is used for the predictions. Transiting of malefic
planets over earthy signs earthy Nakshatra and the concerned house is
afflicted, bus accidents can happen. Koorma Chakra is used for this
Q.No. 13 : Write short notes:
a) Ishtaphala and Kashtaphala
The Ishtaphala or Kashtaphala indicate the nature of results to
be had in the Dasha or Antar Dasha of a planet. If the Ishta (Good)
Phala of a planet is more than its Kashta (bad) Phala the planet will be
more helpful in its Dasha or Antar-Dasha, Ifthe Kashta Phala is more
than the Ishta Phala, it indicates that the planet is not helpful in this
period and may give adverse results. The formulae for Ishta Phala and
Kashta Phala are :
Ishta Phala =
Kashta Phala =
-.J Uchcha Bala x Chesta Bala
-.J (60 - Uchcha Bala) (60 - Chesta Bala)
Determination of Ishta Phala : The Ishta porton of a planet's
influence is obtained thus the Uchcha Bala (Exaltation Strength) of a
planet is multiplied by its Chesta Bala (Motional Strength) and then the
Square root of the product extracted.
Determination of Kashta Phala : The Square root ofthe product
of(60 - Uchcha Bala) and (60-Chesta Bala) gives the amount of Kashta
influence in Shashtiansas.
b) Natural Strength and its significance? Why it is constant for
all horoscopes.
Natural Strength (Naisargikabala) of each planet has a natural
Strength, irrespective of its position. The Sun is considered to be the
most powerful planet followed by the Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury,
Mars and Saturn.
Naisargika Balas of the planets will be in the following way.
These Bala's are unchangeable:
The Sun = 1.000 Rupa's 60 Shashtiamsas
The Moon = 0.857 Rupa's 51.43 Shastiamsas
The Mars = 0.286 Rupa's 17.14 Shastiamsas
The Mercury = 0.429 Rupa's 25.70 Shastiamsas
The Jupiter = 0.571 Rupa's 34.28 Shastiamsas
The Venus = 0.714 Rupa's 42.58 Shastiamsas
The Saturn = 0.143 Rupa's 8.57 Shastiarnsas
If two planets have equal amount of Shadabala's it is only the
Naisargika Bala which plays a decisive role in relation to their greater
or lesser strength. This Bala is acquired by a planet naturally according
to his Luminosity and it is fixed for every planet.
Naisargika Bala : This is the natural strength that each Graha
possesses. The value assigned to each depend upon its luminosity Ravi
the brightest of all planet's has the great Naisargika strength while
Shani the darkest has the least Naisargika Bala. This strength is fixed
and holds good in all.
This strength depends upon the luminosity of the planets. It is
constant and same for alI the horoscopes.
c) Explain the Significance of Bhava Bala's?
Each Bhava has been assigned certain events or functions. The
first house is known as Tanu Bhava. It represents the Body of the
individual including complexion etc. The II Bhava represents wealth,
family etc., if a Bhava is strong the native will enjoy the indictions of
. the Bhava fully. Ifthe Bhava is weak, its native will not be in a position
to enjoy the significations of the Bhava.
The strength of a Bhava is determined by :
(i) Bhavadhipathi Bala i.e., the strength of the lord of the Bhava.
(ii) Bhava Dig Bala
(iii) Bhava aspect strength or Bhava Drishti Bala
(i) Bhavadhipathi Bala : It is the strength ofthe Bhava or the lcrd
of the Rashi in which Bhava Madhya falls.
(ii) Bhava Dig Bala : It is the strength obtained by the various Bhava's
due to their Bhava Madhya being in different Rashis.
The ~ ~ hubooll.,ified intofour types of Rubi'.
(a) Nara Rashi's (Human signs) are represented by Mithuna
(Gemini), Kanya (Virgo), Tula (Libra) first half of Dhanu
(Sagittarius) and Kumbha (Aquarius).
If the Madhya of Ascendant falls in Nara Rashi the Ist house
acquire a strength of60 Shashtiamsas (oneRupa) and it gradually
loses strength @10 Shashtiamsas per Bhava till it is reduced to
Zero in the VII Bhava if the Bhava Madhya of VII is in a Nara
Rashi it will have Dig Bala as Zero.
(b) Jala Chara Rashis : Watery or aquatic Rashis are known as
Jalachara Rashis. They are Karkataka (Cancer), Second half of
Makara (Capricorn) and Meena (Pisces) ifthe Bhava Madhya of
fourth house falls in these Rashi it will get 60 Shashtiamsas and
in X it will got 0 Shashtiamsas the Dig Bala is reduced as such
Rashi's are always from IV Bhava like the Nara Rashi's.
(c) Chatushpada Rashi's or Quadruped Rashi's : There are Mesha
(Aries), Vrishabha (Taurus), Simha (Leo) Second half of Dhanu
(Sagittarius) and Ist halfofMakara (Capricorn) ifthe Xth Bhava
Madhya falls in these it will get 60 Shashtiamsas. The strength is
reduced as it goes away from Xth Bhava reaches near to IV Bhava.
(d) Keeta Rashis or Insect Sign: There is only one Rashi namely
Vrishchika (Scorpio) which is Keeta Rashi when it is in the VII
Bhava Madhya the VII Bhava acquires a strength of 60
Shashtiamsas and if l st Bhava Madhya falls in it the 1st Bhava
will have zero Dig Bala. The Dig Bala's of the Bhava's whose
Bhava Madhya falls in Keeta Rashi's goes on increasing by 10
Shashtiamsas per house as it is away from 1st house.
Dhava Drishti Bala or Bhava's aspect strength:
(a) Mercury is always benefic for Bhava Drishti Bala irrespective of
its association.
The Drishti Bala's ofMercury and Jupiter including special aspect
are taken as obtained while that of other planets are divided by 4,
i.e., only 1/4th Drishti Bala over the Bhava Madhya is taken.
The Shubhas is taken positive while the Subha Drishti Bala's due
to aspect of Ashubhas is taken Negative. The sum total will the
Drishti Bala on a particular Bhava.
Total Bhava Bala is obtained by adding these Bala's of a Bhava.
Q.No. 14 : Why Rahu-Ketu are not considered in Shadbala
In classical works on Hindu Astrology only Seven Graha's
(planets) are recognised and are spoken ofas the Sapta (seven) Graha's.
They are as follows :
Ravi or Surya (the Sun)
Some or Chandra (the Moon)
Mangal or Kuja (Mars)
.Budha (Mercury)
Guru or Brihaspati (Jupiter)
Shukra (Venus) and
Shani (Saturn)
Only in later works, Rahu (the ascending Node ofthe Moon) and
Ketu (the Descending Node of the Moon) are mentioned. These are
merely ecliptic points. As in Modem Astrology each ofthe Sapta Graha's
is the Adipati (lord) of one or two of the twelve Rashi's (sign) of the
Bhava Chakra (Zodiac). Uranus and Neptune are not mentioned in Vedic
astrology. Rahu and Ketu are the nodes ofthe Moon. When Moon crosses
. the ecliptic while going from South to North of the ecliptic it is the
ascending node of the Moon which is called Rahu. The latitude of the
Moon at Rahu is Zero and is on the increase from the negative (South)
to the positive (North). While crossing the ecliptic going from North to
South i.e., the descending node of Moon is called Ketu. Rahu and Ketu
are not physical planets but are the points on the plane ofecliptic where
the Moon crosses it.
This is the reason, for calling these two as Chhaya Graha i.e.,
Shadowy planets. At these points the Moon aad Sun get eclipsed on
Poomima or Amavasya respectively.
These are also called dragon's Head and dragon's Tail. These
points are not stationery but take about 18 years 220 days i.e., 18.60
years in making a revolution around the Earth. This Motion is non
uniform like all planets and above in the average period of Motion.
Their Motion is in the reverse direction so they are said to be having a
retrograde motion at the average or mean rate of about 19.36 each
year or about 8" an hour. They have true or mean longitudes.
(b) What is Graha Yudha? Explain.
When two planets are within one degree, there is a Graha Yudha.
Only Ravi and Chandra do not enter into war. Add Sthanabala, digbala
and Kalabala (upto Horabala) for each planet involved in this war.
Note the differences between the two subtracting the later one. Divide
the differences between by the diameters of the discs. The resulting
quotient must be added to the Kalabala of the victorious planet and
deducted from that of the defected one. The diameters are Kuja 9"4,
Budha 6"6. Guru 190"4, Shukra 16"6 and Shani 158"0.
The planet having less degrees of longitude normally wins in
planetary war.
Q.No. 15 : Write short notes on any four:
a) Bhavath Bhavanam Concept:
We have to understand the principles underlined in the above
statement or empirical law.
Bhavathbhavam means we have to count the number of houses
from that Bhava as it is from the lagna. Like 3rd from 3rd, 4th from
4th, 5th from 5th and 6th from 6th and so on. The respective lord is
good in Aspect occupying the same house or occupying a good house,
can give good results to that bhava. On the other hand that is occupied
by a malefic or if the lord is occupying a debilitation house or in a
dusthana or in enemy kshetra or in negatie avastha, it cannot give good
Here we have to observe that the bhavathbhava principle is not
applied from the lagna only but take that house as Lagna and count the
b) What are significations of 7th House? How Mars aspect on
7th House affects the married life of a native?
Seventh house denotes marriage partner; life partner and business
partner of persons. Except one's family members the seventh house
refers to all thosewith whomthe native contacts or enter into contract
or agreement or even quarrels litigation and so on. Further 7th House is
a: Marakashtana. Denotes mother's property, one's influence and honour
in foreign countries and public relations. Tells, who the theif is one's
own profession in international trade and so on. Independent Business
for people born in common sign 7th House is Badhakasthana.
The 7th House mainly refers to marriage. Wife or husband and
marital happiness. Mars aspecting the 7th House the Native marriage
will be unhappy and in the 7th House he becomes a marakesh for the
native and bestowing boldness strengthand hot headednessto the partner.
None of this qualities in the 7th House are conducive to a happy and
healthy family life.
Mars is dreaded in I, 4, 7, 8 houses/positions because it gives
very undesirable results. According to Muhurtha Sangraha Darpana.
Mars in these places ofbrides chart destroys her husband and in
that ofthe bridegroom destroys his wife ifthese be the results everybody
would naturally be scared of Mars. The same Muhurtha Sangraha
Darpana suggests the cure ofthis evil.
IfMars occupies the inauspicious places in debility, Combustion,
or in retrograde motion or in an enemy camp his evils are mitigated.
There are many other factors which mitigate the evils of Mars.
c) Explain the importance of Vimshopaka Bala?
Vimsopaka Bala : Once all the six types of strength are found
out, tabulate them and find their total strength. Divide the strength of
each planet by 4 we will get Vunshopaka Bala.
A planet with more than 15 units is Prakrami (extra strong). A
planet with strength between 10 and 15 units is Poorna Bala (Full
strength). A planet where strength is between 5 and 10 units is Madhya
Bala (medium strength). A planet with less than 5 units is Alpa Bala or
Vimshopaka Strength (Brihat Parasara Hora)
Lagna, Hora, Drekkona, Navamsha, Dwadashamsha and
Trimshamsha are the shadavargas. The Vimshopaka point 20 point.
Strength of these are respectively 6, 2, 4, 5, 2, 1 with the addition of
Sapthamansha. These are the saptavarga's mthe Saptavrgas. The
Vunsohpak strength is respectively are 5, 2, 3, 2Y2, 4Y2, 2, I. These are
sthool or Gross strength. The subtle strength of the planets is to be
known by their exact positions.
d) Explain the importance of D-I0 Dashamsha Chart :
Dashamsha is the divisional chart for the study of professional
affairs ofa native. Newtrends intheastrological applications re emerging
in the fields of human resources development. Scanning of Macro
environment for investments setting up ofnew offices andjoint ventures
timing of operations, development of leadership skills, concentration
for studies, seeking help for emotional stability, seekinghelp for chronic
diseases and analysis of aptitudes of children etc.
The most pronounced effect on a native is choice of career, is
analysed from the 10th house and the planet posited in lOth House. If
more than two planets are posited then their combined effects should be
considered. If Mars and Mercury are in the tenth house, Mercury rules
young people and it likes to play. Mars is a Kshatriya or belongs to a
warrior class who likes to show its physical powers. Their combined
effects produces a sports person. Suppose again in the 10th House is a
fiery sign this may make the native a wrestler or a body building. This
way an astrologer should intelligently consider the effect of various
planets in the 10th house.
If there is no planet in the tenth house we have to consider the
10th lord and influence of various planets on it.
Q.No. 16 : (A) What is Yoga? How they fruitify?
a) Yoga in Astrological terms means the position of a planet in
relation to Bhavas and other planets in the horoscope. These
Yogas produce auspicious and in-auspicious results according
to the inter connection of the planets.
(i) Due to their position.
(ii) In the same house or conjunction.
(iii) In each other's house.
(iv) In each other's Nakshatra.
(v) In Kendra or trikona from earth other.
(vi) Their position from each other or having planets in 2nd, 12th,
6th,7th, 8th from them.
b) Due to their aspects (Drishti)
Some special planetary combinations rendering high political
power and influence great wealth higher education etc., on the one hand
and misery debts demoralisation etc., on the other hand the knowledge
of these Yoga's help in finding the correct future happenings. These
should be scrutinized along with the application ofthe usual astrological
The different types of Yoga's are Rajayoga that produces high
political power or acquisition of high position in Government;
Dhanayoga (combination showing great wealth) Gyana Yoga
(Combination for real higher knowledge and renunciation ofthe world
and Arishta Yoga (series of misfortune of the most benefic nature etc.)
(B) Discuss Vipareeta Raja Yoga?
This Yoga is formed by the placement of lords of 6th, 8th, 12th
Houses in each other sign or together or Exchanging their houses. It
may be better to know first about the 6th, 8th, 12th Houses. Ifthey are
in own sign/If they are in each other's sign.
(l) 6th lord in the 6th House-The native will have enmity with the
group of his kingmen but he will be friendly to others.
(2) 6th lord in the 8th House-The native will be sickly, Inimical,
desire others wealth be interested in other wives and be impure or
(3) 6th lord in the 12th, the native will always spend on vices be
hostile to learned people and will torture living beings.
(4) 8th lord in the 6th House-The native will always win over his
enemies be afflicted by diseases and during childhood will incur
danger through snakes and water.
8th lord in the 8th the native will be long-lived. If the said planet
be weak being in the 8th-The native longevity will be medium.
He will be a thief be blame worthy and will blame others as well.
8th lord in the 12th House-The native will spend on evil deeds
and will have a short life more so ifthere be additionally a malefic
in the said house.
12th lord in the 6th House-The native will incur enmity with his
own men be given to anger, be simple and miserable.
12th lord in the 8th House-The native will always gain, will
speak affably, will enjoy a medium span of life and be endowed
with qualities.
12th lord in the 12th-The native will face heavy expenditure
and will not have physical felicity be irritable and spiteful. It will
be seen from the above that according to Parashar the lords ofthe
6th, 8th and 12th are not good enough even when they occupy
their own houses. According to him only the 12th lord in the 8th
produces some good effects.
Q.17 : What are Divisional Charts. Give an example of
Navamsha and Dashamsha Charts? What are the professional
prospects of the native in your opinion?
D-7 Saptamsha chart
0-9 Navamsha Chart
0-10 Dashamsha chart
D-12 Dwadashamsha chart
D-16 Shodashamsha chart
0-20 Vmsamsha chart
Divisional chart is erected by dividing a sign into parts for
example-if we want to prepare a divisional chart for one ninth part of
a sign we will divide the 30, extent of a sign in nine equal parts of
320' eachthen we have a standard Methodology reckoning the signs of
natal planets as well as the rising degree of the Ascendants in the
divisional chart for ninth part which is known as the Navamsha chart.
The following are the names of some divisional charts :
0-1 Rashi Chart All events in general.
D-2 Hora Chart Wealth, finance, poverty etc.
D-3 Drekkona Chart Relation with Brother and Sisters.
0-4 Chaturthamsha Chart Moveable/immovable property luck
Children/grandchildreninfemale chart
Married life HusbandIWtfe
Profession success and achievement.
Parents welfare etc.
Happiness conveyance etc.
Spiritual attainment Upasana, prayer
0-40 Chatur Vimsamsha chart Educational knowledge
0-27 Sapta Vunsamsha chart Strengths weakness
0-30 Trimamsha chart Miseries and Anger
0-40 Chaturmsamsha chart General good, bad, auspicious
0-45 Akshavedamsa chart General happiness
0-60 Shashtirnasha chart Specific events.
Saturn Moon
(d) Ifthe Bhava is aspected by benefics or planets owning auspicious
(e) A house acquires adequate strength and cangive beneficial results
ofthe Ist, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th and l Oth houses from that house
one occupied by auspicious planets.
(f) Any Bhava aspected by strong benefics like Mercury or Jupiter,
and not aspected by any other planet and there is no PAC with
malefics produces auspicious results.
Generally or to conclude a house becomes strong when benefics
are placed in that house and it gets the aspects of benefics and is
conjuncted with benefics.
How to judge a Bhava :
Judgement of a Bhava is generally done by studying the House,
its lord and its significator or Karaka of the particular Bhava. Correct
results can only be achieved by a proper analyses ofall the three factors
which are:
(i) House (Bhava)
(ii) Lord of the house (Bhavesh)
(iii) Significator (Karaka) of thehouse.
