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Internship report | Tahmina Aktar

Bangladesh University of business &Technology (BUBT)

Submitted to: Mr. Md. Aslam Uddin Assistant Professor, Department of Marketing Bangladesh University of business & Technology (BUBT)

Submitted by: Tahmina Aktar ID: 11123201505, Intake: 25th, Sec: 2 Program: MBA Bangladesh University of business & Technology (BUBT)

Letter of Transmittal Date: 21/10/2012 Mr. Md. Aslam Uddin Assistant Professor, Department of Marketing Bangladesh University of Business & Technology (BUBT) Subject: Submission of Report. Dear Sir, I am highly delighted to submit my report on, Fleet Management in Robi Axiata Limited to you. I have got the opportunity to submit the report, which is an essential part of my academic program, and it is a great achievement to work under your achievement to work your active supervision and guidance. The whole report is prepared based on my academic knowledge form MBA program and also the experience of Fleet management. Finally I would like to thank for you valuable guidance and care in preparing the report. I will gratefully respond to any clarification when required. I will be highly obliged if you are kind enough to give approval to this report. Sincerely you,

Tahmina Aktar ID: 11123201505 Bangladesh University of Business & Technology (BUBT)

First of all, I would like to thank my Advisor Mr. Md. Aslam Uddin for his untiring guidance, help, effort, and suggestion. Really I am thankful to his. Without his direct guide this report couldnt be possible. A very dynamic personality, Mr. Aslam constantly inspired us all the time to develop my career and share her knowledge with us. I shall remain ever grateful to Mr Aslam for his extraordinary gesture and relentless effort. I am also thankful and acknowledged to my supervisor Mr. Akter Emam Khan, General Manager, Fleet Management of Administration Division Robi Axiata Ltd., without his direct help, suggestion, and assistance it was impossible for me to complete this report. I would also like to thank the authority of Robi Axiata Ltd. for helping me by giving an opportunity to work with them.

Executive Summery
Fleet Management in Robi Axiata Limited has revolutionized and changed the whole picture of transportation. However, it changed late in our country but boomed. Currently more than 10 private companies are competing with each other. Employees are gaining the bargaining power and employee retention rate is becoming lower for companies. As a result, companies are giving their full attention to employee satisfaction because this is the only way organization can prove that they properly communicate with their employees to motivate them which ultimately help them to achieve their desired goal. Fleet Management undertakes their quest with the enthusiasm of employees, excited by the constant search for innovation. The Fleet management performance achieved integrity. They will attend success as a leader with each and every one of their people contributing with passion and an unmatched sense of urgency. The main objective of the report is to assessing the Fleet Management of Robi Axiata Limited. In this report we have tried to focus on the Fleet Management of Robi Axiata Limited and its relevant topics and parts of Fleet Automation. In the first part I have tried to introduce the research. In the second portion I have tried to discuss the background, mission, vision, goal, organ gram. At present, the main strength of Robi Axiata Limited is its best Fleet Management policy which is better than its competitors. They provide the widest coverage in the country. They also provide much more value added to the employee than which are changing the employee business style. But as Fleet Management is always seeks the new idea the some employees are hesitating to take new ideas. They think it can create Positive impacts on the Employee. Promotional activities are good for them

Abbreviations TSC: Transport Service Center VMS:Vehicle management softwae VTS: Vehicle tracking system IP: Internet Protocol KPI: Key Performance Indicator QMS: Quality Management System EVP: Executive vice president CMSP: corporate management & Strategic Planning BCP: Business Continuity Plan MBA: Masters of Business Administration BTS: Base Transceiver Station CAMEL: Customized Application for Mobile Enhanced Logic VAS : Value Added Service GPRS : General Pocket Radio Service EDGE : Enhanced Data rates for Global Evolution GPS: Global Positioning System BTRC : Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission GP : Grameen Phone Ltd BP : Business Plan SIC :Shift-In-Charge CSR : Corporate Social Responsibilities HRM: Human Resources Management

