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fh Woks | Ving Gaia, tl, Si a Tatal Kaa f Pies a Wea Beg ‘of Queretaro (May 15, 1967 and executed Emperor Marimiian nine 19, 1857 (Ries shiny aniversary), Ths fled out Emperor Napoeoa I's umbiton to clonize Lain Ameren. In Rizal's times two European nations (lalians and Get- san) siceeded in uniyng their own eowntes The Taka Snder the leadership of Count Cavour and of Carbal ad ‘Army of Red Shir drove out the Attias and Pench armies trom Hay and procaimcd the Kingdom ot aly under King Vitor Emmanuel, with Rome a aptly” The Pras led ‘by Ono von Bamarck, the "ion Chancel”, detested France it the FrancPrian War andextabahed the German Empire Janay 1,181, with King Wile of Pri afr Kone ts Geum Wi i een be Fans Pan ar, Emperor Napolon IV's Second French " ‘nd over rin the Third French Repub arose, wih Asaph There a rn Present ‘The times of Rizal saw the lowering of Wester imperialism England emerged as the world's leading imperialist power. On Account of her invincible navy and magnificent army, she was fable to conquer many counties throughout the world: and to ‘establish a global colonial empure. Thus the British people during the plonious reign of Queen Victoria. (1837-1901) proudly asserted: “Britannia rules the waves.” By winning the Ftst (pv War (1840-1842) against the tottering Chinese Empire tnder the Manchu dynasty, she acquired the island of Hon Kong (Fragraat Harbor). Inthe Second Opiuin War (18561860) she wou again and forced the helpless Manchu dynasty to cede the Kowloon Peninsula opposite Hong Kong. In 1859, ater suppressing the Indian. Rebelion and domanding the Mogul Empire, she imposed her raj (rule) over the subcontinent of Toda (now consisting of India, Pakistan, and Bangledess). By winning the Three Anglo-Burmese Wars (1824-26, 1852. and 1885), she conquered Burma, Other lands in Asia which became Brissh colonies were Ceylon (Sti Lanks), Maldives, Aden, Malaya, Singapore, and Egypt, Australis and New Zealand ia the South Pacific alo became British colonies. Other impe-talsts, folowing Britain's example, grabbed the weak countries Southeast Asta and colonized them, In 1858 N03, France, vith the help of Filipino tops wader Spanish colficers.? conquered Vietnam: annexed Cambodia (1863) and ‘Laos (1893); and. merged all these countries into a federated ‘colony under the name of French Indochina, The Dutch, after