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Sample Formal Report Outline Incident Investigation Guideline


Title Page Include the date of the report. Table of Contents Showing each section Introduction General summary, terms of reference, conduct of the investigation, team description. Executive Summary Summary of event, consequences, causes, and recommendations. Background Process description, purpose, and scope of investigation, conditions preceding the incident. Historically significant issues may be discussed. Sequence of Events & Description of Incident Description of the event scenario, sequence, consequences, and response summary. Evidence & Cause Analysis Identification and discussion of the root (primary), contributing, and immediate (secondary) system causes of the incident. Findings Factual findings. Recommendations Recommended preventive actions. Non-contributory Factors Discussion of particular factors that were found to be in no way responsible for the incident. Attachments or Appendices Miscellaneous back-up information such as: discussion of rejected or less-probable scenarios, documents of special interest or value, method and conduct of the investigation and team membership, photographs, diagrams, calculations, lab reports, references, non-contributory factors, terms of reference. References All documents that the team reviewed and/or used should be listed.

2003 AIChE - CCPS