IT : Information Technology OPEX : Operational Expenditure CS : Corporate Strategy BIA : Business Impact Analysis MSC : Mobile Switching Centre BSC : Base Station Controller CMT : Crisis Management Team CCT : Crisis Coordination Team RCT : Regional Coordination Team CCTV : Close Circuit Television WAN : Wide Area Network ISP : Internet Service Provider SMS : Short Message Service LAN : Local Area Network BCMS : Business Continuity Management System BCM: Business Continuity Management SCM : Supply Chain Management CRL : Corporate, Regulatory Affairs & Legal EPMO : Enterprise Program Management Office KM: Kilo Meter Tk: Taka (Bangladeshi Currency)

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Chapter-1 Introduction Background /Objectives of the study Mathodology/Scope of the research/ Limitation of research Chapter-2 Company overview Market share of Robi/ subscriber analysia/Vission/Mission Principle of Robi Services/Chain of command Divisions of Robi Long-term vision of the company The marketing activities of Robi Achivement Corporate social responsibility Chapter-3 Job part Chapter-4

The project Discussion adout Fleet management Business case analysis team/ Service Task &time outline/Regional fleet maintenance Process. Cost analysia/Goals & objective

Chapter-5 Chapter-6

Organizational Impact

Content Problem Identified

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Chapter-7 Recommandation ChapterConclusion


List of figures

Figure 1 shows Robi Work Plan Figure 2 shows Administration Structure of Robi Axiata Ltd Figure 3 Shows Fleet Management Structure of Robi Axiata Limited Figure 4 shows Vehicle tracking &VMS working system. Figure 5 shows Flow -Chart of VMS ticketing process for vehicle requisition. Figure 6 shows department ways Km run in 6 months. Figure7 shows department ways Km run in percentage from Jan-June1

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Robi Axiata Ltd.

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Introduction This is a report. Master of Business Administration (MBA) course requires with an organization followed by a report assigned by the supervisor in the organization .I look the opportunity to do my Robi Axiata Limited in an international telecom company what is one of the leading telecom service provider in Bangladesh, Robi. I am also thankful and acknowledged to my supervisor Mr.Akter Emam Khan, General Manager, Fleet Management, Administration Division Robi Axiata Limited, without his direct help, suggestion and assistance it was impossible for me to complete this report. My faculty supervisor Mr. Md. Aslam Uddin, Assistant Professor of BUBT University, also approved the topic and authorized me to prepare this report as part of the fulfillment of internship requirement and gave me proper guidance and assistance over time.

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Background of the study: further improvement. Fleet management is the management of a company's transportation. Fleet management includes commercial motor vehicles such as cars, vans and trucks, as well as rail cars. Fleet (vehicle) management can include a range of functions, such as vehicle financing, vehicle maintenance, vehicle telemeters (tracking and diagnostics), driver management, speed management, fuel management and health and safety management. Fleet Management is a function which allows companies which rely on transportation in their business to remove or minimize the risks associated with vehicle investment, improving efficiency, productivity and reducing their overall transportation and staff costs, providing 100% compliance with government legislation (duty of care) and many more. These functions can be dealt with by either an in-house fleet-management department or an outsourced fleet-management provider. According to market research from the independent analyst firm Berg Insight, the number of fleet management units deployed in commercial fleets Objectives of the Study Broad Objective: To know overall scenario of the company Robi Axiata Ltd. and also know each and every parts of the recruitment and selection process of that company. Specific Objectives: To focus on major elements of Fleet Management. To focus on the process of Fleet Management. To focus on the updates and the batter methods of modern technique.

