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Final Examination English in the First Year At the College Preparatory Level Section G: December 13, 2012 Section

A: December 18, 2012

Please select one topic from the options below, and write a well-organized essay in the allowed time provided. Essays must state a clear thesis and identify at least three arguments which support it.

Please identify the question to which you are responding by writing its number at the top of your essay.
1. In his commentary on Homers Odyssey, Bernhard Frank likens Odesseus journey to Dantes Divine Commedy. Please explain his argument for demonstrating this theory and discuss in detail three points that he makes to prove it. 2. Bernhard Frank states that in Homers Odyssey, we do not meet Odesseus until Book Five. He states that because of this delay, we are able to focus on the comparison of Penelope and Calypso. From your knowledge of the text, please compare and contrast these two characters. 3. Based on what you have learned about Homers Odyssey during this semester, please write a detailed essay that discusses the point that Prof. Edwin D. Floyd makes in his criticism Homers Odyssey, Book I, line 1.

Mr. De Vito, Sr.