The association or aspect ofa benefic on a Bhava or the aspect of
that Lord of that concerned house on its own house or PAC of an
auspicious planet, ifthere is no PACofa malefic then favourable results
will be enjoyed by the native in respect ofthat Bhava. These results will
become malefic if there is influence of malefic Planets.
To judge a Bhava we can also consider which sign the Bhava has
occupied. According to the nature of that sign also we can judge the
Bhava. The significator of the Bhava and its position aspect and
conjunction also helps in delineating the results.
Ifthe Bhava have planets which are in Exaltation or own sign or
debilitated then also judgement of Bhava becomes easy as to know how
the results will come. The planet in exaltation and own sign will give
good results to that Bhava and the debilitated one would give bad results.
To conclude we can say to judge a Bhava after considering the three
vital points we can judge a Bhava and also by the PAC of the planets.
By this simple rule we can judge a Bhava easily.
Q.No. 22 : Significance of the 7th house.
Ans. : The 7th house is well known as the house ofthe partner-
the wife in a man's chart, the husband in that ofa woman. It is the main
house for judging marriage and male/female relationships. Being the
house, opposite the Lagna (representing self), the 7th house (or
descendant), represents one's opposite or complement, the other.
The 7th house is thereby a house oflove and passion, and planets
here give a strong sexual nature. It represents more long term, committed
relationship rather than romantic infatuations (which are better
represented by the 5th house). It indicates partnership in general, even
on an impersonal level.
As reflecting our relationship with "the other", it shows aspects
ofour social nature, and our capacity to affect others, in general. Thus,
it may sometimes give political power, or power over others, particularly
if malefics like Mars or Saturn are posited here.
Planets do not usually do well here for personal relationships,
except Jupiter or a well placed Moon. Mercury causes quick or
superficial relationships, while Venus gives a sensuous nature. Mars
gives power but causes conflict. Saturn causes detachment, separation
and selfishness. Rahu and Ketu give psychic or psychological sensitivities
or derangement in relationship.
Q.No. 23 : Discuss Alpayu, Balarishta, Yogarishta and
Madhyam and Poornayu?
Ans, : The good and bad results on the basis of planetary
combinations in a horoscope must only be pronounced after determining
the length oflife. It is fruitless to make any prediction ifthe native is not
going to live long enough for the prediction to materialise. For general
purposes of astrology the life of a native may fall under one of the
following categories.
1. Balarishta or age upto 8 years.
2. Yogarishta or age upto 20 years i.e., from 8 years to 20 years.
3. Alpayu or short span, upto 32 years.
4. Madhyam or medium life span i.e., from 32 years to 70 years,
S. Poornayu or full length oflife i.e., from 70 years to 100 years.
Drekkana sign of (a) the Lagna and (b) the Moon
Navamsa sign of (a) the Lagna Lord and (b) the
lord of Moon sign
Group III: Dwadashamsa sign of (a), the lagna lord and
(b) the 8th lord.
Now, according to Mantreshwara, ifboth i.e., Drekkana ofLagna
and Moon are in Sthir/Fixed sign-Alpayu is predicted. Or if one in
moveable sign and the other in DwiswabhavalDual Sign-Alpayu is
Lagna Lord, Navamsa sign and the lord of Moon sign (Navamsa
sign) ifboth in Fixed sign or one in moveable sign and he other in dual
sign-Alpayu is predicted.
Dwadashamsa of Lagna lord and that of8th lord, ifboth in fixed
sign or one in moveable sign and the other in Dual" sign, Alpayu is
Astrology provides us with several yogas on the basis of which
.the life of a native can be assessed by considering various factors as
;available from the study of the Horoscope of the native.
The Yogas which supports the A1payu ofa native are as under:
Though no method/yoga is perfect, some ofthem which are found
to be practicable are as under:
A general method of deciding on short, medium or full life span
involves the consideration ofthe three group factors:
Group I (a) Lagna lord and (b) 8th lord.
Group II (a) Lagna and (b) the Moon.
Group III (a) Lagna and (b) the Hora Lagna.
The placement ofeach ofthese two factors i.e., (a) and (b) provide
the life span indicated by the concerned group. If factors (a) and (b) are
in sthir/fixed Rashis then Alpahy is predicted.
If one in CharaIMoveable Rashi and the other in Dviswabhava/
Dual sign then Alpayu is predicted.
According to Mantreswara, the life span of a native can also be
judged on the following basis based on the consideration following three
Group I:
Group II:
There are several other combinations, which predict the span of
ife of a native. The combinations for the Alpayu are given as under:
(i) All benefices in Apolkima houses Alpayu
(ii) 8th Lord and all malefics in Kendra Alpayu
.li (iii) Weak Lagna Lord in the house 6,8,
, or 12 bereft of benefic aspect
" (iv) Malefics in Kendra, berefit of benefic
Aspect and Lagna lord being weak
(v) Malefics in houses 2 and 12 berefit
of benefic aspect Alpayy
So these are someof the yogas/combinations which support the
viewthat the native will have Alpayu or short span of life.
Q.No. 24 : Give combination of the following?
(a) Blindnes-Following are certain combinations from where
blindness can be expected ifthere is sufficient affliction in all the
divisional charts and the dasha period supports it. They are-
(i) Debilitated Moon in 6th or the 12th house or aspected by
(ii) Moon in 2nd House from the Sun, afflicted by the
association or aspect of malefics.
(iii) The Sun and Moontogether in Kendra, inthe 8thNavamsha
of a watery sign.
(iv) The Sun and the Moon together in 12th house afflicted by
(v) The sun and the Moon in houses 6 and 8 or Mars and
Saturn in houses 6 and 8. Now here it is to be understood
that the Sun and the Moon are the two luminaries and they
are the Karaka of Right and Lefteye. Their involvement is
a must in case of blindness ofthe native.
(b) Stomach Ulcer-Generally the Sun (Leo) rules 5th Part of Kala
Purusha. In the Kala Purusha Chart 5th house represents the
stomach. So, great affliction to Sun and sign ruling the 5th house
inthe Kala Purusha Chart (Leo) will represent the stomach ulcer.
Affliction to 5th House, 5th lord is inevitable.
(c) Asthama-Asthama is caused due to the disorders in Lungs which
in the Kala Purusha chart is signified by the cancer sign ruled by
the Moon. Cancer is a Jalatatva Rashi.
Some ofthe combinations are as under:
(i) The Moon and the Sun involved in mutual exchange in the
Rashi or Navamsha Chart. The Moon and Sun together in
Cancer or Leo.
(ii) Venus in association with the Lagna lord in any ofthe Trik
(iii) The Moon conjoined with Saturn and aspected by Mars.
(d) Kidney trouble: Malefic influence on the Sixth house, sixth
sign and their lords is inevitable because kidneys are located in
the sixth part of the Kala Purusha. The second point to be noted
in this connection is that since there is allied trouble of urine, the
affliction of Venus is also involved.
(e) Deafness: The classical combinations for deafness are as follows :
(a) Mercury in 6th, 8th or 12th house aspected by Saturn.
(b) Mercuryin 4th house from Saturn and the 6th Lord in one
of the Trik House.
(c) Cojunction of the Sun and Mercury in houses 3, 6, or II.
(d) Mercury associated with Sun in 3rd, 6th or the 11th house
opposed by Mars and Saturn.
(e) Debilitated Venus associated with Rahu.
Astrological Priciple
(i) Mercury deals with hearing as well as communication of .
any sort. Astrong Mercury under benefic influence indicate
strong and healthy hearing mechanism.
(ii) The third House : The third is the lfouse in the horoscope
concerned with hearing. Benefic influence on the 3rd Housel
3rd lord ensures a healthy hearing system.
(iii) The IIth House: The 3rd house and 3rd lord indicates the
Right ear and IIth house and the IIth Lord indicates the
left ear.
Benefic and Malefic influences on Mercury, 3rd House/3rd Lord,
IIth Housel IIth Lord indicates the state of health of ears.
Q.No. 25 : Discuss role of Retrograde Planets in Transit?
Planets move around Sun and in reality they are always in direct
motion excepting Rahu and Ketu. Rahu-Ketu are shadowplanets without
any physical existence. When viewed from Earth it appears to us that
planets has slowed down in their direct motion and became stationery
in the sky and then appear to reverse in direction of their motion. The
influence of benefic planets are weakened when they retrograde, when
Malefic planets are retrograde, the evil effects are increased. Ifboth the
aspccung and aspected planets be retgograde the things indicated by
them would be deficient or disappointing. Hence retrograding is
considered as debility, when a planet is retrograding it affects the matters
pertaining to the affairs of the house that it rules. A retrograde planet
bring success only when every thing else fails. A retrograde planet always
implies delay or denial in its objetive or action. When malefic planet are
retrograde the evil effects are increased.
Result of Retrograde Planets
Mars : When Mars Retrogrades-Stops in the middle of the
project, delay in marriage for ladies.
Mercury: For e.g., the astrologer who is more accurate in natal
analysis in predictive work. He will fail.
Jupiter: They find success in projects where others fails, they
predict disaster where others see success and vice-versa.
Venus: They do not find enjoyment inthings liked by most people,
they find it difficult to adjust.
Saturn: They are secretive.
These are some results when the planets retrograde.
Q.No. 26 : Discuss Vedha in brier?
Ans. : Vedha in Sanskrit means an obstructing force or point.
Suppose light is coming from a particular source. If we put an
obstruction between the source of light and the spot, the light will be
obstructed and would cease to illuminate the spot where it was formerly
falling. Similarly, suppose the Sun transiting the third sign counted from
the radical moon, ifa planet other than Saturn in the ninth, the influence
emitted by the Sun being the third from the Moon, will be obstructed,
and the influence due to his transit through the house from the natal
~ moon will not be felt. When describing Vedha for the Sun, we have said
',that any planet other than Saturn will do so. This is because the Sun is
the father of Saturn, and the Moon is the father of Mercury.
There is no Vedha by the son to the father or by the father to the
Auspicious places
Vedha places
Auspicious places
Vedha places
Auspicious places
Vedha places
Auspicious places
Vedha places
Auspicious places
Vedha places
Auspicious places
Vedha places
':. ": n The Vedha points for the 9 planets
Auspicious places 3, 6, 10, 11
Vedha places 9, 12, 4, 5
(Except by Saturn)
1,3, 6, 7, 10, 11
5,9, 12, 2, 4, 8
(Except by Mercury)
3,6, 11
2,4, 6, 8, 10, 11
5, 3, 9, 1, 7, 12
(Except by Moon)
2,5, 7, 9, 11
12, 4, 3, 10, 8
1,2,3,4, 5, 8, 9, 11, 12
3,6, 11
(Except by Sun)
Auspicious places 3, 6, 11
Vedha points 12, 9, 5
Auspicious places 3, 6, 11
Vedha places 12, 9, 5
If there is another planet transiting the 9th house from Janam
Rashi while Ravi in 3rd, Vedha is caused. Whatever benefic results
Ravi ought to produce in the 3rd house, will not be realized as the
planet in the 9th house has obstructed Ravi's influences, Conversely if
Ravi by transiting the ninth house and there is a planet moving in the
3rd, then also obstruction to Ravi's evil influence in the ninth house
takes place. The same should be the rule for other places of Ravi and
other planets, It may be noted as important point. Vedha must be taken
into consideration while considering the transit affects ofvarious planets.
Q.No. 27 : Interpretation of Dasha and Timine events?
Ans. : Study the following chart and discuss the effect of Antar
Dasha of Mars and Rahu in the Mahadashaof Venus 27.3.1941, 4.30
AM Meerut (V.P.)
Sun 12 57'
Jupiter 239'
Moon 3 03'
Ven6 52'
Saturn 19012
Ketu 5 43'
15 9'
L3 5S'
4.30 AM
Jup is Oy-lm-1Sd.
1 17'
So 5'
Vimshotari Dasha System
27-3-1941 D.O.B.
28-2-0 Bal. of Jup.
0-0-19 -Saturn
0-0-17 -Mercury
0-0-7 -Ketu
~ .
0-4-3 - Venus-Venus
~ ,
- Venus-Rahu
Planatery positions, aspects and conjunctions are as follows :
1. Lagna in Aquarius, 5th and 8th lord Mercury is in Lagna.
Lagna Lord Saturn is in ~ r d House (Mars house) and is
debiliated with 2nd Lord Jupiter.
2. Lord of 2nd and 11th is in 3rd along with Lagna Lord.
3. Lord of3rd and 10th Mars isin 12th house (exalted house).
Mars Karaka for brothers thrivingfur away from him much
better life than him.
4. Lord of 4th and 9th Venus is in 2nd house along with 6th
lord Moon, 7th lord Sun and Ketu.
Benefics: Venus, Mercury, Jupiter
Malefics: Moon, Sun, Mars
Lagna Lord Saturn debilitated in 3rd.
Venus: Mahadasha
Venus is a yoga Karaka for Aquarius Lagna and is operating
after 46 years of age. Being lord of 4th and 9th, is placed in 2nd his
exalted house, gives good results during his Mahadasha. However, he
is associated with malefics Moon 6th Lord along with Sun the 7th lord
and Ketu. He is aspected by Rahu; with Mars.
( As per Parashara if a planet (Dasha lord) is in 1st Drekkana he
will start giving result at the commencement ofhis period. As Venus is
652' (Ist Drekkona) good results will be there during first 6-7 years
which fall under Venus-Mars Antaradasha. As Mars is the lord of 3rd
and 10th (Kendra) in 12th, gives good results as 12th house (Capricorn
ishis exalted house) and Saturn (Lagna Lord) aspecting Mars, connected
with job (profession) is a functional benefic. Native was promoted in
this period.
Venus-Mars (1 year 2 months)
The positions of Mars is in exaltation aspected by Lagna Lord
from 3rd (house of Mars) and Rahu from 8th. Mars will give increase
in wealth, acquisition of Jewellery,clothes, fulfilment ofdesires. During
Venus-Mars period the native suffers due to cough, bile, blood diseases
and losses courage. Other classics suggest that the native may get respect,
gain of land,comforts, goes abroad, involves in bad deeds.
The native was shot dead by terrorists on 10-5-92 in Venus Dasa
and Rahu Antar Dasa.
Saravali : This period result in suffering from diseases concerning
blood and bile, acquires land, favours from king.
Q.No. 27 : Explain the principles behind the following Dasha
(l) Ashtottari, (2) Vimshottari, (3) Kalachakra Dasa.
Ashtottari Dasa
(i) Applicability of Dasa : According to Rishi Parashar (a) when
birth takes place during day time in Krishna Paksha or during
night in Shukla Paksha, Ashtottari Dasa should be applied. He
also says (b) that when Rahu is in Kendra or Trikona from Lagna
Lord (without beingconjunct with La.gna Lord) this canbe applied.
(ii) Desachar: According to our view Ashtottari Dasa is being
followed in Gujrat, Kuch, Sindh, Panchal (V.P., Punjab, Haryana),
north ofVmdhyas.Jatak Vmod states that in Kaliyug Vimshottari
Dasa if effective. But Parashar did not issue any such indication
about the applicability of Ashtottari Dasa or Vimshottari Dasa.
(iii) Periods of 108 years. This is based on anticipating that the life
span would be less than 108 years, in Kaliyuga.
(iv) Order of Dasa and periods of allotment : Only 8 planets are
considred excluding Ketu. But reasons ofexcluding Ketu has not
been given. There are two systems ofcalculating Ashtottari Dasa.
First one is based on Krithikadi Nakshatras and other is Aridradi
Nakshatras. But based on Krithikadi Nakshtras is said to be more
prevalent. Lahiri's Ephemeris gives a helpful ready reckener for
calculations both ways. Following table may help in understanding
this aspect ofKrittikadi Ashtottari Dasa :
Planet Period Constellations Covered Span of period of
in years each of them
SUN 6 yrs. (3) Krittika, Rohini and 2 years x 3 = 6 yrs.
MOON 15 yrs. (4) Aridra, Punamavsu, 3 years and 9 months
Pushya and Aslesha x 4 = 15 yrs.
MARS 8 yrs. (3) Magha, P. Phalguni 2 yrs 8 months x 3
and U. Phalguni
= 8iYrs.
MERCURY 17 yrs. (4) Hasta, Chitra, Swati 4 yrs 3 months x 4
and Vishakha = 17 yrs.
SATURN 10 yrs (3) Anuradha, Jycstha 3 yrs. 4 months x 3
and Moola = 10 yrs.
JUP 19 yrs (3) P.Ashada, U.shadha P.Shada. 4 yrs
and Sravana 9 months
U. Shada 7 yrs.
2 months
Sravana 7 yrs.
1 months= 19 yrs
RAHU 12 yrs. (3) Dhanishtha, Satbirsha 4 yrs x3 = 12 yrs.
and P. Bhadrapada
VENUS 21 yrs (4) U. Bhadrapada, Revati, 5yrs 3 months x 4
Aswani, Bhami = 21 yrs
Parashar Hora docs not refer to krittikadi Ashtottari.
Ardradi Ashtottari Dasa table is as Under:
Planet Yrs. Constellation Covers Span of period of
each constellation
SUN 6 (4) Aridra, Punarnava, 1 yr. 6 months x 4
Pushya, Aslesha = 6 yrs.
MOON IS (3) Magha, P. Phalguni, 5 yrs x3 = 15yrs.
