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Group Project Proposal Report

Abu Bakar Abdullah Huria Saqib 108 118 101 147

This report defines and outlines of our project named as Airline Company Data Management System. Our aim is to build a model of the airline reservation system as closely as possible. We will design and implement a system for flight reservations of an airline company. This report provides the description of our system for the required project design.

We will implement an application which is based on web environment that is computerized system used to store and retrieve information and conduct transactions related to air travel. This airline reservation system project is intended to provide information needed to reserve seat(s) on certain flights

Our reservation system will contain some features

Separate profiles for users, containing all their personal data Possibility of multiple bookings per profile Finding flight schedule information according to various constraints and conditions Handling of different kinds of schemes for frequent fliers, and for flights Confirmation Number Notifications Appropriate error checking

Limitations of the System:

Reservation can only be made by registered user or official user with user name and password which is given by the system to the user when the user is first signed up to the system. Guest cannot make any reservation; she/he can only see the available flights so she/he has to be registered to the system. There is no difference between employers who work at different departments of airport while making reservation. However, administrator has privileges to access reservation database. There will be at most 50 flights in reservation system. Registered user can not view its reservation without entering confirmation number to system. Between first time user and frequent user see same user interface, so there is no access privileges between them. They are all considered as normal user.