Woman Is the World's First Computer Programmer

Today, on 10th December, we celebrate the 197th birth anniversary of Ada Lovelace, often considered as the world's first computer programmer. Ada became famous not only as a daughter of romantic poet Lord Byron but also as an outstanding 19th century mathematician. Her works on analytical engine are recognized as the first algorithm intended to be processed by a machine. Women always played a crucial role in the computer science evolution, but unfortunately, they are considered to be not so good at programming and engineering as men. Even though the fair sex makes up a growing portion of computer and Internet users, there is still a large gender gap in the field of Computer Science Lets find out the reasons of this “social injustice”:    Females attach their interest in computer science to more social and people-oriented arenas, such as medicine, education and the arts. Computers are believed to be more boy's toys, that`s why when girls got into computer science departments they come in with less hands-on experience. Women are also a minority in other math and science fields. According to top research universities, computer science exams are in advanced-placement at the high school level for only 15 % of girls. Women don't fit the tech boy stereotype provided by Silicon Valley. This idea of the male “computer geek” that society has portrayed has been going on for decades. And the main reason- women have too much in common with computers. Because no one but the Creator understands their internal logic:-)

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But all is not lost! According to the study women's enrollment in the computer science raised from 7 percent in 1995 to 42 percent in 2000. And it is still increasing. Soon women will take a well-deserved position among the world's top computer programmers. After all, a number of notable female computer pioneers such as Ada Lovelace, Grace Hopper, and Anita Borg have proven that women make great computer scientists. But will women make great contributions to the modern technologies industry? Or successful and famous female computer programmer is just a pipe dream?