U. Phalguni
MARS K (4) Hasta, Chitra, Swati, 2 yrs x 4 = 8 yrs
Planet Yrs. Constellation Covers Span of period of
each constellation
5..yrs 8 months x 3
= 17 yrs
3 yrs 4 months x 3
= 10 yrs.
6 yrs 4 months x 3
= 19 yrs.
3 yrs x 4 = 12yrs.
(3) Anuradha, Jyeshta, Mula
(3) Purvashadha, Uttara-
shadha, Sravana
(3) Dharnistha, Satabhisha,
P. Bhadrapada
(4) U. Bhadrapada, Revati,
Ashwani, Bharini
VENUS 21 (3) Krittika, Rohini, Mrigshira 7 yrs x 3 = 21 yrs.
According Brhiat Parashar Hora-Abhijit Nakshatra is also
counted in Ashtottari by adjusting it between Uttarashada and Shravana.
Dasa Calculation: In order to find out dasa at birth first find out
Janrna nakshatra at the birth, then decide whether one wants to apply
Krittikadi Ashtottari Dasa or Ardradi Ashtottari Dasa, on the basis of
place of popularity of the region. When Krittikadi Ashtottari should be
applied and when Ardradi Ashtottari Dasa.
Illustration (1): Suppose Moon 173' is in Leo at birth in P.
P. Phalguni 4' 13 20' to 4' 26 40' = 13 20
Moon had passed in P. Phalguni == 4 17 3'-4' 1320 == 3 43'
Balance yet to be covered in P. Phalguni is =577'/800' x 5 years
= 3 yeras 7 months, 8 days
Add 5 years form Uttar Phalguni to 3 years 7 month, 8 days
So Balance of Moon Dasa at birth in Aridradi system is == 8 yrs.
7 monts 8 days.
Illustration (2) : Balance in Krittikadi for the same longitude of
the Moon in P. Phalguni ==
577'/800 x 32 months == I year II months 2 days 9 hrs. 36 mts.
Add 2 yrs 8 months of U. Phalguni == 4 years, 7 months, 2 day 9
hrs. 36 mts.
Balance of Mars at birth == 4 yrs. 7 months 2 day 9 hrs. 36 mts.
Sub-period Calculation: The sub-period in any major Dasa can
be worked out proportionately by following the same formula which is
applied in Vimshottari by substituting 108 in place of 120 yrs e.g. Moon's
sub-period in Moon dasa will be
15 x 15/108= 225 = 2 yrs 1 month.
Diference between Vunshottari and Ashtottari
Period 120 years 108 years
Planet 9 8 Ketu excluded
Nakshatra 27 28 Abhijit included
Application Universal On fulfilment of
Specifical conditions.
Calculation: One Nakshtra indicate full major period.
One Nakshtra covers any part of year or major period
(b) VlOlshottari Dasa :
(i) Application of this Dasa is universal.
(ii) Period of 120 years is based on the life span of 120 years.
(iii) Order of Dasa and Allotment of Period
Planet Years Stars assigned Period of
each Nakshtra
Sun 6yrs. Krittika, U. Phalguni, Uttarashada 6 years
Moon 10 yrs. Rohini, Hasta, Shravan 10years
Mars 7yrs. M. Sira, Chitta, Dhanishtha 7 years
Rahu 18 yrs. Aridra, Swathi, Salbtusba 18years
Jupiter 16 yrs. P. Vasu, Vishaka, P. Bhad pav. 16 years
Saturn 19 yrs. Pushya, Anuradha, V. Shardapara 19years
Mercury 17 yrs. Ashlesha, Jyeshtha, Revati 17 years
Ketu 7yrs. Aswani, Magha, Moola 7 years
Venus 20yrs. Bharani, P. Phalguni, P. Shada 20 years
Total 120 yrs.
(iv) Calculation of Dasa : Janam Naksbatra i.e., Naksbatra where
the moon is posited at the time of birth indicates dasa of planet
governing Janma Nakshatra, followed by the periods of Lord of
2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, Nakshatra.
Dasa balance of Janma Nakshatra at birth is indicated by the
span ofNakshatra which was yet to betransited by the Moon in Janma
.,,; Nakshatra.
Kalachakra Dasa (i) Aplication: A certain section ofastrologers
thought that Kalachakra Dasa should be applied only (a) when
Venus is strong; (b) when the lord of the Navamsha, where the
moon is placedjoins or aspects the moon and (c) the lord of such
a Navamsha is strongly pleaced. Dr.B.V Raman does not subscribe
to this view and says that it can be applied to any horoscope
including horary charts on the basis ofastrology ofgreat Parashar.
Shri K.N. Rao is of the view that it is very important to time
death of a native and his relations.
Desachar : After Vimshottari, Ashtottari and Yogini, Kalachakra
Dasa is said to be prevalent in different parts of our country.
Period: Dasa period is not fixed and it differs with different
quarter (Navamsha) ofa particular Nakshatra-varying from 83
yrs, 85, 86 and 100 yrs. These are taken as total longevity.
Savya : Apsavya Nakshtra Division: Svaya means clockwise,
while apsavaya means anti clockwise. There are 15 Savya
Calculation ofBhukti or Sub-period or Antar Dasa: For easily
calculating Antar Dasa of sub period in any dasa period, following
formula is applied. Multiply the number of years of Dasa period of
Dasa lord, by the number of years of Dasa of desired Antar Dasa's
lord. Then cutting offthe last digit ofthe product, multiply it by 3, keep
that figures as days, the other figures in the product will be months.
Suppose we want to calculate Venus sub period in Sun Dasa.
Sun Dasa years 6 x Venus Dasa years 20 = 120 = 12 months.
Zero, i.e., last digit in the product, ifnecessary is to multiplied by
3 and the product would indicate days.
Calculating of Pratyantar : First find out sub-period, i.e., Moon-
Jupiter. 10 x 16 = 160 = 16 months
To find out Mars-Jupiter, Mercury following method is to be
In 120 years - Mercury period is 17 years
So in 16 months, Mercury's in the period =17 x 16/120 months
=2721120 = 2 months =32 x 301120 days.
Mon-Jup-Mercury =2 months 8 days.
This Pratyantar period is further sub-divided into Sukshma and
further Prana taking this division upto hours and minutes ofa particular
Apsavya Nakshatras
10, 11, 12
16, 17, 18
nakshatras and 12 apsavya nakshatras starting with ashwini in
group ofthree Nakshatras each.
Savya Nakshatras
13, 14, 15
This division decides Savya or Apsavya Janma Nakshatra and
order of Rasi Dasa. It differs from Vimshottati ie., Guru Dasa takes
care ofSagittarius and Pisces both but in Kalachakra it would either be
Guru-Dhanu Dasa and Guru-Meena Dasa are two different set, and
give different results.
Number of Dasas: 9 for birth in every pada ofevery Nakshatras.
Order of Dasas : One must appreciate further classification of
Savya stars into first class of odd stars and second class of even stars.
Apsavya stars are also divided in even and odd stars.
(a) DasaKramainoddSavyastars:(l,3, 7,9,13,15,19,21,25,
27). In this class of stars, in four Navamshas or padas of stars,
dasas starts from aries to Saggitarius for 1st Pada. For second
pada it follows the same order upto pisces, but thereaftet it takes
reverse order starting from Scorpio to Gemini. For third pada
same order reverse order continues upto Saggitarius, then Savya
order starts and continues upto Gemini for 4th pada same Savya
order continues and runs for Cancer to Pisces.
(b) Dasa Krama in even Savya Stars: (2: 8, 14, 20" 26). Dasas
starts in 4 padas in Apsavya order from Scorpio and continues
upto Saggitarius then from Aries to Pisces in Savya order, and
then again in Apsavya order from Scorpio to Saggitariu.
(c) Dasa Krama in even Apasavya Stars: (4,6, 10, 12, 16, 18,22,
24,). Dasa starts from lst pada to 4th pada of the stars, in Savya
order from Saggitarius upto Scorpio (12), then in Apsavya order
from Pisces to Aries (12), then in Savya order from Saggitarius
to Scorpio (12). Savya order from Saggitarius toScorpio and then
again in Apasavya order from Pisces to Aries.
Note: There appears some difference of opinion about the order
ofDasa s relating to 4 stars Aridra, (6) Uttara Phalguni (12), Jyestha
(18) and Purva Bhadrapada (24). The order mentioned above is in
accordance with the opinion of Dr. B.V Raman. Dewan Ram Chandra
Kapoor in his book on Ka1achakra Dasa puts these Nakshatras along
with odd Apasavya stars instead ofplacing along with the even Apasavya
Disturbance in the order : In Savya stirs in apasavya order
Cancer precedes Leo and in Apsavyas stars in Savya order Leo precedes
Cancer. This must not be forgotten.
Deha and Jeeva Rashis in Odd Savya Stars (10) Deha Rasi in
4 padas of every star are Aries, Capricorn, Taurus and Cancer
respectively. Jeeva Rasi in 4 padas are Saggitarius and Gemini and
Pisces. In Even Savya Stars (5) Deha rasi in 4 padas are Scorpio,
Aquarius, Libra and Cancer respectively.
Savya- Age 100
In Savya stars Dasa start with Deha Rasi and 9th Dasa is of
Jeeva Rasi. In apasavya stars Dasa starts with Jeeva Rasi and 9th Dasa
is of Deha Rasi. Lords ofthese various Dchapati and Jeevapati.
In all Apasavya stars Jeeva Rasi in 9th Dasa Rasi while Jeeva
Rasi is 1st Dasa Rasi.
Apasavyas-Age 86
In all even Apasavya stars (4, 10, 16, 12 and 6, 12, 18, 24)
according to Dr. Raman Deha Rasis are Cancer, Libra, Aquarius and
Scorpio and Jeeva Rasis are Saggitarius, Virgo, Virgo, Pisces. While
accordint to Dewan Ram chandra Kapoor's view 4 stars (6, 12, 18,24)
should be treated not in this category but alongwith odd apasavya stars
(5, 11, 17, 23). In these stars Deha Rasi is Cancer, Taurus, Capricorn
and Aries respectively in 4 padas and Jeeva Rasis are Pisces, Gemini,
Gemini and Saggitarius.
Note: For calculations students are advised to refer to classical
books such as Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra etc.
Q.No. 28 : Describe the effects of the 12 Bhava lords during
their Dasas when they are strong/weak in vimshottary Dasa system?
Ans. : Generally speaking the effects ofthe 12 Bhava lords when
they are strong or weak, during their dasa in Vimshottari may be as
follows. These results are modified on account of their inter-relation
with other piantes (specially Karakas), like aspect, conjunction, position
and transit etc.
1. Dasa of Lagna Lord:
(a) When Lagna lord is strong, during its Dasa, there is benefit in his
area of influence, personality becomes lustrous and good health,
name and fame and general prosperity promised.
(b) But when Lagna lord is weak, bad health, loss of profession,
wife illness, if native is father impediments in the career of his
first child, humilitations and attendance in funerals.
2. Dasa of Second Bhava Lord
(a) When Dhanesh is strong, family increases due to marriage and
births, delicious meals are served; moneyaccummulates with help
'vani'. However if9th Lord is weak and 2nd lord is strong it may
lead to ailment of father or increase in fathers enemy. If 5th lord
and 2nd lord both are strong and natives son is in earning age, he
and his son both earn well.
(b) When Dhanesh is weak, loss ofwealth, scattering away offamily
members, deaths in family, illness to wife, eye trouble, trouble in
mouth, bad speech, creating enemies and disturbance in the
'karma' of son fear from arthrities may be expected.
Dasa of 3rd Bhava Lord:
(a) When strong, 3rd lord in its dasa, gives happiness from co-borns;
gives many good news, makes a native to enter into vary
favourable friendship and communication with others, and confers
leadership due to to his qualities, as well as name, fame, pride
and honour. If spouse is carrer oriented then rise for her.
(b) When weak, it leads to unhappiness from the side of co-borns,
one receives unpleasant news and communications, suffers defeats
and humilatation at the hands of hiddden enemies, health may
give anxiety; vehicles may create problems. Spouse may suffer
some impediment in her career and father-in-law may also suffer.
Dasa of 4th Bhava Lord
(a) When strong, 4th lord in its dasa give all round prosprity and
happiness specially relating to mother if alive, landed property,
vehicle, house, and rise in career, and happy family and public
life is promised.
(b) When weak, just reverse results may be expected. Unhappiness
and anxiety may becaused by mother, trouble to elders and friends,
loss oflanded property, vehicle, cattles, houses, place ofwork, in
family as well as public life, and father's humiliation and ailment
etc. leading to his deaths, and fear ofwater or Jala Tatwa ailments.
Dasa of 5th Bhava Lord
(a) When strong, 5th lord in its dasa, gives intelligence ofhigh order,
success in competition, if a lonely heart love affair leading to
marriage and birth of child, if in government service promotion
to higher rank with authority to use official seal. , if politicians
some post of authority, may be expected. His good deeds and
hospitality are appreciated. If father is working there is time of
advancement of father in his profession. If himself is a father,
advancement of son, is also expected.
(b) When 5th lord is weak, just reverse results are to be expected.
including loss offame, position, anxiety from the side ofchildren,
abrupt problems; love affair if at all is any greater problems and
anxiety, disturbed thinking, useless roaming and travel, ailment
in abdominal region.
Dasa of 6th Lord
(a) When 6th lord is strong, one should not think dasa of 6th lord
shall always be adverse. In this dasa native overcomes his enemies
by sheer courage. It gives good health, travel, power and property
etc. Gains from enemies, successful end oflitigation, and clearance
of debts.
(b) When 6th lord is weak, there will be loss of money by theft,
illness, humiliation by enemies, bad deeds, ill treatment at the
hands of others, loss of prestige and position.
Dasa of 7th Lord
(a) When 7th lord strong, its dasa indicates good c1othings, or name
and happy family life, marriage successful, distant journey, gair
in position with the help of wife collegues and partners etc. 11
unmarried, marriage, if father of grown up child, then marriage
of child, and Bhagyodaya of daughter-in-law, or son-in-law.
(b) When 7th lord is weak, it indicates ill health of the native, hi:
spouse, separation from spouse, sexual ailments, indicatior
towards falsehood, useless long troublesome journeys, trouble
and impediments in the lives of spouse/children.
Dasa of 8th Lord
(a) When 8th lord strong it indicates debt clearance, rise inprofession,
acquisition of milking cartles, unearned money, inheritance, may
succeed in service, research and under ground exploratory work.
(b) When 8th lod is weak, it indicates paucity of funds, troubles,
fears, useless travels, humilatation, ailment to the extent of death,
blindness caused on account ofsorrow, greed and mental tension-
Dasa of 9th Lord
(a) When 9th lord is strong, in its dasa native constantly enjoys luck,
luxurious life to wife children and family members. His luck and
treasure both increases. He serves gods and saints and the learned
deeds are appreciated and he is honoured by authorities. He
undertake pilgrrnage, fruitful travel. If his father is alive, name
and fame of father and the native bothincreases.
(b) If 9th lord is weak, native suffers due to paucity of funds. His
wife/husband and children face trouble. His father, or some elderly
helping relation passes away. He commits sin.
Dasa of 10th Lord
(a) When 10th lord is strong, advancement in one's profession,
success in undertakings, happiness from seniors, name and fame
are expected and native performs Shubha karma the Yagya and
starting of charitable projects. ~
(b) When weak, failure in every work, sinful deeds, living away from
home comforts, illness to son, fear of death of a parent are the
Dasa of 11th Lord
(a) If strong, in the dasa of 11th lord, all kinds of worldly gains and
prosperity of high order, increased attendance of servant is
expected. Elder co-born, fathers youngers co-born children are
(b) If weak, the dasa of l lth Lord, ear trouble, left ear trouble to
elder co-borns, ailment to children, ailment to native, unpleasant
news, poor physical, mental and financial condition are expected.
Dasa of 12th Lord
(a) When 12th lord is strong, native become capable of spending
huge amounts in good deeds; father purchases landed property;
native is honoured;
(b) When 12th lord weak, hospitalisation, humilitation and loss of
property, death like trouble for a child, illness to wife, disturbed
sleep, insomnia, loss of father property, trouble in younger co-
boms profession, loss of money of elder brother, are expected
Q. 29. How would you proceed in Vimshottari to investigate
Dasa, Bhukti effect in the context of Dasa Lord position, natural
relation, natural disposition, innate strength, steller occupation and
transit? Illustrate with the Chart given below?
Mere 4 31
Venus 5 42
Sun 19" 53
Jup23 36
Mal"!l28 37
Moon 25 29
Dasa Balana
Man 5y 10m14cl
5 6
Sat Lagna
18 53 26 49
Ven. Lagna
Rahu Sat
Ans. : The opening dasa is of Mars with a balance of 5 years 1C
months 14 days. As such Mars Bhukti was over. Rahu was also partly
over and balance of Rahu Bhukti at birth is 3 months II days. Thus we
arc to consider Mars dasa and Rahu Bhukti from a number of angles.
(i) Position of Bhukti Lord in Rasi :
(a) Rahu is placed in 6th from Lagna and aspected by 5th lord Saturn.
This is doubly benefic for Rahu in 6th destroy many aristas.
(b) From the Moon it is placed in 10th, it is again beneficial.
(c) From Mars its 9th and 5th relationship, which is beneficial.
In Navamsa:
(a) Rahu is again in 3rd from Navamsa. Lagna is Parakramamsa
which is good.