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Methodology: Source of Information: 1. Primary: Primary data has been collected by: Actively working throughout my internship period with my on-site supervisor about the topic. Collecting documents & information from my department manager as well as Specialist. A raw document of Fleet management which has been my most resourceful source. Process documentation files of different departments & divisions. Information collected through observation. 2. Secondary: Most of the secondary information such as organization overview, management profile, divisional & departmental chain of command etc has been collected from internal website of Robi: newportal.robi.com.bd as well as Robi official website: www.robi.com.bd. Both primary and secondary data sources will be used to generate this report. Primary data sources are scheduled survey, informal discussion with professionals and observation while working in different desks. The secondary data sources are different published reports, manuals, price updates and different publications of Robi. Scope of the research The report deals with the recruitment and selection process in terms of theoretical point of view and the practical use. The study will allow learning about the recruitment and selection issues, importance, modern techniques and models used to make it more efficient. The study will help to learn the practical procedures followed by the leading organizations. Moreover the study will help to differentiate between the practice and the theories that direct to realize how the organization can improve their recruitment and selection process. Limitations of the research The main limitation of the study is the collection of information, because most of the information is confidential. So they dont want to disclose them. And I am not able to show any forms which they use in the time of joining or we use to upgrade the files. Hence, it was difficult for me to prepare the report. Sometimes, I had to use generalized idea about any topic & tried to relate it with the actual Fleet management Plan implemented by Robi. Contact details of many Fleet management team members were not possible to collect within the period. Thats why in the appendix, some contacts are missing. But as time goes by, Robi will collect their contact details.

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CHAPTER-2 COMPANY OVER VIEW Background of Robi: In order to get on with the rhythm of the modern world, infra-structural development of the telecommunication sector should get the priority. As a consequence, Robi Axiata Ltd. one of the pioneers not only in the telecommunications private sector of Bangladesh, but also is a dynamic and leading countrywide GSM communication solution provider. It is a joint venture company between Axiata Group Berthed, Malaysia and NTT DOCOMO INC, Japan. With a mission to meet the communication needs of the people of Bangladesh, Robi Axiata Ltd. formerly known as Telekom Malaysia International (Bangladesh), commenced its operation in 1997 under the brand

name of Aktel. Later, on 28 March, 2010 the company started its new journey with the new brand name Robi. By serving the urban dwellers and rural people simultaneously, Robi is going to fulfill the countrys vision to make communication a basic necessity and with the reach at all levels of the society. Sharing Robis experience and expertise with people of Bangladesh will not only assist in the development of the telecom infrastructure in the country but most importantly the people of Bangladesh remains connected and closer with each other. Robi is truly a people-oriented brand of Bangladesh. Robi believes in ahead with innovation and creativity. The company is providing the telecommunication services to support national telecommunication policy for a higher rate of telecommunications ratio and coverage in Bangladesh. Robi is committed to provide warm, friendly approachable service to its valued customers as well as mass society. Robi services its subscribers with the philosophy of the excellence with the limited interconnection. To ensure leading-edge technology, Robi has the international expertise of Axiata and NTT DOCOMO INC that support 2G voice, CAMEL phase 2 and GPRS/EDGE service with high speed internet connectivity. Its GSM service is based on a robust network architecture and cutting edge technology such as Intelligence Network (IN), which provides peace of mind solutions in terms of voice clarity, extensive nationwide network coverage and multiple global partners for international roaming (IR). It has the widest International Roaming coverage in Bangladesh connecting 553 operators across 207 countries. Its customer centric solution includes value added services (VAS), quality customer care, easy access call centers, digital network security and flexible tariff rates. As a customer focused Information Communications Company, Robi believes in providing superior service that leads to good business and good development in the society. Robi believes that quality is continuous and never ending journey. Hence, a step Robi is taking continuously to upgrade and expand their network for better and more efficient services to subscribers.
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Market share of Robi: Robi has got 18% market share in the Telecommunication industry in Bangladesh considering the subscriber base and is in the third position based on the number of customers. But when revenue is concerned, Robi has a lot of valuable customers who are keeping Robi at second position. Subscriber Analysis: According to Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulation Commission (BTRC), subscriber of all the operators from January-2011 to February-2012 is presented in appendix I. Based on that data; I conducted growth analysis of each operator which is also presented in appendix I. According to the growth result, I compared subscriber of Banglalink & Robi as well as GP & Robi since Robi is now competing with them to become the number one telecommunication company in our country. The result of the analysis is interesting to me as because we think that GP has more customers than any other operators, so their growth should be also higher than any mobile operators. But what is thought is not always true. Without certain months, Robi has always higher growth than GP & Banglalink. Vision: To be a leader as a Telecommunication Service Provider in Bangladesh Mission: Robi aims to achieve its vision through being number one not only in terms of market share, but also by being an employer of choice with up-to-date knowledge and products geared to address the ever changing needs of our budding nation. Missions: Cover the whole country with their network system. Establishing customer-based product portfolio. Providing best services for their customers.

