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R Since when they cut me from Neyestan

Everybody has mourned with my scream U Kaz neyestn t mr bobrdeand is combined form of , has many meanings here means since, because, means from is suffix for place, so rose garden is , or many countries their name is related t nicity are called like that, such as , , etc., then is a l a once you visit my village is a preposition for length of time or distance or sometimes cause of something, here means since is combination of and , together means me is another verb tense like present perfect in English, its made by adding suffixe (Ive cut) (youve cut) (hes cut) (weve cut) (youve cut) (theyve cut) could come as prefix for these verbs, its not in use now is a proposition means in means scream and is suffix for my you must know means man and woman, this in Persian means everybody is the same tense as and means like mourning