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November 2012 Volume 1, Issue 3

Ms. Triers Art Class

Ms. Triers email: ehtrier@svsu.edu (EMAIL anytime, for any reason)

Dates to Remember:
Final Semester Art Show on December 18th Last day of classes for this rotationth December 16 ! December 20 pick up art work!

6th and 7th Grade Art Projects for November:

We are off to a good start in our 6th and 7th grade art classes! Traced hand art using white cardstock and markers. Created a very abstract art piece. Advanced art with a magnified view of part of the name tangles, re-worked and mounted.

For November, we have nearly completed our unit on Abstract Art.

The projects completed are: Name Tangles, which included an abstract black and white piece using pencil,Sharpie and positive and negative shapes. Kandinsky inspired paintings using images from home. Acrylic paints, brushes and canvases.

For the last week of November, we are completing our Abstract Art unit with a small research project on an artist from the 1920s-1960s.

8th Grade Advanced Art Projects for November:

The 8th grade Advanced Art class has been busy working on many projects this November: Abstract mosaics using broken tiles and fired in a kiln. Each student had to come up with a complete sketch, and then follow through the process of creating a tile, and then breaking their glass and adding them to the tiles. This project took 2 weeks. The final product is worthy of the final art show!! Picasso self-portraits using multi-media. These portraits used paper, fabrics, drawing and painting. They are life size, and done by sketching first. The class has displayed these in the hallway, and they are quite spectacular. Please come take a look!

The final project heading in to December is our paper making nature books. We will be hand making paper and then adding pieces of nature in to them. Then we will create sketch books using the paper we make.

November projects in Ms. Triers art class

6th and 7th grade photos of projects!

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8th grade projects:

Ms. Triers Art Class! Ms. Triers Art Class!

Art Show Instructions:

All pieces should be mounted on black poster board Poster board available in Ms. Triers room. Pieces need to be turned in by December 16th. Pieces can be any projects done in art class with Ms. Trier. There will be awards for best in show, and best in media per grade.

Please enter some of your artwork!!

The earth without art is just eh.

Ms. Triers Art Class!