(b) Rahu is 6th from Mars. If position of Mars is taken to be Lagna
as suggested by Satyacharya its placement should not beviewed
as adverse.
(c) Rahu is not placed here in friendlynavamsa but inrnical navamsa.
This is not good.
(ii) Mutual Relation :
(a) Mars and Rahu are enimical to each other both ways naturally
and temporarily. This is adverse.
(b) Mars is dispositor of'Rahu and Bhagya Lord Venus both. This is
likely to give mixed results.
(c) Both are malefics hence bad results, as 6th and 8th places mutually.
(ii) Innate Strength of Mars :
(a) Vargottam. Hence good.
(b) Digbali, being placed in 10th in Rasi and Navamsa.
(c) Moving towards debilition, hence Avrohi, and bad.
(d) Placed in Sarna rasi for Mercury, though natural enemy but
temporary friend. Hence can not be said to be good.
(e) It is neither in a Rasi sandhi nor Bhava Sandhi. Rather is just
close to middle of 10th Bhava, hence strong.
(f) It is Atrna Karaka. Hence good.
(g) Mars is 3rd and 8th Lord, hence bad.
(h) Mars is 2nd from the Moon and Lagnesh hence bad.
(i) Mars is with Venus in 10th and Venus being 9th Lord is afflicted
and likely to cause health problems specially urinary diseases.
Mars is in Mrita Avastha and Avrohi, near to debilitated point
hence pretty weak and bad.
(j) Rahu is Balavastha, hence bad, depicts portion in Moola Trikona
sign. It is not strong.
Steller Occupation: Janma Nakshatra is Mrigshira. Mars is in
Punarvasu i.e. 3rd from Janma Nakshatra Rahu is in Dhanistha, being
19th, it is Janma Nakshatra some call it Aadhana Nakshatra also.
Besides Mars is placed in the Nakshatra of 7th Lord. Thus Mars
is Markesha. Its placement in Gemini amongst other things causes Vata-
pitta Roga. Here Mars being lord of 8th, creates relationship in Rasi
and Navamsa aspected by Saturn indicates chronic and several types of
ailment to native. Deaths takes place in this period. No doubt Moon is
placed along with Sun in 9th which is not good, but it does not appear
to be a case of Balarishtha. Father may gain some money by going
towards west-Mars being in Gemini and Rahu in Acquarius its Mool
Transit : In transit for yearly results-Saturn and Jupiter would
indicate the area of attention. Lagna is jointly aspected. Saturn being
in 8th given sickness and Jupiter in Chandra Lagna confirms the same.
For monthly results Sun and Mars should be considered. Sun is
7th from the Moon is prone to cause abdominal trouble. Mars in 2nd
from the Moon is prone to cause abdominal based ailment like Pitta,
apart from fear from fire and wind. Mars in Cancer, transit to Leo i.e.,
and is not good.
Seeing overall it is case ofailment of Chronic type, and fear from
thieves, and fire, small gains are there but comparitively negligible.
Q. 30 : Examine the marital prospects ofthe chart given below
and cogently argue your cases with details and reasons?
21 13'
sun 28 13
Uranus 19018
4 10'
Moon 23 45
Ven5 13'
13 16
Pluto 8 20
Nep 8 59'
JupOo 52'
Born 1958-8-14. Ascdt. 304-10', Sun 118-13'; Moon 113 45',
Mars 21 13; Mercury 133-16; Jupiter 182-52; Venus 95-13', Saturn
Rahu 182 9'; Uranus 109
18'; Neptune 188
Pluto 128
20', Balance of Mercury dasa at birth yrs. 7-11-22 days.
Ans. : The horoscope given is as follows :
1958 8 14 D,O.B.
7 11 22 Balance of Mercury
1966 8 6
7 0 0
1973 8 6
20 0 0
1993 8 6
1973 8 6
3 4 0
1976 12 6
1 0 0
1977 8 6
1 2 0
1980 10 6
3 0 0
1983 10 6
2 8 0
1986 6 6
3 2 0 Ven/Sat
1989 8 6
2 10 0 Ven/Mer
1991 6 6
1 2 0 Ven/Ketu
1992 8 6
Judgement based of Rasi Chart :
(i) 7th Lord Sun posited in 6th, with 6th Lord and aspected by Mars
so delay in marriage.
(ii) The 7th house is aspectcd by Lagna lord as well as 12th Lord
Saturn, hence delay in marriage.
(iii) Karaka ofmarriage, Venus is in 6th, and aspected by Mars, hence
delay in marriage.
(iv) 5th but 8th Lord Mercury also is placed in 7th
(v) Pluto in 7th is indicative of explosive situation in married life.
(vi) Neptune, Sun Venus conjunction is likely to make the native day
dreamer causing impediments and hurdles in marriage.
(vii) Second Lord Jupiter though Vargottam, but in Rahu Ketu axis
and is aspected by Mars. This is not a good situation. Second
Lord also does not have any benefic aspect.
(viii) From the Moon 7th house lord is aspecting 7th house and Venus
is also aspecting 7th house, but Saturn 7th Lord is aspected by
Mars. So the little ray of hope is also vanishing.
Navamsha Chart: It may be seen in two ways. One from the
angle of strength of concerned planets and second from the angle of
Navamsa Chart altogether independently.
(A) (i) Sun 7th Lord is in a benefic Navamsa Pisces, in Kutambamsha.
As such the Sun has improoved.
(ii) Venus the Karaka is in Leo Navamsa.which indicates that there
may not be much sexual urge, as it I ~ a Brahmacharya rasi.
(iii) Second lord Jupiters position does not improve, except he IS In
(B) Navamsa chart if independently seen:
(i) Venus Karaka as well as 7th Lord is in Leo Navamsa aspected by
Saturn and Moon. This again not good.
(ii) Second Lord Jupiter is in 12th in Rahu Ketu axis.
(iii) Navamsa Lagna Lord Mars is in 12th
Other Considerations:
1. One thing should not be ignored in this case. Santan Karaka Jupiter
is aspecting Lagna, and 5th house both. 5th Lord is placed in 7th.
That gives ray ofsome hope. But placement of Mercury aspected
by Saturn indicates less sex urge.
2. Aspect of Venus Karaka on 7th from Moon and aspect of Saturn
on 7th from Moon again gives some hope.
Dasa : Venus, being (a) Karaka of Marriage, (b) placed with 7th
lord Sun; (c) he is the 7th Lord in Navamsa Chart; and (d) It is 7th from
the Moon, capable of giving marriage to the native, in its dasa.
Now Antar Dasa should be seen. As marriage is delayed it cannot
be expected before 25 at all. Venus Jupiter started on 6-10-1983. Jupiter
is afflicted by Rahu Ketu axis and Mars. Vargottam Jupiter could express
only pious hopes.
Venus-Saturn appear to be most favourable, as Saturn being 7th
Lord from Moon and 4th Lord ofNavamsa Chart is in to Moola Trikona,
placed in 5th from Venus. From Lagna Lord it also aspects 7th. It is in
Lagnesh and according Deva Keralam it is good. It is aspecting Navamsa
Lagna and placed with Navamsa. 7th Lord in 4th in its own house. This
indicates that marriage must take place between 6th June 1986to 6.8.89.
Transit: Ifwe seeyearly transit in 86-87 ~ Jupiter was in Acquarius
aspecting 5th house, and 9th house. Saturn activates 5th and 7th by its
aspect as 5th Lord and in 7th house. So marriage is being made between
Feb. 1986 to Feb. 1987. Entry ofRahu in Pisces in second house in oct.
1986 and its 9th aspect on 7th Lord Sun, 7th karaka Venus also activates
them. So marriage should take place between Oct. 1986 to Feb. 1987.
Conclusion: But seeing all the aspects, it cannot be said that the
marriage would survive. It indicates delay and unsuccessful marriage.
Q.No. 31: Investigate the profession ofthe native chart given
below, its past and future possiblities and quote adequate reasons
for your conclusion.
Born 23-11-1936, Asc. 160
Sun 217
Moon 317
Mars 161
Mercury 219
Jupiter 244
Venus 254
Saturn 322
50'; Rahu 242
39; Uranus 13
48'; Neptune 145
Pluto 95
- 37'
~ I
17 56
Sat 22 58'
5 37'
Jup4 56
Sun 7 26
~ 10 45
Yen 1427
Mer 9 58
Rahu 239 Man 11056
~ Lagna
Man Sat
Nep Ketu
~ Lagna
Rahu Mer
Balance ofRahu Dasa at birth yrs. 2-9-11 days.
1936 11 23 Date of Birth
2 9 11 days of Rahu's Bal.
1939 10 4
16 0 0 Jup.
1955 10 4
19 0 0 Sat.
1974 10 4
2 4 27 Mer/Mer
1976 5 31
0 11 27 MerIKetu
1977 5 28
2 10 0 MerNen.
1980 3 28
0 10 6 Mer/Sun
1981 2 4
1 5 0 Mer/Moon
1982 7 4
2 11 27 Mer/Mars
1983 6 31
2 61 8 Mer/Rahu
1985 12 19
2 3 6 Mer/iup
1988 35 25
2 8 9 Mer/Sat
1990 12 4
To find out nature of profession-one has to see (i) the position
(a) In Navamsa where 10th Lord from Lagna is placed =Virg/Mer.
(b) In Navamsa where 10th Lord from the Moon is placed =Aries/
(c) In Navamsa where 10th Lord from the Sun is places =Virgo/Sun
(ii) Planets connected with lOth placed/aspecting =Ketu, Jup., Ven.,
(iii) Dasamsa Chart 10th Lord and its dispasition-Venus aspected
by Mercury. Dispositor Mars.
Factors common in all of them should indicate the profession.
(iv) But before that, general strength of l Oth Lord in Rasi Chart and
its placement must be seen. Lord Lagna and l Oth is Mercury.
Whenever 6th Lord is stronger than Lagna Lord, one should be
sure that native should be in service. Presence ofLagna Lord and
l Oth Lord also indicates a selfinade native. If conjunction with
10th Lord Sun indicates Government service. This can be
confirmed from Navamsa Chart. In Dasamsa Chart Lord of 6th
is in 2nd along with Lagna Lord, indicating service.
(v) Karaka of lOth Sun and Mars should be seen. Karaka Sun is in
3rd with l Oth Lord an the sign of Ati Mitra Mars. There is
exchange between Lagna and 3rd Lords. Hence both are fairly
(vi) l Oth house is also strong Jup. Venus and Rahu from 4th aspect
and this is Kendra Trikona relation to 4th it means exchanged
position in public but distant place. lOthLord though in 3rd, but
in its own Nakshatra Anuradha. In Navamsa it is exalted.
Sun, Mars and Mercury are 3 predominant factors. Sun indicates
profession connected withGovernment while Mars indicates profession
relation to Armed Forces or Police personnel, Mercury indicates
profession connected with intelligence.
(vii) (a) During Shani Dasa, Saturn Bhukti native could have joined
some service at lower level.
(b) Saturn-Mercury-Dasa being of 5th and 6th and he could have
changed job for better job but remained dissatified and should
change his job again.
(c) gods grace he should get a good job with
some official position in govt. or Semi-Govt. job.
(d) Saturn-Sun-Should face some official displacement due to
(e) Saturn-Moon-His collegues created problems for him.
(f) Saturn-Mars-Should get penal transfer and posting and wrath
of superiors. May even leave the job.
(g) Saturn-Rahu-Indicates statutiory from a scratch with kind of
(h) Saturn-Jupiter-Gets a jump in career after loosing all hopes.
(i) Mercury-Mars-Short distance transfer or shifting with some
financial benefits.
G) Mars-Ketu-Some explosive situation developes and there could
an abrupt end.
(k) some other petty job at some other place.
(1) Ketu-Sun-Tiff with boss and transfer and shifting ofjob.
(m) Mercury-Mars-Some writingand intellectual work and gain from
(n) Mars-Rahu-Period of shifting and composed thinking but with
straight gain after overcoming some intial dificulties.
(0) Mercury-Jupiter-Indicates change in job and place to some
distant place after some initial setbacks.
(P) Mercury-Satum.-Indicates again change in job and place both
for a better.
This needs some elaboration. Saturn is in Purvabhadra star ruled
byJup. in its own sign. It is sampat Nakshatra and Mercury is in Kshema
Nakshetra. Hence both to give prosperity. As Saturn is placed in 6th
could be in service. Both are Sthir Rasi, therefore they should give
stability. Saturn is associated with l lth Lord, hence it should give gains.
In Navarnsa, Saturn is involved in cancellation of debilitation, hence it
should givethatresults in its Antardasa. In Dasamsa Saturn and Mercury
in 2nd and 12 but both are in their friendly signs and both are aspected
by Jupiter and Venus. Dasamsa Lord Sun is with 7th and 6th Lord
Saturn. Giving position and status-but bitter authentaitive tongue.
Mercury is third aspected by 10thLord Venus. Thus there is coordination
10th, 11th, 2nd and 3d Lord. This should in volve short travels in the
job. But over all it is good period from this angle.
Ketu's period is also supposed to be beneficial as it is well
aspected, well placed in Rasi and Dsamamsa both.
Q.32. What are thePancha Maha Purusha Yogas? Howwould
you rate them? Are there any factors for singling out the effective
According to Parashara, Panch Maha Purusha Yogas namely
are Ruchika, Bhadra, Hamsa, Malavya and Sasha. These are formed
when Mars. Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn respectively occupy
their 0\\11 or exalted sign identical with a quadrant. The planet causing
the yogas must be strong.
Mantreshwar extended this pinciple and according to him, if
strong Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn in their own/exalted
sign are placed in a quadrant from Moon sign also, they shall form the
respective Panch Maha Purusha Yogas.
We can call the first kind of Panch Maha Purusha Yoga as
suggested by Parashara as first rate Panch Maha Purusha Yogas if
such a planet is in quadrent from the moon then it is not proper Panch
Maha Purusha Yoga it is only a second rate of Yoga.
Prof. V.K. Ayer added a new dismenssion in it by saying that
such a planet could be in trine to the lagna. We are hesitant to accept
this as a Panch Maha Purusha Yoga as suggested by Prof. V.A.K. Ayer
in his "Everyday Astrology" inthe absence ofany authoritative reference.
Hamsa Yoga: The native will possess a handsome body, he will
be liked by other, he will be righteous in disposition and pure in mind.
Malavaya Yoga: The person will have a well developed physique,
will be strong minded, wealthy, happy with family, will command
vehicles, endowed with clean sense-organs, renowned and learned.
Sasha Yoga: The native will command good servants. He will be
head of a village or a town or even a king.
. Ruchika Yoga: The native will have a strong physique, farmer,
well versed in ancient lore, king or an equal to a king. He will have an
attractive body, charitable disposition, wealthy, long lived, leader of an
army, or a conunander.
Bhadra Yoga: The native will be strong, will have well-developed
chest, well-proportionate limbs, will help relatives and will live upto a
good old age. He will be highly learned.
The proposition that these Panch Maha Purusha Yogas can be
caused at times in 24 hours does not appear to be sound as the planet
(of it is in its own or exalted sign) causing these Yogas will in one Rasi
during those 24 hour and it will be in Kendras for 4 Lagnas and not for
all the 12 lagnas.
Further generally speaking Venus will be in its own or exalted
rasi for 3 month in a year to cause Malavaya Yoga. Similarly Mercury
will be in its own or exalted Rasi for 2 months in a year, Mars will bwill
be about 4Yz months in I Yz year. So far Hamsa Yoga is concerned it can
be formed during 3 years only in a period of 12 years and Sasha Yoga
during 7Yz year in a period of 30 years.
The Factors for singling out the effectiveness are as under :
(a) Dasa of the planet causing Yoga becomes operative in the life
time of the person especially in between 20-70 years.
(b) A planet which is very close to the mid point of the angle gives
very good results, farther fromit, will diminishes the effectiveness
of the yoga.
(c) The planet causing Yoga is not combust, gets divisional strength,
obtains good position in Navamsa etc., Ashtaka Verga,
(d) The strength ofthe Yoga diminished ifthe planet causing Yoga is
badly posited, conjunct or aspected by malefics.
(e) The lordship of the planet ccausing yoga is good and it does not
own bad houses.
(f) The planet causing yoga shouldnot be in conjunction with malefic
In short, we can say that in order to be fully effective. these yogs
should be formed without flaws i.e., the planets causing them should be
free from any kind of usual affiiction.
The most effective Panch Maha Puruska yoga will be caused
when a planet is in 10 House from the lagna and in its exaltation sign
and is forward moving its exaltation point, reason being the l Oth is the
strongest quadrant and the planet is very close at its exaltation point
and when strong Lagna, Lagnesh, the Moon and the Sun also give
strength to it.
Dasa Results : Results of these yogas are specifically and very
pronounced during their Dasas, Antardasa and Pratyantaras.
Q.33. What is Neech Bbagya Yoga? What are the five ways
by which it is determined? What is its effect?
Ans. : A debilitated planet is a liability, but in certain
circumstances this liability is converted into an asset in certain
circumstances and then it becomes Raj Yog Karaka.
~ .
, .
~ .
Mantrcshwars Phala Deepika ennumerates 5 following kinds of
Neecha Bhanga Raja Yogas.
(i) When the Lord of the signs where the planet is debilitated in,
as well as the planet which would be exalted in the depression signs of
the debilitated planet are in Kendra from the Moon. According to B.
