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Skunk (mammal)

Striped skunks are very

clean animals that smell
good –until they are in
danger. Then they release a
very strong, bad smell. This
terrible smell makes other
animals run away so that the
skunk can escape.
Skunk live underground.
They look for food at night.
They eat insects and small
rodents. They live in
Canada, The United States
and Mexico.
When does a skunk smell bad?
Owl (Bird)
Owls are birds with large
heads and soft feathers. Owl
sleep during the day and
hunt at night. Many owls are
hard to see because their
brown and grey feather look
like part of the tree.
There are about 145 kinds of
owls. They live throughout
the world. They destroy
many harmful rodents such
as mice and rats.

-Why do the owls look like part of the

Turtle (Reptile)
Turtles do not have teeth;
they have a small hard
beak something like a
bird’s. Turtles have a top
shell and a bottom shell
that are connected at the
sides. The shells grow
bigger and can reflect
many different colours.
Turtles live in different
Does the turtle’s shell grow during parts of the world that
its life? does not have cold
temperature . Turtles eat
plants and small animals
Deer (Mammal)
All the different kinds of deer
have cloven hoofs. This means
that their hoofs are divided into
two hard, thick toes. Some
deer grow a new set of antlers
each year.
There are 60 kinds of deer.
Some live in deserts others in
very cold parts of the world.
Most live in woodlands or
prairies where the climate is
Jaguar (Mammals)
Jaguars can climb trees better than
any other large cat. Jaguars have
yellow coats with black spots that
have rings around them.
They live only in Mexico and
Central and South America.
Jaguars eat almost any kind of
animals, including deer, fish, wild
pigs, and rodents. They hunt
mainly at night.

What is the jaguar’s coat like?

Walrus ( Mammals)
Walrus have two very large
teeth called tusks. They use
their them to dig food out of the
water and to pull themselves
out of the water onto the ice.
Walruses have been called
“those that walk on their teeth”
Walruses live in parts of
northern oceans.

Why have Walruses been called

“those that walk on their teeth”?
Bees (Insects)
Honeybees build hives to live
in. Inside the hive they build a
honeycomb out of wax . Each
small part of the honeycomb
has six sides, and each small
part holds the honey that the
bees make.
Honeybees make honey from
nectar they get from plants.
Bees live almost everywhere
in the world except the North
and South Poles.
What is the honeycomb?
Seals (Mammals)
Seals are great swimmers
and spend much of their time
in water. One kind of seal is
at sea for 8 months without
going to shore. Seals can be
found along coastlines in
most parts of the world.
The largest seal is the
southern elephant seal.
Seals eat fish and other
water animals.
Toucan (Bird)
Toucan have huge, brightly
coloured bills. Although the bill
looks heavy, it does not weigh
much because it contains a
number of air pockets. Toucans
eat mainly small fruit and use
their saw-like bill to tear off
pieces of larger fruit. Toucans
sleep in hollow trees. They live
in the tropical forests of Central
and South America

Is the toucan’s bill heavy?Why?

Camels (Mammals)
Camels have thick toes.
Camels’ hoofs are wide and
flat so they can walk on the
sand without sinking into it.
there are camels with one
hump and camels with two
Camels can go without water
or food for long distance in
What are the camel’s hoofs like
the desert. They eat dates,
grass, and grain
Gorilla (Mammals)
Gorillas are the largest of the
apes. Their legs are shorter
than human legs, and their
arms are longer than human
arms: Gorillas eat fruit, leaves,
roots, and sometimes the bark
of trees.
Gorillas live on the ground but,
Compare between the gorilla they sometimes climb into the
and the man?
trees to sit or sleep. They
usually walk on two legs.
Gorillas live in Africa.
Ants (Insects)
One mother ant and thousands of
her children live together in one
group. The group is called an ant
colony. Older ants teach the
younger ones how to work.
Ants live everywhere on land
except where it is very cold.
Some live in underground
tunnels. Others in trees. Different
kinds of ants get their food from
insects, plants, or seeds.

What characteristic do ants

share with human ?
Zebras (Mammals)
Zebras are part of the horse
family. Zebras’ manes stands
straight up, but horses’
manes hang down. Zebras
have long tails that have a tuft
of hair on the end.
Zebras live in Africa on open
grassy plains. Some zebras
What the difference between
live in mountainous areas.
the zebra’s mane and the
Striped: With lines

Feather: Cover a bird's body

Harmful: causing bad effects.
Beak: the hard curved or pointed part of a bird's mouth
cloven hoof: The foot of an animal such as a cow or a sheep that has two
separate parts
Hive: A container in which bees live and make honey
Wax: A soft natural or artificial substance that becomes liquid when
heated, used for making candles
bills: A bird's beak
Saw-like: empty inside:
Hump: A large round part on the back of an animal such as a
Bark :The hard substance that covers a tree
Tunnel: An underground passage made by animals

Mane: The long hair on the neck of a horse or lion

Tuft :several individual pieces of grass, hair, feathers,

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