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Duncan Campbell

dac80@zips.uakron.edu 32037 South Roundhead Drive Solon, Ohio 44139 440-591-7814 http://duncanprojects.weebly.com/ http://www.linkedin.com/in/campbellduncan OBJECTIVE: To obtain a co-op or internship in the field of either Electrical Engineering or Computer Science EDUCATION: The University of Akron, Akron, Ohio 8/2011-Present Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Electrical Specializations in Controls, Embedded Systems, Communication, and Electromagnetics Computer Science with courses in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Graphics Honors College Grade Point Average: 3.625/4.0 CUURENT WORK EXPERIENCE: 9/12-Present Resident Assistant: University of Akron, Akron, Ohio Responsible for establishing and maintaining an atmosphere which will promote the educational, social, cultural and personal development of residents. Created programs to cater to the interests of residents and the help broaden their understanding of ideas. Promoted diversity by encouraging others to share their ideas and to try to appreciate other points of view. Learned to work with others and to help mediate conflicts should they arise. COMPUTER SKILLS: Computer languages: C++, C, Java, Visual Basic, C#, ActionScript 3, Matlab, VHDL, Lua, Pascal, NXC, NBC, NQC, SPC Integrated Development Environments Used: Code::Blocks, Visual Studios, Eclipse, Netbeans, Notepad++, wxDev-C++, QT Designer, Flash Develop Frameworks/APIs Used: .NET, Swing, AWT, QT, OpenCV, OpenGL, Allegro, Simple Direct Media Layer, Simple Fast Media Library, Arduino, FlashPunk Platforms Developed For: Linux, Windows, Atmel, and cRio Computer Science Concepts: Object Oriented Design, Functional Programming, Procedural Programming, Component Based Design, Data Structures, Algorithms Software Engineering Concepts: Project Management, Risk Management, Software Quality and Testing, User Interface Design Software Development Lifecycle Office Suites: Microsoft Office, Open Office, Libre Office Design Software: Quartus-II, pSpice, Star UML, Labview, Eagle Multimedia Software: Inkscape, Paint .NET, GIMP, Windows Live Movie Makes, Blender Game Engines: Unity, Unreal

PROJECTS: Self-Navigating Robot Winter 2011 Two-Dimensional Rendering Engine Spring 2010 Battleship Fall 2009 To see descriptions and some more projects please visit my website. ACTIVITIES: University of Akron Lunabotics Mining Team Software Lead (2011-2013) EUREKA Honors Engineering Club University of Akron ACM Programming Competition 2012 IEEE Student Chapter Treasurer (2012-2013) First Robotics Team Software Mentor for Team 2603 (2012) AWARDS AND ACHIEVEMENTS: National Robotics Challenge Gold Award for 120lbs Sumobot Team Honors College Dean's List College of Engineering Deans List

Kovach, Ivan & Mary Scholarship Caleb Shreffler Memorial Scholarship

Honors College Scholarship Presidential Scholarship PRESENTATIONS: Reading Sensors Januray 2013 Creating a Basic Communication System February 2013 Basic ways of Storing Data February 2013 For copies of handouts and slides please visit my website. ADDITIONAL SKILLS English Native Language Spanish Basic Level Red Cross Certifications in CPR, AED, First Aid, and Lifeguarding INTERESTS: Robotics Machine Learning Automation Swimming Biking AVAILIBILITY: Available for Spring 2013 and Summer 2013.