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Meeting: 1087, Oxford, Mississippi, SS 9A, Special Session on Set Theory and Its Applications

Jaykov Foukzon* (, , Israel. Inconsistent countable set. Preliminary report. Let Th be some xed, but unspecied, consistent formal theory.To each formula F of the language of Th is assigned a closed term,[F] ,called the code of F.Let Pr(y) be a predicate asserting provability [1-2].Def.1.An Th-w that is wellformed formula [2].Def.2.Th is a nice theory i (i) Th contains ZFC and (ii) let F be closed then Th Pr([F]) implies Th F Def.3.Let G(z) be a one-place open w such that: (*) Th E!x[G(x)].Then we said that, an set y is a Th-set i there is exist a one-place open Th-w G(z) and y=x for some x such that Th Ex[G(x)] and condition (*) is satised.Def.4. Let R* be a collection such that x[x R* Pr([(x is a Th-set)& (x x)])].Prop.1. Collection R* is a set.Prop.2.(i)Th ER*,(ii) Th R* is a countable Th-set.Prop.3.Suppose that Th is a nice theory. Then Th a set R* is inconsistent.[1] C.Smorynski, Handbook of mathematical logic,Edited by J.Barwise. North-Holland Publishing Company, 1977.[2] J.Foukzon. Inconsistent countable set. (Received December 05, 2012) THIS IS ONLY A PREVIEW. YOUR SUBMISSION IS NOT COMPLETE UNTIL YOU RETURN TO THE ORIGINAL WINDOW AND CLICK THE Submit abstract BUTTON.