Surya Naraina Rao, Neecha Bhagya Raja Yoga is formed.
Other interpretation is when the Lord ofthe sign, where the planet
is debilitated, as well as the Lord ofthe exaltation sign ofthe debilitated
planet, are in a Kendra from the Mars, this Yoga is formed. The second
interpretation appears to be second for Markesha, reported to lord of
exaltation sign of the debilitated planet in sloka 27,29 and 30 ignoring
the planet which would be exalted in the depression of the debilitated
Third interpretation is that it is formed when, the lord ofthe sign,
where the planet is debilitated in, as well as the planet which would be
exalted in the depression sign of the debilitated planet and/or the Lord
ofthe exaltation sign ofthe debilitated planet, are in Kendra either from
the Moon or Lagna.
Following illustrations would clear the three situations:
Here Mars, the Lord of the depression sign of the Saturn is in
Aries are in mutual Kendra this Yoga is formed. As interpreted by B.
Surya Naraina Rao, Venus is not to be taken into consideration. But
according to second interpretation it is not, for Venus, the lord of the
exalted sign (Pisces) and Saturn is not in mutual Kendra from the Moon.
Yen Sat Moon
According to the third interpretation, this yoga is formed in this
case for Venus, the lord of the exaltation sign of Saturn is in Kendra
from Moon, Mars, dispositor ofthe Saturn is in Kendra fromthe Lagna.
According to first interpretation there is no such yoga for the Sun is not
in Kendra fromthe Moon. According to Second it is not there, for Mars
is not in Kendra. From the Moon, and Venus is in Kendra from the
Though Mantreshwar said a person having such a yoga would be
"Dharmika Chakravarty Raja" it should not be literally interpreted and
it should indicate that if a person having authority over thousands of
man and would be religious, enjoying all the comforts which were used
to enjoying by such kings.
(ii) It is also formed whenthe Lord ofthe depression sign of
the debilitated planet as well as the Lord of the exaltation sign of the
debilitated planet are in Kendras from each other.
Thus other interpretation ofthis rule is that it is formed when the
lord ofthe depression sign as well as the planet which would be exalted
in the sign of debilitation of the debilitated one is in Mutual Kendras.
According to first interpretation, Mars and Venus both in Kendra
from each other this yoga is formed and Sun is of no relivance.
According to second interpretation this Yoga would not be formed
if Sun was not there in Kendra and Venus is of no relevance.
According to Mantreshwar ifthis yoga is formed, the native should
be a Chakravarti king, obeyed by all Bhoopalas. But literal interpretation
was to be avoided and it should indicate position of authority over
thousands of man, and all comforts of life for the native.
(iii) It is also formed, when the debilitated planet is fullyaspected
by its dispositer. See illustration.
Here there shall be cancellation of debilitation for Saturn placed
in Taurus would be aspecting Mars. It would be similarly formed when
Saturn is either in Libra or Capricorn for it would be aspecting Mars
fully. According to Mantreshwar this yoga would be weak if the
debilitated planet is in 6th, 8th or 12th house. Its, results are that the
native should be famous and Prthivendra owning a lot of land and
living in protection offort, it should indicate high status and all kinds of
(iv) This yoga is also formed, according to Mantreshwar, when
the lord of the sign, where the planet is debilitated in "or" the lord of
the exaltation sign ofthe debilitated planet is "either" in Kendra from
the Lagna or the Moon. This should be the weakest type ofNeech Bhagya
Raj Yoga for only one of them is required to be in Kendra from Lagna
or Moon.
(v) Mantreshwar repeates the same configuration as mentioned
in (iv) again in sloka 30 of 7th chapter of Phala Deepika. It is also
formed when the lord ofthe sign, where the planet is debilitated in and
the lord of the exaltation sign of the debilitated planet are in Lagna
Kendra or even if both of them is in LagnalKendra.
In Yoga (iv) and (v) both according to Mantreshwar, native would
a Chakravarti King.
Dr. B.Y. Raman has given some other yogas functioning upon
the debilitation, leading to very favourable results.
When a plenat is in debilitation but with rays i.e., free from
combustion retrograde, and occupy favourable position, Raja yoga is
The person will attain a positionequal to a ruler and will command
all the stigma of royalty.
Neecha Bhagya
(b) When planet is debilitated in rasi occupies exaltation Navamsa,
the native becames a ruler or equal to him in wealth, power and
influence. (I & 2-Mars and the Sun through debilitated in Rasi
are exalted in Navamsas.)
(c) When the lord ofNavamsa occupied by a debilitated planet should
join a quadrant or trine from Lagna, which should be a moveable
sign and the lord ofthe Lagnashould also be in a moveable sign,
a Raj yoga is formed and the native becomes a ruler or an equal
to him.
(d) When (i) The debilitated planet should Lagna Lord; (ii) Rahu
and Saturn occupy the 10th, (iii) and aspected by the Lord of the
9th; Raja Yoga is caused and native becomes a ruler or an equal
to him.
In conclusion, generally the results ofNeech Bhagya Raja Yoga
are similar to other Raja Yogas i.e., the native enjoys high status and
position, good health-wealth, happiness and fame. Experience shows
(i) the native generally rises from low position to very high level
depending on the strength of the planets involved in cancellation of
debilty; (ii) "Jeeva Sukh" i.e., happiness from the particular relation
indicated by the sign where debilitated planet is pointed, is deficient
e.g., Saturn in 4th, as 4th indicate lack of happiness from the side of
Dasa Results : If the Raja Yoga causing planets are intimately
connected with the Sun or the Moon, political power pay result during
the Dasas ofthese planets; ifconnected with Mars, one may became an
officer in Army or Police, or Magistrates and Judge who deal with
Police; during these Dasas, provided l Oth is connectedwith them. Venus,
Mercury gives knowledge. Jupiter and Satumgives philosophyas results.
Experience also shows if the planets involvedin cancellation are
connected WIth 4th, 8th, 12th they will certainly cause troubles also.
Thus for good results all the planets involved should not be situated in
6th, IHh and 12th.
Q.34. What are the 4 accredited ways in which "Sambandha"
takes place between two planets. "Accredited Sambandha between
The ways in which Sambandha takes place between two planets
really 5 and not 4 and they are given as under:
(I) Conjunction: When two planets are posited in one sign.
(2) Aspect: When two planets aspects each other.
(3) Exchange: When the two planets are posited in each other rasis.
(4) Sthana Drishti Sambandh : When a planets is aspected by its
(5) Constellation: When a planet is in the constellation ofother and
the Sambandha is very strong if two planets occupy each other's
Nakshatras. It is unfortunate that this combination is generally
overlooked by the Astrologer's while the Nakshatras are the basis
of all imporatant Dasa systems.
Results of the planets are affected by these relationships or
\"'< Sambandhas.
Q.35. What is combustion of planets and how does it effect in
a chart?
Ans. : For combustion certain distance betweenthe Sun and other
planets is taken into consideration. Logic being that the close vicinity
of the Sun hinders good result of a combust planet. If the planets are
within the following degrees on either side of the Sun mentioned against
each planet, it would result in combustion-
(a) Moon _12
(b) Mars-17
(c) Mercury-14 in direct motion and 12 in retrograde motion.
(d) Jupiter-11
(e) Saturn-15
(f) Venus-10 in direct motion and 8 in retrograde motion.
Effect of Combustion (General) : According to Mantreshwara
combustion is as bad as debilitation and it follows that the benefic values
of the planet would be zero. But he adds a footnote to the above
evaluation and according to him the above result should follow only
when combust planet is functionally benefic, but when a planet is
functionally malefic these result would be least beneficial and totally
evil. In short the combustion of the planet decreases the benefic results
ofa functionally benefic planet and increases malefic results to a greatest
possible extent in case of combustion of a functionally malefic planet.
Specific: The above effects are said to be general. Some specific
effects are given in Saravali which are as under:
(i) Combustion/Conjunction of Moon : The moon conjunct Sun
makes one controlled by women, curt, unethical, versed in
diplornacy/hyprocrisy, (Kute-Vid), wealthy, expert in selling and
purchasing liquors and sinful.
(ii) Sun conjunct with Mars : It makes one daring, courageous,
obstinate, strong, indulging inlies, sinful, and interested in killing.
(iii) Sun conjunct with Mercury: It makes one a good subordinate,
gives fluctuating riches, makes him soft spoken, treating good
name as his wealth, reputed, favoured by the authorities, best
among righteous, wealthy and strong and having good features.
(iv) Sun conjunct with Jupiter: It makes one charitable, confident
of the rulers, keen witted, earn with the help of the friends and
preceptor. It is experiencedthat sometimes it causes sorrows from
the side of children.
(v) Sun conjunct with Venus : It makes one skillful in handling
weapons (or instruments), have weak eye-sight, in the latter part
ofthe life, interested in (social gathering) stage, dance and drama,
and becomes rich with help ofwomen. (Marriage may prove lucky
for such persons but wife may be source of some anxiety).
(v) Sun conjunct with Saturn : This combination makes, one
interested in status, righteous, religious, devoid of wife and
children (?), devout follower of his own custom and traditions.
In short combustion decreases' Jeeva Sukha' granted by planets,
but allows 'Yash Karaka' traits ofcombust planets-exceptingthe Moon
and Mars. Combust Moon and Mars do not give fame and as such bad
from that angle. To this extent they are inhibited.
Cancellation of Combustion results: (i) By benefic placement:
According to Prithyusas, dasas of planets that are debilitated, occupy
inimical houses or combust, but which however occupy exalted, friendly
own Navamsas will give mixed results and its later half will proove
Mantreshwar supports this view but adds that similar results
will be obtained when the planet is place in Kendras or trikonas.
(ii) By benefic aspect: Prof. VK. Ayer is of the view that benefic
planets by their aspect could also relieve the evil effect of the
combust planet.
(iii) By benefic conjunction : Benefic conjunction may also relieve
the evil effect provided that planet itself is not combust.
(iv) Placement in benefic constelation : Placement ofcombust planet
inthe constellation of Lord of9th or 5th or Lagna may also relieve,
provided they are themselves very strong.
One must remember that for Pindayurdaya calculation, Ayu
granted by planets other than Saturn and venus, is reduced only to the
extent of50%. But no such reduction is made in case ofcombust Venus
or combust Saturn.
Conclusion :
1. Combust planets are inhibited, without any doubt.
2. When they are, however, placed fortunately in good house, or
good Navamsas, or well aspected, or otherwise well related with
r " other beneficial and strong planets, their dasa, antardasa etc. gives
mixed result and their secondhalfofthe dasa etc. proves fortunate.
3. Combust planet do not preclude-more fortunate planets from
yielding some benefic results during their sub-periods, in the dasa
of the impungned planets, thus accounting for mixed results.
4. Even when none of the above in built reliefs are present, they do
not spell doom, as experience has shown.
5. According to Prof. VK. Ayer much of the defects arising out of
the combustion of any planet, are capable of being overcome by
Q.36. Define Adhi Yoga and in what way does it helps or
hinders progress in life?
Ans.: Adhi yogas are oftwo types: (i) Lagnadhi Yoga and (ii)
Chandradhi Yoga, in general astrological parlance. But Adhi Yoga is
defined by Varaha Mihira in Brihat Jataka means only Chandradhi Yoga.
According to Varaha Mihira's Brihat Jataka : ''When benefics occupy
the 6th, 7th and 8th from the Moon, cause Adhi Yoga and the result is
the birth of a commander, a minister, or a king. Persons born in this
conbination (Adhi Yoga) will be gentleman, happy, surrounded with
luxury or would vanquish defeat his enemies, long lived, and rejected
by the diseases."
It is not necessary that the benefics namely Venus, Jupiter and
Mercury should be posited in 6th, 7th and 8th separately. They could
be in one of these houses. Thus form 7kindsofAdhi Yogaor Chandradhi
Yoga. They are:
(1) All the three benefics in 6th;
(2) All the three in 7th;
(3) All the three in 8th;
(4) Two of them in 6th and 8th in 7th or vice-versa;
(5) Two of them in 7th and 6th in 8th or vice-versa;
(6) Two of them in 6th and the 7th in 8th or vice-versa; and
(7) One in 6th, one in 7th, and one in 8th.
According to Bhattotpala and Rudra Bhatta for Kingship, it is
necessary that the Moon and these three benefics should be'Poornabali'
i.e., in their full strength;
For Ministership, all the 3 may be "Madhyabali", and
For Commandership, all the 3 may "Heenabali".
According to Saravali, for these results it is necessary that (i)
these 4 are not aspected by malefics and (ii) and noneofthemis combust.
Shrutikirti observes that ifin these houses are evil planets from
the Moon, then they would produce the same result, but the person will
be evil minded and tyrannical. But this view was not supported by
others-and rightly so for Papies in 7th and 8th specially in 8th Papis
other than Saturn would cause problemabout longevity and there would
be the question to enjoy Adhi Yoga. These possibility of Papadhi Yoga
is ruled out.
But some think that there could be partial Adhi Yoga, if out of3
benefics two are in 6th, 7th or 8th. Dr. RV Raman is ofthis view. This
requires further empirical study.
Lacnadhi Yo.a
According to Parashar Lagnadhi Yoga is formed when :
(i) benefics occupy 7th or Sth;
(i) and they are not aftlicted by rnalefics aspects etc., the native will
be happy and learned.
Saravali, Jatak Parijata and Phala Deepika and Jataka Desh
Marg also refer to this Yoga. According to Jataka Parijat, this yoga is
formed in 3 following conditions :
(i) Benefics should be placed in 6th, 7th and Sth;
(ii) These benefics should neither be conjunct, nor aspected by
rnalefics in these 3 houses; and
(iii) 4th house should also not be occupied by any malefic.
Saravali does not mention absence of malefic in 4th house, for
formation of this yoga.
Results: According to Jataka Parijata, the native will be author
of many shastras (or books), learned as well as courteous, powerful,
having his position, of spiritually high level, famous, rich and
meritorious. For these results 4th house should not be occupied by a
Saravali refers to Yavana Raj and confers definition to first two
condition. According to Yavana Raja, the native will be, a secretary or
~ " - a judge or a king, having many wives, long-lived, healthy, fearless,
.", courteous and happy.
Generally speaking both these Yogas help in progress in life-
but Karakatwa of planet placed specially 8th may sutTer. Suppossing
Mercury is in 8th, man may not have "Jeeva Sukha" from this maternal
uncle or cousins. There may be problem from the side of children if
Jupiter is placed in 8th. Things must be seen from this angle for none of
the authorities referred to this aspect. However Venus is an exception.
Q.37. How will you find from a girl's chart whether her
marriage will be (a) arranged (b) a love marriage (c) intercaste
marriage (d) early or late marriage (e) successful or otherwise (f)
denied. Explain?
Examine the given chart on the above counts and and answer:
Asc. 221
Sun 229
Moon 90
Mars 286
51; Mere 219
16'; Jup 19
Venus 269
52'; Sat 108
Rahu 292
18'; Balance
of Jupiter Dasa at birth yrs 3-8-5 days. Born on 5-12-1952.
Ans. : (a) Arranged Marriage:
For arranged marriage unaffiicted 5th and 7th houses and their
lords are the indicators-for 7th house indicates the life partner and 5th
house rules 'Buddhi' (inclination) or Poorva Punya. 12th house should
; similarlybe unafilicted alongwith its lord,as it indicates-bed pleasures.
8th house signifies sexual relations, hence 8th lord and 8th house both
are to be looked in to. This must be seen in Navamsa chart and the
Mars chart for surer results.
When (i) 7th house and its lord free from malefic inflluence and
occupied by a Shubha, excepting Venus or aspected by Jupiter or
.mblemished Mercury, or strong Moon, and (ii) 5th house and 5th lord
~ : also similarly placed, marriage is going to bearranged in, are approved
Similarly, when Venus is not placed in 7th and 7th house or its
lord is in Subha Kartari marriage shall be arranged/marriage in an
approved form.
When Jupiter is strong and influenced by Lagna, 5th or 9th lord
and it is aspecting 5th and 7th houses or their lords, the native may not
think of marriage excepting in a arranged and approved form.
Unafflicted natural 'Karma Trikona' Houses i.e., Gemini, Libra,
and Aquarius also indicate only arranged and approved and successful
marriage. This should also be seen in Navamsa chart.
Untainted Venus placed in 4th or 5th or 9th or placed in Shubha
Rasi and Navamsa in any Kendra or Trikona or 2nd or 12th also indicate
arranged and approved marriage.
Love Marriage : ,
Combination of Venus and Mars or Moon either by conjunction
or aspect, or in each other Rasi or one is in the Rasi of the other, with
afflicted with 5th or 9th or their lords show inclination towards love
marriage. Sometimes Mars or Moon is replaced by the Sun being the
5th lord of the natural Zodiac. Presence ofRahu or Saturn in 5th or 7th
the Subha Vargas may also indicate love marriage in one's own castes
but of lower family.
For love marriage with the approval ofthe parents and elders and
in their presence, benign aspect of Subha or the 9th lord from Shubha
Rasi and Navamsa on the above combination is a must. Same could be
the result of the above combination when placed in Kendra or Trikona
in Subha Rasi and Subha Navamsa and higher Subha Vargas may
indicate ever lasting love at first sight, with a person ofone's own caste
or community.
Un afflicted and unaspected Venus in 7th, in Shubha Rasi in the
case of male and similarly situated Mars in the case offemale, one had
to get love marriage.
