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"Nobody knows this little Rose" By Emily Dickinson [Analysis]

Nobody knows this little Rose --[1] It might a pilgrim be[2] Did I not take it from the ways[3] And lift it up to thee.[4] Only a Bee will miss it --[5] Only a Butterfly,[6] Hastening from far journey --[7] On its breast to lie --[8] Only a Bird will wonder --[9] Only a Breeze will sigh --[10] Ah Little Rose -- how easy[11] For such as thee to die![12]
Poem 35 [F11] "Nobody knows this little Rose" Analysis by David Preest [Poem]

Here is another rose sent to a friend. This particular rose might have remained a pilgrim on the way of life unnoticed by anybody, had not Emily picked it. But it was easy for the rose to die, as she was not the centre of human love, and will only be missed by bee and butterfly, by bird and breeze.