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Chickenpox, also INDEPENDENT:
SUBJECTIVE: Hyperthermia known as After 8 hours of • Provide isolation • Body substance After 8 hours of
related to viral varicella, is a nursing or monitor isolation should nursing
“Nilalagnat ako infection. highly contagious interventions, the visitors as be used for all interventions, the
at may mga and self-limited patient will indicated. infectious patient was able to
butlig ako sa infection that demonstrate patients and demonstrate
buong most commonly temperature patients with temperature within
katawan” (I have affects children within normal diseases normal range and
a fever and rashes between 5-10 range and will transmitted experienced no
all over my body) years of age. The experience no through air may associated
as verbalized disease has a associated also need complications.
by the patient. worldwide complications. airborne and
distribution and is droplet
OBJECTIVE: reported precautions.
throughout the
• Warm to year in regions of • Wash hands with • Reduces the risk
touch temperate antibacterial of spreading the
• Irritability climate. The peak soap before or infection.
• Petechiae incident is after care of the
• V/S taken generally during patient.
as follows: the months of
March through • Encourage • Prevents the
T: 37.9 May. Lifelong patient to cover spread of
P: 93 immunity for mouth and nose infection via
R: 21 chickenpox during coughs or airborne droplet.
BP: 120/80 generally follows sneezes.
the disease. If the
patient's immune
• Monitor patient • Fever patter
system does not
temperature, aids in the
totally clear the
degree and disease process
body of the virus,
pattern. and diagnosis.
it may retreat to
skin sensory
nerve cell bodies
• Observe for • Chills often
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where it is chills and precede
protected from profuse temperature
the patient's diaphoresis. spikes in
immune system. presence of
The disease generalized
shingles (also infection.
known as
"zoster") • Monitor • Room
represents environmental temperature
release of these temperature. should be
viruses down the altered to
length of the skin maintain near-
nerve fiber and normal body
produces a temperature.
painful rash. • Provide tepid
Shingles is most sponge baths, • May help reduce
commonly a avoiding the use the fever.
disease of adults of alcohol.

• Encourage to
use calamine • To help reduce
lotion. the itchiness.


• Administer • Used to reduce

antipyretics as the fever by its
indicated. central action on