Inter Caste Marriage:
According to Maharishi Parashar "When the waning Moon
occupies 5th place, and 7th and 12th houses are associated with malefic
planets, the marriage with a person "lower caste takes place".
Rahu Ketu in 7th and ifthere is Papa Kartari to Mangalya Sthana
i.e., 8th indicating Dharma Nash, or affliction to 8th house by Saturn
or Rahu in Papa Rasi and Navamsa, with afflicted 7th house or 7th
lord, or afflicted Venus indicate intercaste marriage. These combination
should also be seen in Navamsa chart also.
In all such cases, natural Karma Trikona or their Lords have
been found to be afflicted alongwith affiiction to 8th hosue and/8th lord
by at least 3 factors either 2 malefic aspects and 3rd by position of a
malefic or Papa Kartari or Papa Nasa position.
Early Marriage :
Following combinations indicate possibility of early marriage:
(a) in case of male, strong Moon in 3rd, and in case offemale strong
Sun in 3rd (i.e., 9th house from 7th);
(b) If Venus or Mars, either one planet and lord of 7th are in Cancer,
Scorpio, a Pisces i.e., Jala Tatwa Rasi;
(c) If powerful Moon occupies 5th or 7th place from Lagna and
Navamsa Lagna;
(d) If lord of Lagna and 7th are posited near each other in Shubha
Rasi and Navamsa;
(e) 7th Lord, or 7th house or Karaka is in Shubha Kartari;
(f) Lagnesh or Lagna is Shubh Kartari;
(g) Fast moving Shubha like waning Moon, Mercury and Venus is
placed in 7th in Shubha RasilNavamsa, and there is no affliction
to such planet, with strong 7th lord or strong Karaka for 7th; and
(h) 7th house, 7th Lord and disposition ofthe 7th are in Shrishodaya
Rasiland or Navarnsa.
Brihat Parashar gives a number of combinations of very early
marriage. In changed times they can be indicating tendency of early
marriage. They are as under :
(a) Lord of 7th in Shubha Rasi : Venus exalted or 0\\11 house. (5-9
(b) Sun in 7th and 7th Lord Conjunct with Venus. (7-11 years)
(c) Venus in 2nd and 7th Lord in 11th. (10-16 years)
(d) Venus in Kendra and lord ofLagna in Rasis 10-11 of Saturn ( II
(e) Venus in Kendra and Saturn in 7th from Venus. (12 years)
(f) Venus in 7th from Moon and Saturn in 7th from Venus. (18)
(g) Lord of 2nd in 11th and Lagna Lord in 10th. (15 years)
(h) Lord of 2nd in 11th and 11th lord in 2nd. (18 years).
Late Marriage:
Folowing combinations indicate propensity to cause delay in
(i) . Saturn in first, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th, 10th and 12th, from Lagna, or
Moon or Karaka Venus in case of male and Jupiter for female;
(ii) The Sun in 1st, 7th or 8th;
(iii) Venus or 7th lord in unfertile Rasis Gemini, Leo, Virgo,
(v) Afflicted or Combust Venus;
(vi) Retrograde Saturn and Jupiter;
(vii) ( Exchange between 7th and 8th and their affiiction;
(viii) Affliction of Lagna or 7th lord by 6th lord;
(ix) Exchange between Lagna Lord and 7th lord;
(x) Aftliction to 2nd, 7th, 8th, house and their lords.
For each such affliction about 6 months delay in marriage is found.
It is gathered that marriage, related to Jal Tatwa Rasis and lords
such of Venus, Jupiter and the Moon indicate water, and Jupiter also
being lord of Pisces indicate water. If these three afflicted marriage is
either delayed or totaly denied. 4th indicating Sukha, 8th relating to
sexual relattion and 12th bed room-if Sun-fire, Mars-fire and
Satum-dry planet and Rahu Tridosa Karaka afflict JalaTatwa factors,
then for marriage environment is not congenial. In this light now see the
following combination given by Parashar :
(a) Venus in second (in natural Zodiac in Prithvi Tatwa Rasi) and
Lord of 8th with Mars (Then Prithvi Tattwa and Agni Tatwa
affect two marriage factor)-Marriage in 27 year.
(b) Lord of Lagna (representing agni Tatwa) in the Navamsa of
Saptamesh and Saptamesh on 12th (representing Jal Tatwa
11 Balances the agni Tatwa ofLagnesh) leads to marriage in 23rd of
26th years.
(c) Lord of 8th in 7th (representing air) and Navamsa Lagna
(representing Air) is associated with Venus leads to marriage
around 25 (in case of female) and 37 years in case of males.
(d) Venus in 5th (9th from 9th) (representing fire) and Rahu either in
5th or 9th (representing fire and Trkdosha) leads to delayed
marriage in 31 to 33 years.
(e) Venus in 3rd (representing air) and 7th lord in 9th (representing
fire) leads to delayed marriage in 27th or 30th year.
It appears that airy and firy tatwas together cause delay and the
increasng influence on 7th, 7th lord and its Karaka cause delay or denial
of marriage. See other combinationw which cause delay in marriage.
(i) Venus or Mars, two planets i.e., not less than 3 years in Aries
Rasis andlNavamsa indicating firy prakruti.
(ii) Lagna or Chandra falling in unfertile sign and/Navamsa Gemini
(whirlwind), Leo (fire), Virgo (earth) and Saggitarius (fire)-
(should believe that Virgo does not fit in this class it may cause
lIl-. j, delay in both of a child-probably not in marriage.)
(iii) If 4 malcfics, Sani, Mars, Rahu and Rahu in are together or
separately situated in 2nd, 5th, 7th, 8th or 12thfromeither Lgans,
or Moon or Venus, marriage ofthe native is delayed to the extent
of causing headache for parents;
(iv) Moon-Saturn combination in lst, 2nd, 7th and 12th.
(v) Lord of 7th and Venus in case of Female and Jupiter in case of
Male are aspected by Saturn.
(vi) Malefics 6, 8 or 12, Papadhi Yoga.
(vii) Lagna, Moon and Sun aspected by malefics.
Denial Marriage :
(i) If either Venus or Moon Rasi is (a) conjncted with aspected by
Saturn, and (b) is situated in Nakshatras of Saturn. Pushya, (8)
Anuradha (17) and Uttar Bhadrapada (26) in Rasi arid/or
Navamsa chart.
(ii) When Rasi, Moon and 5thconjoinedwith, are aspectedby Saturn,
and placed in Nakshatras of Saturn, in Rasi or Navamsa chart.
(iii) Ravi, Chandra and the 5th lord are associated with are aspected
by Hersel (Uranus).
(iv) Ravi in Libra conjunct of with or aspected by Saturn and Venus
at a distance of more than 43 marriage negotiation may fell
through just at the time of completion of negotiations.
(v) If 7/5 is unoccupied, Moon in case of female and Sun in case of
male aspected by Saturn occupying scorpio, the marriage is an
(vi) Saturn in square aspect with Ravi or Chandra also makes the
marriage on uncertainty.
(vii) If 7th Lord, Lgana and Venus fell in infertile Rasi there in least
possibility of marriage.
(viii) Ifthe 7th house is occupied, by Saturn and Marswithout benefic
aspect, leads to denial ofmarriage.
Successful or otherwise Marriage:
(1) According to Parashar, when 7th lord is posited in its own or
exaltation high or vargottamnative would have Pooma Stri Sukha.
(2) If 7th lord not in its own sign or exaltation or Vargottam placed
in 6th, 8th or IZth then wife's health and relations with her cause
(3) Wherever Venus in case of male and Venus and Mars in case of
female, have papakarti yoga it causes problems.
(4) Affliction to 7th lord, 7th house to Karakas by Mars, Mars and
Saturn; Mars, Saturn and Rahu; and Mars, Sthira Rasi and Rahu
tends to separation with increasing degree of anguish.
Son Sat
Yen Sat
Sun AscIt.
Bal. of Jupiter dasa =3 yrs. 8-5 days.
1952 12 5
3 8 5 Jupiter
1956 8 10
19 0 0 Sat
1975 8 10
2 4 27 Mer/Mer
1978 1 7
0 11 27 Mer/Ketu
1979 1 4
2 10 0 MerNen
1981 11 4
0 10 6 Mer/Sun
1982 9 10
1 5 0 Mer/Moon
1984 2 10
O. 11 27 Mer/Mars
1985 2 7
2 6 18 Mer/Rahu
1987 8 25
2 3 6 Mer/Jup
1989 11
2 8
9 Mer/Sat
1994 8 10
Rasi Chart:
(i) 7th lord Venus is Vargottamin Saggitarius and aspected by Jupiter
and Saturn and in Papa Karkari
Shubha Rasi +1 7th house is
Shubha Drishta +1 aspected by
Vargottam +1 Sun -1
Ashubha Drishti -1 by Mercury -1
Papa Kartari -1
Venus is +1
(ii) 7th Lord fromthe Moon Saturn is exalted Vargottam aspected
by Jup. +3
7th House-Mars exalted +1
Rahu -2
(iii) Karakas Venus and +1
Mars +1
Conjunctional Rahu -1
7th house & 7th lord +2.
It is not unfavourable for marriage. Besides there is no aftliction
to natural Karma Trikona. Sat is exalted and Vargottam. This is an
asset for stable and successful married life; after delaying it.
No Love Marriage : Despite aspect of 5th Lord as venus and
Venusbeingposited in the Rasi of5th Lord, Love marriage is not possible
(i) Jupiter is supposed to keep signing, (ii) Saturn-Exalted-aspects
Venus, and Saturn being disciplinarian is keeping sufficient selfrestraint
(iii) 5th Lord from the Moon is exalted and despite its association with
Rahu would not allow her to fall from prescribed social norms; and
presence of Sun in 5th from the Moon is another balancing factor against
Love marriage. This would take place only in approved from in presence
of elders as 7th lord is aspected by Jupiter and 7th Lord from the Moon
is exalted.
-1 x 2 for
Exaltation = 2
(v) Affliction to 2nd
(vi) Affliction to 8th Lord by Sun
Marriage delayed: (i) Exalted Saturn in 12th is aspecting to
cause delay Moon and Venus and 12th from Sun and Lagna -4x2 for
exaltation x1 for Vargottam=8.
(ii) Presence of Sun in Lagna
(iii) Venus in unfertile Rasi
(iv) Affliction by 6th Lord Mars
Affliction in Navamsa Chart
(1) Saturn in Lagna - aspecting Vargottam Moon -2
(2) Saturn is aspecting 7th Lord Venus -1
(3) Sun with Venus 7th Lord -1
Delay approximately of 9Yz years.
According to modified version of first combination given by
Maharshi Parashar is applicable. Venus is in secondand lord of Mercury
~ ~ . is with Sun (fire). So marriage is possible in 27 years.
Now let us see whether Dasa and Antar dasa permits marriage in
27th year. Dasa in 27th year is of Mercury 8th and l Ith LordandAntar
dasa ofKetu placed in 9th with 9th Lord aspected by Mars.
Mercury is aspecting 7th Rasi chart indicates that marriage is
possible. In Navamsa chart, Mercury is 9th and 12th Lord in its own
Navamsa and Ketu is in 4th aspected by Moon and in 5th from Mercury.
This also makes marriage possible.
Saturn has aspected Lagna Lord Mars in 79; Saturn was
retrograde till 9th May 1979. Jupiter was in Cancer aspecting Lagna
and Lagna Lord and it was retrograde upto March 1979. Thus Jupiter
has done the job.
Q.No. 38 : What are the criteria for examining the prospects
of progeny? Apply them to the case of this couple and set out your
opinion, whether (a) there is progeny (b) adoption (c) extinction of
Husband: Asc. 51
Sun 132 31'; Moon 31104'; Mars 2710
8'; Mercury 11423'; Jup. 304 14"; Venus 130 35; Saturn 8 4'; Rahu
189 8'; Gulika 60 42; Born 30-8-1939
Wife: Asc. 108 15; Sun 49 38'; Moon 63 47'; Mars 342 42';
Mercury 330 59'; Jup. 91 29; Venus 93 23'; Saturn 52 32; Rahu
116 18'; Gulika 82 II.
Ans. : Criteria for Examining the prospects of Progeny :
For examining the prospects of progeny following factors are
required to be seen :
(i) 5th house and 5th lord from Lagna and Moon.
(ii) Jupiter and 5th house and 5th lord from Jupiter.
(iii) "Beeja Sphuta" of Husband and "Kshetra Sphuta" of wife.
(iv) Saptanavamsa of Husband and wife .
. (v) 9th house and 9th Lord on the principle of Bhavat Bhavanam
Principle, Santan Graha Sphuta, (Sun, Moon, Jupiter x 5 =
Santana Graha Sutra) Santana Tithi, Karma Sphuta also to be
Following combinations indicate children:
(a) If the 5th house and 5th lord has benefic association by aspect,
conjunction or position in 5th or 5th lord there will be children;
(b) Lord of Lagna in the 5th, strong, or exchanges ofhouses between
first and 5th lords.
(c) If Jupiter, as lord of 5th, is strong and aspected by Shubhas.
Jupiter in Vasheshikamsa and 5th lord in Vaisheshimamsa,
alongwith lord of Lagna;
(d) Lord of2nd possesed with strength, aspected by Jupiter, indicates
birth of children;
(e) When the lofd of Navamsa, occupied by the owner of 5th, be
conjoined with or aspected by a benefic;
(t) Lord of'Navamsa, occupied by 5th lord, beconjoined or aspeeted
by a benefic;
(g) Lord of 5th is in benefic Navamsa; and
(h) Lord ofthe Navamsa occupied by the Lord ofthe 5th Bhava is in
Lagna Bhava.
All the above combinations favour number of children.
Following combinations cause death of children:
Agni + Agni; Agni + Vayu; Agni+Jala-e-not favourable.
(a) If 5th lord is in 3, 6 or 12 (8th i.e. 4th from 5th) and is aspected
by no benefic;
(b) If 5th lord is hemmed in between malfics;
(c) When 5th is aspected by malefic and the lord of the 5th joins an
evil planet;
(d) When the lord of 5th occupies cruel and debilitated Navamsas;
(e) When the lord of Drekkana or the Navamsa, joined by 12th
aspects the 5th lord;
(f) When Rahu (Tridosha Karaka) is in 5th is aspected by Mars;
(g) When Saturn (Vayu) aspected by the Moon (Jala) occupies the
5th and the lord 5th joins Rahu;
(h) When Rahu and Lord of Lagna are associated with 5th lord or
occupy 5th.
(i) The first child dies if Mars is in the 5th or aspects 5th and 5th is
aspected by Jupiter or Venus. Mars in 5th son after son after their
birth dies.
No birth or No Issues: (1) Lords ofthe ascendant, 5th and 7th
and Jupiter are all weak (2) Lords 5th from Lagna, theMoon and Jupiter
are all devoid of benefic aspects; (3) The 5th house has no benefic
aspects is heavily afflicted (4) 5th occupied by malefics; 5th Lord
afilliated and unaspected by benefics; or Mars occupies the 7th; the
Mars and Venus join together.
Following combinations cause extinction of family:
(i) When Lord of Lagna is in 5th, and Lagna and the Moon have evil
(ii) When the 5th is occupied by Mercury (enunch) and Lagna by a
(iii) When malefics occupy the I st, 5th, 8th and 12th house or the 5th
(iii) Malefics Saturn, Ravi or Shrestha Varga in Ist, 7th, 9th, 12th
(J.P. 875).
(iv) When Mars, Saturn and the Sun occupy respectively the 1st, 8th
and 5th houses. .
(v) When the Moonis with Venus in 7th; andmalafics in 4th, following
combinations indicate "Dattaka" or"Adoption" of son.
(i) According to Saravali, if Saturn is in 5th in its own sign and
aspected by Moon then native adopts a Dattaka Putra.
(ii) Again, it says that ifMercury is in 5th in its own Sign and aspected
by the Moon, then native purchases a son.
(iii) If 5th Lord is in 9th, the Moon is in a malefic sign and 5th or 9th
place from Chandra is occupied by Lagna lord.
(iv) Ifthe 5th house from Lagna is owned by Buddha or Sani and that
house is aspected by Sani or Gulika is posited there, the native
may adopt a son.
(v) If 5th is owned by Chandra; and Chandra is in Lagna, and Sani
occupies the 5th house, and Brahaspati attains full strength, the
native may adopt a son.
(vi) If Ketu is in 5th and 5th Lord is posited else where aspected by
malefics-and benefic both, the native would adopt a son.
(viii) In case Lagnesh and Panchmesha together or separately placed
in 6th, 8th or 12th and aspected by benefics, then native may
adopts a son.
(ix) If a planet in its strength is posited in 5th; 5th lord is combust,
then native may adopts a son.
(x) If 5th lord is in 9th, the Moon in Papa Rasi and Lagna lord in a
(xi) If 5th Lord is even sign, in 4th, in Bhavasandhi.
(xii) If 5th Lord, the Sun and the Moon are in even Navamsa or
Aquarius Navamsa.
(xiii) If 5th lord is Capricorn or Aquarius Navamsa and Jupiter and
Venus in their own sign, after adoption of a son, natives wife
gives birth to a son.
(xiv) If any planet, in its full strength, in Shukla Paksha and Jupiter is
in 5th, then native adopts a son.
Analysis of Couple's Charts
Ketu 9'" ~ 2146'
14 14
Sat so 4
L a c n a ~
Moon Mer
11 4'
24 23
1231' Sun
1 8' Yen 100 35
Rahu Jup
( ~ l
Beeja Sphuta =Ravi + Jup. + Ven.
