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and a final note on conspiracies in general

v=NgSbaKpCjq4 the conspiracy is easier to believe thats quite an emasculating origin mythos isnt it, but what do you expect from moore? the occult is itself the bastardization of inherently magickal reality, it is one giant hypertrophying of the human will , it is literally the synthetic formulation of incipient phenomenology that unde rlies existence and a false mythology parsed for power. The world is rudderless to the extent that the NWO system is a machine over whic h no one (ultimately) has control (it is like an unwieldy behemoth), but to pret end that the thronging agencies of that system do not exert control is either a piece of naivet or deliberate deception (of course i contend the latter and even a behemoth like this is driven by various riders ). The empirical data cannot be refuted by mere suggestion. alan moore is serving up a menu full of denuding jargon here for what i suspect was originally some kind of History Channel or other mindfuckery source, he is m aking the same sort of anton wilson, terrence mckenna, et al. type of dismissive argument (its all pied piperage of course meant to lead you away from anything hardcore and into the fringe where the obscurantists will have their way with yo u). this is the origin myth of everything s okay-ism lay down your arms while this occul tist tells you there is no hidden meaning and that your enemies are just ham-fis ted brutes, because as we all know the villain is a bumbler and never a global n etwork of the true owners of the planet working together to secure power and exp loit humanity for the fourteen thousandth year in a row. fawning lickspittles worship at the feet of such men in ignorance of their own power they worship celebrity thinkers

this is an age where the true philosopher is a destroyed man who finds nowhere t o even rest his head, while sophistry is praised and belauded (the more things change, the more they stay the same) -Heraclitus of Ephesus, ci rca 500 BCE