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Founded: August 26,1988 Commenced operations: March 8, 1996 Hubs:

Mactan-Cebu International Airpor Ninoy Aquino International Airport Clark International Airport Francisco Bangoy International Airport Iloilo International Airport Kalibo International Airport

Fleet Size: 41 Destinations: 52 Company Slogan: Its everyone flies. Parent Company: JG Summit Holdings,Inc. Headquarters: Airline Operations Center Building Manile Domestic Airport Complex Old Domestic Road, Pasay City,Philippines 1301 Key people: John Gokongwei Ricard J. Romulo Lance Gokongwei Website: http://www.cebupacificair.com

Juans upon a time...... ...in March 1996, Cebu Pacific entered the market with a promise to give "low fare, great value" to every Juan who wanted to fly. After offering low fares to domestic destinations, CEB launched its international operations on November 2001. Now flies to Bangkok, Busan, Guangzhou, Ho Chi Minh, Hong Kong, etc. To get to more places everyday; CEB operates a fleet of 33 Airbus and 8 ATR 72-500 aircraft, The youngest fleet in the Philippines With the completion of the re-fleeting program, our capacity has doubled. CEB offers the lowest year round Lite Fares for its destinations. Cebu Pacific is not just the leader in low fares but also in innovation and creativity! The first local airline to introduce e-ticketing, prepaid excess baggage and seat selection in the Philippines. Fun Flights: inflight magazine + games on board Comfortable travel experience: hotels, car rental service, travel insurance and entertainment ticketing service. On time performance, schedule reliability and a smooth, comfortable flight are just some of the things that the airtraveling public has come to expect from Cebu Pacific.

Cebu Pacific flies to 33 domestic destinations, and to 20 international destinations in 14 countries... Main article: Cebu Pacific destinations

East Asia

Southeast Asia
Brunei Cambodia Indonesia Malaysia Philippines Luzon Mindanao Visayas Singapore Thailand Vietnam

People's Republic of China Hong Kong Japan Macau South Korea Taiwan

YEAR 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011

3,456,000 5,490,267 6,750,000 8,760,000 10,460,000 11,940,000


up 58.8% up 23.0% up 29.7% up 19.4% up 14.1%

Write news, discount, gala, etc. Share the list; how much whch days term and condition

Cebu pacific success can be attributed to a low price strategy an loyal customers. Why do you think value pricing is not just about lowering prices to your customers?
Background Cebu pacific air is the largest domestic airline company providing the most domestic flights in the Philippines. it was established in august 1988 and began operations in march 1996. at present Cebu pacific reaches a total of 32 domestic destinations and serves 12 countries with 16 destinations . The parent company is jg summit holding, owned and controlled by the gokongwei family and the company is headed by lance Gokongwei.

describe how cebu utilizes its marketing mix to achieve successful operations?
Success of cepu parcific the success of Cebu pacific cannot BE attributed just to low pricing strategy . it is due to the entire marketing mix .Cebu pacific understands its customers needs and adds more customer value by making sure that they get the benefits for the price they have paid. and they get their value through online reservations, on time departures and arrivals and of course low promo fares. in terms of otp cebu pacific improved its performance posted in January 2010 from 91.6 percent which is an industry standard to 92.5 percent otp in February 2010.otp is when an aircraft leaves bay within 15mins of scheduled departure . in terms of promotions Cebu pacific has made use of new social media platforms, such as twitter . and it is the first airline in Philippines to have used the technology.it also used YouTube to show a video of flight attendants making a safety demonstration while dancing to lady gagas just dance this was carried on the news on September 30th 2010. another factor that makes Cebu pacific successful is the commitment to its staff from the ceo to the ground crew ,all are committed to deliver the highest customer value through sustained service attuned to low pricing scheme.

You are the marketing manager of cebu pacific. you notice that you direct competitors are following your low price strategy , discuss your counter strategy
Counter strategies as a manager Cebu pacific Launched its low fares in 2005 it also made air travel more affordable it also expanded its domestic network and acquired new aircrafts and implemented a competitive pricing strategy . Soon competitors followed by lowering their prices and heightened the price competition. in terms of pricing Pal competitor, adopted a market penetration strategy in both domestic and international airfares by lowering its prices against Cebu pacific .resulting in a big saving of 34 percent for pal passengers .the strategy of pal was to recover its lost market share by offering a much lower price than Cebu pacific to both international and domestic destinations .so if I were the manager of Cebu pacific I would implement counter offensive.

You are the ceo of cebu pacific, what marketing strategies are you going to implement to sustain your popularity of you company in the airline industry?

CEBU PACIFIC ptm are business and leisure travelers who want to be fufiled by a low cost , no frills and fun time services. Cebu is priced 51 pecent lower then pal .it uses sales promotions ,word of mouth , public relations, events and experience. Flights are mainly booked online and uses low cost approach to win. The ceo now plans to fly overseas and do cargo operations.

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