Inthis case Beeja Sphuta is Ravi
As 607
20' is more than 360
reduce 360
Beeja Sphuta
=Sagitarius sign
Gemini Navamsa
Use of Beeja Sphuta:
(a) Beeja Sphuta is posited in odd sign and odd Navamsa, the
possibility of getting children will be certain.
(b) If Beeja Sphuta is in odd sign, even Navamsa, birth of children
possible after some delay, through treatment and remedial
(c) IfBeeja Sphuta is in even sign, and even Navamsa, no chance of
begetting a child.
IfBeeja Sphuta or Kshetra Sphuta is joined or aspected by Malefic
plants the strength is reduced. Again malefic planets in the 5th from
Beeja Sphuta inthe 9th from Kshetra Sphuta render them weak. Neutrai
including Mercury weaken the Beeja and Kshetra while benefic planets
A. In the present case 8eeja Sphuta indicates very fair chances of
begetting children.
B. Assessment of 5th house and 5th Lord:
(i) 5th house is in Papakartari
(ii) 5th Lord in 3rd
(ii) 5th Lord aspected by Jupiter +
(iv) 5th house is aspected by Jupiter +
(v) 5th Lord is aspected by Mars
From the Moon
(l) 5th is occupied by Gulika
(2) 5th is aspected by Saturn
(3) 5th Lord Mercury is aspected by Jup.
(4) 5th Lord is aspected by Mars
From Jupiter
(l) 5th occupied by Mercury
(2) aspected by Mars
-1 =-4
Sun and Venus in Leo-are in infertile Rasi.
This indicates Rasi Chart does not indicate promise of begetting
a child.
Combination of relating to death of
Combination relating to extinction of - Not applicable
Combination relating 'Dattaka'/
adopted son
Now see Yoga Applicable in this case:
Combination of indicating children (a) applies.
(d) applies
- not aplicable.
(iv) -(xii) applies
-(xiii) partly applies as
Venus is not in its
own sign.
C. Saptamsa: Parashar prescribed Saptamsa to find out 'Putra and
Putra Saukhya. Total indcpdnent assement, focussing attention
on Saptamsa Lagna and 5h house, 5th lord and Jupiter to be
made, adopting general principles.
In this case Jupiter is 9th Lord in its own signaspecting 5th house
and 4th Lord Moon in Lagna. No doubt, 5th Lord is debilitation but
with Venus-thus causing Neech Bhanga. Thus Sun is also aspected
by Lagna lord-but from Neccha sign in Saptamsa. It must be seen
that there is exhange between 4th and Lagna. Aspect by 7th Lord Venus
and 5th Lord as 4th Lord is another positive factor.
It is experienced that presence of Jupiter, 5th Lord and Saptamsa
Lgana Lord in fifth of Saptamsa gives Putra and Putra shukha. In this
case Jupiter is so placed and it happens to be 9th lord also, i.e., 5th fun
5th but in Saggitarius sign indicating some difficulty in begetting
children. But it certainly does not deny children.
So husband should begetting children.
Wife's Chart
Sun 19"38
Moon 3 47
12' 42
Mer 359
Sat 22 32
22 4
[,]815 Lagna
Jup 1 4
Ven3 4
Rahu26 2 ~
26 18
17 58
Sat Moon
Mer VLagna
Man f
Saturn Sun
Rahu Jap
Mer Sat
La,na MOOR
Kshetra Sukha = Moon + Mars + Jupiter
Moon 63
Mars 342
Jup. 91
As it is more than 360 - 360
Kehstra Sphuta = Sign Leo,
Nav. Virgo
Use of Kshetra sphuta : only in women
Kshetra Sphuta even Rasi-wife may have children.
Kshetra Sphuta evenRasi & even Navamsa-she must get
Kshetra Sphuta odd Rasi and Even Navamsa, shemay get children
after treatment.
Kshetra Sphuta odd Rasi and odd Navamsa, she cannot get
Kshetra Sphuta indicatesthat there are chancesofgetting children
after treatment and after operation.
Saptamsa-Karaka-Jupiter, 5th lord Saturn, Lagna Lord Venus
all are afficted by the Jupiter, 5th House and Malefics, respectively this
is not helpful.
Rasi Chart-The only plus factor here appears to be aspect of
exalted Jupiter on 5th Lord Mars in 9th otherwise 5th house is aspected
by Sun and Saturn.
Inthe wife's case-combination for getting children (a) and (g)
are applicable.
Combination relatingto death ofchildren (e) applies for Mercury
12th Lord is in Meena Drekkana and jupiter aspects 5th Lord.
Combination relating issues also applies (1) for Lagna lord is in 12
associated with Saturn hence, for 7th lord Saturn is with Sun and
combust, hence weak, for 5th Lord Mars is aspected by (Drekkana
Lord of 12th Lord) and according to our school of thought by Rahu
Conclusion : In such cases wife's chart is more important as
compared to Chart of the husband.
Beeja Sphuta =favourable
Kshetra Sphuta =Not so favourable.
Saptamsa of Husband =favourable.
Saptamsa of wife =Not favourable.
In view of these contradictory factors it appears that there is no
chance of Progeny out of this wedlock.
Q.No. 39: Investigate the nature, and outcome, including the
highlights and shadows of the profession/career of the individual
whose chart is as follows :
Ascdt. 121
40'; Sun 321
48'; Moon 301
I'; Mars 314
Mercury 328
Jupiter 111
Venus 2
Saturn 278
7'; Rahu
58'; Born 5-3-1932 Balance of Mars Dasa at birth 2 years 11
months 18 days.
Ans, : In order to assess the chart, it is necessary the followingto
be exammed.
Profession and career etc. is to be predicted on the basis oftraits
of Lord of the Navamsa occupied by 10th Lord, 10th Lord from the
Sun and 10th Lord from the Moon.
Sun Moon
Mal-s Mer
Jup Sun
Sun Yen
Jup Rahu
In this case 10th Lord Venus is in the Mars Navamsa and lOth
Lord from the Sun and the Moon is Mars, placed in the Navamsa of
Saturn in Aquarius.
It should be noted that Venus and Mars are Vargottam. Mars
happens to be 10th Lord from the Sun and the Moon also. Saturn being
Navamsa Lord Mars i.e., Lord IOth from the Moon and the Sun, has
also to playa significant role.
Vargottam Venus should give sophisticated profession and that
sophistication should relate to professions indicated Mars and Saturn.
Mars being predominant, being Navamsa lord of Venus; and himself
being l Oth Lord; Sun and the Moon in Mars and Venus Navamsa
indicated that the native should be in service andthat to in Govt. Service.
In Rasi Chart Mars is with the Sun and the Moon, alongwith Mercury
thellth Lord. Mars and Mercury together highly intellectual activity
subdued by the Sun as Mars is combust.
After this now proceed to Dasa. Rahu Dasa is to lay down a
ambitious path for career. As Rahu is placed in 8th in Pisces and aspcctcd
by Jupiter. So there should be hurdles in education due to illness and
other disturbing factors-specially in the end of its dasa. At times he
must have got recognition also as Jupiter is aspecting Rahu from its
exaltation sign and Rahu has to give result of its dispositor Jupiter.
Jupiter being 8th Lord in 12th a partial Vipreet Raj Yoga for it is
aspected by Saturn 6th Lordalso. Now adopting principle of Satyacharya
one has to take Cancer as Lagna and during its Dasa Mars becomes
I Oth placed in 8th from Jupiter. So Mars becomes important again and
to dispositor Saturn is also equallyimportant as it is aspecting Jupiter.
Mars has influence over soldiers, policeman, Surgeons, butchers,
employment in annarnent factories and sale of inflanunable materials
or impliments of war; etc.
Saturn produces security, labourer, mines, scientists, insurance
men etc.
He cannot be sportmen, or Rahu in 8th must give impaired health,
leaving no room for allowing him to be sportsman. This also rules out
possibility that he could be soldier or policeman.
Mars being 4th Lord, posited with Mercury in Aquarius indicate
that he could have some technical training in Rahu Dasa at a very distant
place towards west from his birth place. This indicates a possibility that
he may be employed in armament factories and sale of inflammable
Now see ups and downs.
Sun-Poorva Bhadra-3
Saturn-V. Ashada-8
Mars-P. Bhadra-3
Rahu-u. Bhadra-4
Jup-Jupiter from 23-2-1953 to 11-4-1955 Jupiter being Vidya
karaka and 5th Lord, placed in 12th, may not permit himto earn but to
spend as education for entering into some selected post as Jupiter is
aspected by 6th Lord Saturn and from Jupiter it is 6th Lord itself. At all
e could earn as an apprentice in some factories or at the most at low
~ ' o s i t i o n in a big organisation for Saturn is Svagrahi and Jupiter is
Exalted. In Dasama Jupiter is in 3rd aspected by Venus 10th Lord and
Saturn is in 2nd from Jupiter in Sthhira Rasi with secondlord Capricorn
the second possibility. This period is to laydown foundation ofhis career.
Jupiter-Saturn-upto 23-IO-51-Jupiter is in own star or 4th
from Janma and Saturn is Sadhan 0. 6th star from Jupiter. Though in
6th and 12th; yet Jupiter's exalted and Saturn's occupation of its own
house as dispositor ofMars, shouldgive promotion. Nowseein Dasama.
As such both are favourable and both are aspecting 9th and 10th
respectively from Dasamamsa Lagna. As such he should get regular
appointment or promotion during this period, on account of this
sophistication in his job and initiative, and hardwork after a lot ofheart
burning and obstacles.
Jupiter-Mercury-They are 6th and 8th with each other and
Mercury is in Vipat Nakshatra. As such it should lead him to leave the
job all of a sudden-thinking that he would get a jump elsewhere in
some other organisation or it could be for some higher studies and being
for Mercury is with 4th lord Mars from Lagna and 5th Lord for Jupiter.
In Dasamamsa it is on 4th with 7th Lord Saturn, which confirms tha he
has to undergo some higher study and training.
Jupiter-Ketu 5-1-1961-Ketu is 5th Nakshatra (Mitra) from
Jamna star. So it should proove helpful. Ketu in second, is supposed to
give a lot of money. As it is in 3rd from Jupiter,it should be earned by
self-exertion. In Dasamsa it is 11thwith 9th Lord and in 9thfromJupiter.
He should get a high jump.
Jupiter-Venus: 5-1-61 to 5-9-63. Venus is in Sadhan or 6th
Nakshatra from Jamna Nakshatra, placed in 9th from Lagna and 10th
from Jupiter. Venus is Vargottam should give him further jump. In
Dasamsa it is 7th, being Vargottam in Dasamsa it has given him some
lucrative post.
Jupiter-Sun: upto 23-6-1964-Sunis in Vipta Nakshatra. Placed
in 7th from Lagna and 8th from Jupiter. This indicate that he had fallen
from the grace of his boss and shifted to an unwanted humiliating job.
As in Dasamsa Sun is in 2nd and in 12th Jupiter he is to be transferred
to distant place.
Jupiter-Moon: upto 23-10-1965-Moon being in 8th from
Jupiter and 7th from Lagna should be an uneventful peirod with some
uneasiness as in Dasamsa Jupiteris aspecting it.
Jupiter-Mars: Upto 29-9-1 966-Mars is in Sampat Nakshatra,
placed in 7th from Lagna and 8th from Jupiter indicate some uneasiness.
But professionally he must do well and Mars in 11th in Dasamsa and
9th from Jupiter. This should give him one more jump.
Jupiter-Rahu : upto 23-2-1969-Rahu and Jupiter both are
Kshema Nakshatra, hence helpful in getting good returns. Seeing
Dasamsa it is in 5th and should indicate further promotion.
Saturn-Saturn : upto 1970-2-26-Satum though in Mitra, is
laying foundation for some trouble for it is 6th in its own sign. It is in
12th Lagna Lord and Moon. In Dasamsa it is in 4th and aspects both in
Shatru Rasi. So enmity is bound to be these relating to career leading to
unhappiness.It is feared that he might have left the job unhappy or at
best might be on leave, to create room for other, otherwise to start some
factory or business governed by Saturn.
Saturn-Mercury-Mercury in Vipat Star is not favourable. It
is second from Saturn also. It is Atrnakaraka. In Dasamsa it is 4th with
Saturn. It indicates fall or loss, is in 2nd lord in Dasamsa.
Saturn-Ketu-Sat-Kctu is to help to the native but to a limited
extent only a leading towards some spiritualism. Nominal gains are
also expected.
Saturn-Venus-It is favourable period and second time he is
to be properly rehabilitate the native though with some initial difficulty.
Saturn-Sun-A pretty bad period from the angle of health.
Saturn-Mars-Not a good period for profession. Appears to be
bogged down due to health problem.
Saturn-Mars: Is slightly better. But it is not good to rehabilitate
him fully in his profession. As he sought retirement.
(-) 35
Satum-Rahu : Not a good period though he would have definite
source of income. For Rahu in 4th (Keshama) Nakshatra.
Satum-Jup.-Slightly better period than the earlier.
Mercury-is Maraka from lagna.
Q.No.40 : How would you construct the horoscope when you
know only these: (1) Birth star, (2) month, (3) age (4) place(s)
approximate time of birth (night or day) (5) photograph (6) date of
In this case (1) Rohini, (2) May (3) Completed 35 (4) Born in
Bombay in the early hours of morning (5) fair, tall, healthy, (6) Nov.
5.1975, Parents alive.
Ans.: With the help of completed year, month and star, birth date
can be fixed. By seeing approximate time of birth and place of birth,
Lagna can be fixed. This Lagna can be checked with the help offeatures
and evnts and be rectified in this way.
Methodology :
Date of question =
Completed year
Year of birth
Month May
See both has taken place in = May 1954
Now to find Rohini in May
See Ephemris : on 4-5th May 1954 when operated Rohini.
But on 4th, Rohini star was not operating in the Morning. So 5th
May, is the date of birth. 5-5-1954
Thus date of birth is 5-5-1954, place ofbirth Bombay.
Letus proceed with the assumption that birth took place at 5-30
A.M. on 5.5.1954 and then see whether it tallies with the description
given or not.
Bombay Latitude 18 58'N. 7250'. The corrections _38 in... 40
seconds. Correction to India Sidrial from +06 seconds.
Note: Calculate the Ascendent in usual form. We get Aries
Accordingto Jatak Parijat, Physique ofa person shall be according
to lord of Navamsa of Lagna or to specially strong planet in Kendra
and complexion shall be according to lord of Navamsa of the Moon-
though some say it would be according to Lord of the Rasi occupied by
the Moon.
Mesha and Meena are Short Rasis, so one has to find Decrgha
(Long) Navamsa. The-Deergha Rasi or Navamsa are Leo, Virgo,
Libra, Scorpio. If one proceeds in Mesha, then Cancer Navamsa is
'Sarna'. If one adopts Leo Navamsa, then 4th, 9thLord Mars and Moon.
Matri Karaka is in 12th in Navamsa. Which are not be favourable. If
we take VirgoNavamsa then 9th Lord Venus in Navamsa is 'Swagrahi'
and Vargottam in Rahu Ketu axis. It comes around 6 A.M. Then it
would not be early marriage.
Let us proceed backward in Meena Lagna and Meena, Navamsa.
Then Jupiter being Navamsa Lord may make the native tall. This does
not said for parents for these Sun would be Astamamasa. 4th Lord
Mercury, which is not good for parents. Dhanu Navamsa suits for this
angle. For these, in Navarnsa Chart 4th Lord Guru and 9th Lord Sun
both are favourable for parents.
So far complexion is concerned that shall be fair as Mars is
Navamsa with Moon.
So time should be 5-30-1.12 minutes =4.18 A.M. on 5.5.1954.
By seeing from Ephermis Post the planets and construct the chart.
The following is the chart.
,y Lagna
Sun M e ~ Yen
+ . ~
Mars Sat (R)
Q.No; 41 : Explain the Dasa Results of Retrograde Planet?
According to Sarvartha Chinta Mani, following results can be
expected in the dasa of different planets in retrograde motion.
(i) Mars: Fear of serious illness or death, depending on other good
or bad effects, fear and trouble from fire, thieves, and fall from
(ii) Mercury: Prosperity alIround happiness from wife and children
and the native attends religious discourses like hearing Puranas
and gives alms in charity, take dips in an ocean (or in some Tirtha).
(iii) Jupiter: With the grace of authorities prosperity increases
everyday and the native may undertake journeys to distant land.
(iv) Venus: Retrograde Venus in its Dasa gives a lot of recognition
and honour by the authorities to the extend that he is taken out in
a procession with all its grandeurs and the native gets a position
and status apart from getting all kinds of clothing and
ornaments.This period could consider selection for some higher
course or marriage. It is apprehended that in case Venus is maraka
then it may cause state funeral. This could be a period when a
person became head of the party and maybe taken out in
(v) Saturn: Fear of failure in business or profesion; source and fear
oftroubles to brothers specially younger ones.
Dasa Results of Planets : When Dasa and Bhukti Lords are 6th
and 8th or 2nd and 12th between themselves. According to Jatak Tatwa
"During the Dasa and Antra of Planets placed in quincunox to each
other, the native shall pass through great danger and anxiety." When
Sun and Moon-When Moon is in 6th, 8th or 12th then the native will
not get proper food; may get "Runa-Dana" as if he is passing trough
the period of famine and moves to distant place.
Q.No. 42 : How do transiting planets affect dasa-bhukti
promises? What are the factors that help to indicate the time of (a)
marriage (b) child birth (c) accident while eommuting (d) death of
parent and (e) gainof job?
Effects of Transiting Planets on Dasa-Bhukti Promises:
Transit ofplanets modify benefic or malefic results ofdasa-bhukti.
"How?" is an interesting question. Planetary placements in achart
indicate promises or say prosperity to cause a particular event. You
may equate with an electric bell at your door. Dasa Antardasa coming
at an appropriate time is like availability of electric current to the bell
or planetary promises and propensitices; transits ofplanets are just like
pushing the push button by the planetary force. The Bell would cause
sound indication depending on the kind of quality of the bell. It would
continue to ring so long as it is pushed and so long current is available.
Afixed bell, without current would not ring. It would not ring without
Very favourable
Smooth running
Promises and high
expections without
being fulfilled
Favourable Neutral Unfavourable Baseless, apprehensions
Favourable Unfavourable Unfavourable Some Setbacks
Unfavourable Favourable Favourable Small gains
Unfavourable Favourable Unfavourable Day dreaming
Unfavourable Unfavourable Unfavourable prominent losses
An evnet which is not indicated in a natal chart shall not happen
even in favourable dasa with favourable transit. An event which is
indicated would not happen in favourble dasa, iftransit do not support.
If planetary promises are code numbered in a lock and dasa-bhukti are
all the favourable digits excepting last one-transits of planets are the
best digit which causes the opening of the lock.
Phala Deepika in its 16th Chapter gives very important clues to
time event with the help oftransits ofplanets (i) For favourable results
of any Bhava; the bhava and Bhava Lord should be strong, well placed
and well aspected. Otherwise one should not expect favourable result.
Unfavourable results may be expected.
(2) Result relating to any Bhava to frutify (i) When Lagna Lord passed
either over the house Lord or through the sign and Navamsa in
Trine from the house lord or vice-versa.
(ii) When Lagna and Bhava lord either conjoins each other or aspect
each other;
(iii) When Karaka of that house passes over Lagnesh or Rasi;
(iv) When Lagna Lord pases through concerned house.
(3) Though Mantrashwara says that Rasi and auspicious Jupitarian
trine aspect causes favourable result to Bhava. But experience
does not prove this direction always.
(4) In this connection Lord of 6th, 8th or 12th passes over a weak
being pushed. Thus favourable or unfavourable results gets ignition
touch from the favourable or unfavourable transits.
It may be understood as under:
Planetary Dasa Bhukti Transit
LagnaLord or Rasis and 6th,8th or 12th Lord is also weak in
natal chart, their passage should not be expected to be favourable.
But if both are strong then favourable results relating to these
houses as well as the house which they are transiting may be
(5) Inter relationship ofthese planets is also omnipotent and five fold
relationship based on natural and temporal relationship must be
seen. Ifrelationship is enimical then one can expect anxiety relating
to concerned house.
(6) We do not accept Mantrashwar's views on transit. We on the
basis of our experience say that all planets join together to cause
good or bad depending on circumstances and either pass over
Bhava lord of Bhava alongwith Lagnesh or Rasi or Lagna. To
identify the house which is likely to give result at c. given time,
we apply first double transit ofSaturn and Jupiter. Saturn's pasage
indicates that hurdles in fructification of result of the transited
house being removed and Jupiter indicates "Daiva Krupa" for
the fructification of the result of that house. Transit of Rahu
indicates material/worldly connections. Transit of Mars indicates
"Satwa" or essence with connected things. Transit of Venus
indicates "Sukha" or 'Dukha" or enjoyment. Transit of Mercury
indicates inclination of "Buddhi" towards a particular direction;
and transit ofthe Moon indicated "Manahsthi". Transit of Ketu
indicates some kind of separation or "Vivakta" relating to that
(7) Slowmoving planets indicates consistant continuous intensity and
they are preferred to indicate the year when they jointly come in
contact with Lagna, Lagnesh or Rasi on one hand and the
concerned Bhava or Bhavesh. Same is tnre about slow moving
Karakas. Fast moving planets indicates concerned monthsand
the Moon may indicate week. Primarily, we confine the
consideration and aspects to "full aspects". However secondarily
we may apply the trine Rasi and Navamsa aspect, as Mantreshwar
applied in respect of pasage of Jupiter.
As has been pointed out earlier, then transits would give results
only according to the promises indicated by the birth chart and dasa-
bhukti and Pratyantara only. Things not indicated by themcanot happen.
So transit help in timing an events, and quality of event, indicated by
birth chart and dasa bhukti etc.
It would be useful here to refer to some specific kind of events
which are of general interest.
(a) Timing of Marriage: Following factors must be considered in
timing ofmarriage. (i) propensityto get marriage, (ii) delay factors
if any (iii) Dasa-bhukti and transit.
(i) 7th Lord if it is conjunct with Venus, (ii) in dasa or bhukti of
2nflord (or the Navamsa Lord of the Navamsa occupied by it. (iii) in
dasa or bhukti of 8th lord. (iv) in dasa or bhukti of 10th lord (or 9th
lord) or (v) in dasa or bhukti of planet period in 7th and conjunct with
7th lord; (vi) Dasa or Bhukti of Venus and Rahu have found to give
marriage in good numbers of cases.
Dasa and Transit together:
(i) If the disposition of the 7th lord in Rasi or Navamsa chart is
strong, then marriage may take place in dasa-bhukti of such
dispositor-when Jupiter pases over 7th Lord or in trine from
7th Lord.
(ii) If the Moon or Venus is stronger then the marriage may take
place in Dasa-bhukti of the stronger amongst the Moon Venus;
and when Jupiter passes over the stronger of the two or in trine
from it.
Findout the strongest and the second strongest amongst the above
marriage giving planets "during marriage period of life" and expect
marriage in their dasa-bhukti. This may clinch the issue.
During Transit, marriage may take place:
(i) whenJupiter and the Moonpasses over the 2ndfromthe Navamsa
Lord of the Navamsa where Lagna Lord is posited.
(ii) When Jupiter passes through the house owned by the 7th Lordi
(iii) When Jupiter and the Moon together pass through Kendras.
Marriage Saham and Marriage:
(i) Add the Longitude of Lords Lagna and 7th house. When Jupiter
transits the resultant Rasi or its trines, it is favourablefor marriage.
(ii) Add similarly the Longtitude of the Moon and Lord of the 7th
house, when Jupiter transits the resultant Rasi or its trines,
marriage may take place.
Delay factors: According to Dr. B.v. Raman, Saturn's aspects
on 7th house and 7th Lord both from the Lagna and the Moon and
Venus delay in marriage. The association or aspect ofthe Lords of the
6th, 8th or 12thwith the 7th house, 7th Lord and Karaka also ruled out
early marriage.
Reconcilliation and Cohesion between all these factors would
decode the time of marriage.
(b) Timing of Child Birth : In timing child birth following factors
must be considered :
(i) Propensity to give birth to a child in birth chart including the
(ii) Delay factors;
(iii) Dasa and Bhuktis
(iv) Transit.
Dasa and Bhuktis for timing of child birth: One may expect
birth of a child in child procreating age during dasa and bhukties of
following planets and lords of houses :
(i) Dasa and bhukti of 5th lord from Lagna, the Moon and Jupiter.
(ii) Dasa and bhukti of 5th lord and Jupiter.
(iii) Dasa and bhukti of "Shubhas" posited in or aspecting 5th;
(iv) Dasa and bhukti of "Shubhas" conjunct with or aspecting 5th
(v) Dasas and bhukti of9th lord.
(vi) According to Jataka Parijat add Sphutas of5th lord and 7th lord,
and the lord of the resultant Nakshatra, and planets connected
with it are also capable of giving birth to a child. Supposing
sphuta of 5th lord is 3"7 0' and Sphuta of 7th lord is 6"70'. Its
Ii; total comes to 9'14 O.Its Nakshatra lord is Shavarana owned by
the Moon. Child birth may take place in the dasa or bhukti ofthe
Moon as well as dasa or bhukti conjuncts with or aspecting the
Transits and Child birth:
Following transite tend to give cild birth :'
'(i) Add Lagnesh Sphuta and sphuta of 5th Lord. When Jupiter transits
the resultant rasi and Navamsa or trine therefrom;
(ii) When Saturn and Jupiter aspect 5th house or 5th Lord in
procreating age, child birth may be expected.
(iii) When Saturn and Jupiter aspect Kehstra and Beeja sphutas of
both child birth may be expected.
(iv) According to Jataka Parijata add Sphuta of 5th Lord, Jupiter,
planets pointed in 5th, and planets aspecting 5th, find out Rasi
and Navamsa ofthe resultant; and when Jupiter passes over such
Rasi or Navamsa, child birth may take place. (We do not agree
with Jataka Parijata that passage of Saturn over it would cause
loss of child in absence of other strong malefic factors.)
(c) Time of accident while commuting:
Following factors are required to be seen that help to elucidate
the time of such accident.
(i) Presence of such an accident in Natal Chart.
(ii) Dasa, Antardasa period and transit.
For propensity to cause such accident Jataka Tatwa a number of
combination are given.Some of them are as under:
(i) Ifthe lord of the 4th is in the 6th in conjunction with Saturn, the
native shall be killed in a carriage accident.
(ii) IfMars is in the 4th house and the Sun in the IOth, death shall be
due to a fall from a vehicle.
(iii) Ifthe lords of the 8th and the 1st houses are associated with the
lord of the 4th,the native shall die due to such conveyance as
elephant or a horse etc.
(iv) If the luminaries are in the 6th or the 8th house, the native shall
be killed by an elephant or elephant like vehicle say truck.
(v) If Moon and Mars are in a Kendra or the 8th house, fear ofdeath
be through a Vehicle.
(vi) If the waning Moon is in the 4th house, there is danger from a
(vii) If Lord of 6th is associated with Saturn or Rahu, then there is
danger of injury caused by horse, (or vehicle).
There are some other combinations which are prone to cause
accidents. In the majority of such cases apart fromthe influence ofthe
8th house, 22nd, Drekkana and Mars, and Ketu. Planets placed in the
Nakshatras ofKetu associated with Venus or 3rd Lord or planets placed
in Nakshatras of venus associated with Ketu and Mars make prone to
suffer accidental injuries. Planets in nakshatras of Rahu also an
additional malefic factors, causes the same results. Intensity increases
when Mars and Ketu both afflict 8th, 8th Lord or Lagnesh or Rashis or
22nd Drekkana or Lord of 22nd Drekkana. It further increases when
any ofthese, or many ofthese are placed in, Sarpa, Nigada or Ayuddha
These very combination if aspected by benefic or in benefic rasi
may not cause death and may cause just some injuries due to vehicular
accident. It may be slightly mind boggling to explain the logic behind it.
Behindall these combination, Mars in the 6th house iftreated in Cancer
Rasi would indicte accident. Lagna Lord which indicates vehicle,
Debilition indicates fall, Sun in 5th house in Capricorn in Shatru Rasi
indicates unusally agitated mind and Karma Bhava. The mutual aspect
.between Sun and Mars would indicate rashness in relation to vehicle,
Jatak Parijat adds in this combination presence of Moon in 2nd house,
moon being the natural 4th Lord representing vehicle becames maraka
and it is dispositor of debilitated Mars, indicating self or person.
Dasa Bhukties : Following Dasa-bhuktis are to be watched:
(i) Dasa-bhukties of 3rd, 5th, 7th Nakshatra Lord, specially when
they are occupied by Saturn, Rahu, Mars and Ketu, or Nakshatra
Lord is associated with Mars or Ketu or Rahu or Saturn.
(ii) Dasa and Bhuktis of such papies and Karmas who are enemical
to Lagnesh or Rasis.
(ii) Dasa and Bhukties of 6th, 8th, 12th and 3rd Lords, specially
when they are connected with Ketu, Mars, Saturn and Rahu;
(iv) Dasa and Bhukties of 2nd, 7th, connected with Mars and Ketu,
Rahu, Saturn or 6th, 8th or l Zthlords.or weak Lagna Lord.
(v) Dasa and Bhukties ofthe planet placed in the Nakshatras ofKetu,
Mars or 2nd, 7th, or 6th, 8th and 12th.
(vi) Rahu placed in Ketu Nakshatra or Ketu placed in Rahu's
Nakshatras are prone to cause accident.
Transit :When Saturn, Rahu/Ketu, Jupiter and Mars, activate
6th, 8th or 12th house, because it is a period ofillness, and confinement
on bed, and increases troubles.
Timing of Death of Parents:
Factor which require consideration to time mother death are:
(i) Afflictions to 4th house, 4th Lord, the Moon (Venus in case of
day birth) and 4th house from the Moon,'
(ii) Dasa-Bhukties of Marakas, or significators of Mother. i.e., 4th
house, 4th lord, the Moon and 4th house from the Moon.
(iii) Transit
(i) Some Afflictions to mothers significators :
(a) If weak 4th lord is placed in 6th or 12th and Lagnesha occupied
by a "Papi" and aspected by a "Papi";
(b) Ifweek "Chandra" is placed in6th, 8th or 12thand 4th is occupied
by a "Papi".
(c) If Saturn is in 4th, aspected by a malefic and 8th Lord is posited
either in its debilitationlenimical sign.
(d) If 4th house or 4th Lord, or the Moon is in "Papa Kartari" and
4th Lord or the Moon in debilitation sign;
(e) In a night birth, if Saturn is in a Trine house connected from the
Moon, the mother shall be murdered (doubtful).
(f) If Jupiter is in ascendant, Saturn in 2nd and Rahu in 3rd the
mother would not survive.
(g) If the Sun is posited in the 3rd or the 7th house and Mars occupy
the ascendant, the mother shall not survive.
Afflictions to Parents :
(a) If Lcrds of 4th and 9th both are placed in 6th, 8th, and 12th and
Lagna is strong both parents die.
(b) If lord of 6th is placed in 8th, 12th or 3rd and Lagnesh is strong,
then it is harmful to both the parents.
(c) If lord of 4th is in 5th or 9th and the lord of the trine where 4th
lord is placed, is posited in Lagna, then it is harmful for both the
(d) If Lords of 1st, 4th and 9th are placed in Kendra Trikona then in
their Dasa-bhukties theycauses harm first to mother thento father.
(e) If the Sun is in 9th and Moon is in 4th (without being aspectedby
benefics or 9th and 4th lord), then it may lead to death ofmother
first, followed by deaths of father.
(f) If4th or 9th lords are conjunctor aspectedby the Sun, or otherwise
connected (like Nakshatra parivartan etc.) then mother dies.
Fathers Death: Following configurations may be the cause of
fathers death. :
(a) If, in case of night birth, Saturn and Mars are posited in the 7th
place from Rasi.
(b) Ravi Conjunct with Mars and aspected by Saturn;
(c) If the Sun, is hemmed in between malefics; or associated with a
malefic and aspected by a malefic from7th from the sun.
Dasa-Bhukties : (i) 3rd and 10th Lords, from Lagna or the Sun
and planets posited therein cause death to father.
(ii) Of 5th and 10th Lords from Lagna or the Moon in night birth and
Venus in day birth cause death to mother.
(i) deduct Chandra Sphuta from the Surya Sphuta,when the Saturn
and Jupiter passed over that remainder Rasi and Navamsa or
trine these from, death of mother may take place.
(ii) Deduct "Mandi Sputha" from "Chandra Sputha" when Saturn
passed over that remainder Rasi and Navamsa, death of mother
is possible.
(iii) Deduct ''Yama Kantaka Sputha" fromthe 8th Lord fromthe Moon
when Saturn passes over such Rasi and the Sun passes over such
Navamsa, then death of the mother is possible.
Fathers death is possible:
(i) Deduct "Yama Kantaka" from the Sun. When Jupiter passes over
such Rasi or Navarnsa or in trine there from father may passes
(ii) Deduct Mandi of Yamakantaka.When Saturn passes over such
Rasi and Navamsa or in Trine therefrom, the father may pass
Gain of Job: The factors that help for the time ofgain ofjob are
as under:
(i) Strongest lOth house (s) from the Lagna, the Moon an the Sun.
(ii) Strongest 10th Lord (s) from the Lagna, the Moon and the Sun.
(iii) Strongest Navamsa Lord (s) ofthe 10th Lord (s) from the Lagna,
the Moon and the Sun.
(iv) Dasa bhukties of planets connected with the above 10th house,
10th lords and Navarnsa Lords of 10th Lords, 7th Lord (lOth
from 10th and 9th Lord.
(v) Transits connected with them activating these houses or Lords.
Generally speaking, for this purpose, positional strength of the
Sun, Jupiter and Venus and their strength acquired through different
vargas, their relation with other planets are to considered, treating them
as if they are different Lagnas and conditions of 10th house and 10th
lords from these Lagnas. Another way to study this aspect taking 10th
house as Lagna. .
Consider one more, count 10th house from the Dasa Natha and
see the planets connected with l Oth house and 10th lord thereform they
may give better clues in different bhuktis about job. Ifthis 10th Lord is
favourably placed, well aspected and friend or intimate friend you can
say prosperioty, promotion, expansion, and gains beyond one's
expectation during such a period. If it is otherwise, you can imagine
what will happen. This principle is just an extension of the principles
given by Satyacharya.