A Base Transceiver Station (BTS) is a piece of equipment that facilitates wireless communication between user equipment & a network. 6 Robi Celebrates its 2nd anniversary; www.bdnews24.com, 28 March, 2012 at 06:30:56 PM 7http://www.btrc.gov.bd/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=466:mobile-phone-subscribers-in-bangladeshjanuary-2012&catid=49:telco-news&Itemid=502

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Principle of Robi: Principles statements define how people want to behave with each other in the organization. Robi Axiata Limited statement is about how the organization will value their customers, suppliers, and the internal community. For this reason Robi Axiata Limited Employees hold themselves accountable to the following guiding Principles for the organization. From the perspective of Robi: Emotional: Passionate, Creative, Respectful, and Open Functional: Simple, Ethical, Transparent, Ownership No matter what we do in order to realize our purpose, we hold ourselves accountable to the following overarching guiding Principles for our organization. Passionate: We are Passionate-its in all of us .Whether visible or hidden within for whatever reasons. Everything we do is about doing the best we can. We are there for each other and we endeavor to help in every way we can. Creative: Everything we do we should do in a creative innovative manner. We bring energy to our work. Our communications demonstrates our creative flair. We provide creative and imaginative and services to our customers. Respectful: We are truly respectful to each other, our subordinates, peers, partners and customers. We treat everyone equally and we allow people to express their thoughts opinions in a respectful manner. Open: We have no hidden agendas. We share information freely. We can only be open with our customers, partners, and stakeholders if we are open with ourselves- regardless of hierarchy.

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Simple: Everything we do and say should be simple and easy to understand. In terms of communications we make sure the massaging is in plain, simple language. Our plains are simple and uncomplicated. Ethical: we are moral, upright, honest, righteous, virtuous, honorable, keeping our promises in all we say and do. We clearly align to our internal and organizational code of ethics and code of honor. We will oppose all forms of corruptions. Transparent: A few key words and phrases sums this up: Honesty, openness, frankness, no lies, no deceit, no games, easily understood. We are transparent with our customers, with each other, with our subordinate and peers Ownership: whilst working individually or correctively, we clearly demonstrate individual and collective ownership. Making mistakes is clearly part of daily business as it is part of daily life- as long as we own up to this clear, no culture of fear. Product Portfolio: Robi mainly offer two types of product based on the subscription category for general subscribers-Pre-paid and Post-paid. Pre-paid package: Robi Pre-paid is continuously offer new features and plans to provide absolute freedom to the customer. Robi offers a single Pre-paid package with different tariff plans to meet different types of needs instant, easy and multiple migration facility form one tariff to another. Tariff plans are as follows Robi Club Tariff Plan Robi Prothom Muhurto Tariff Shoccho Tariff Shasroyee Tariff Shorol Tariff For the entrepreneurs Robi offer a different package called Uddokta & Easy Load Tariff. Post-paid package: Robi offers few lucrative Post-paid Packages named Simple plans, Normal plans, and Robi corporate. These Tariff and facilities can be easily found from the webpage: www.robi.com.bd. Tariff plans are as follows

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Services: Complementary services: Call Waiting and Call Holding Call Forwarding Call Conferencing National Roaming-Both way Dedicated Customer Services Music Entertainment Downloads Internet & Data Services Messaging Community & Chat Information & Services Mobile Assistance Education & Career Islamic Info Lifestyle M-Ticket Finance Balance Transfer Request Call Management etc.

Chain of Command The organization is headed by its Chief Executive designated as the Managing Director entrusted with overall responsibilities of business direction of the organization and leading dynamically towards the attainment of its Vision, Mission and Goal. In attaining the above mission, the MD is assisted by 4 general managers Robi Axiata Ltd. has established a strong and formidable sales channel, which consists of direct dealers and its own sales force.

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Market Strategy & Planning Acting:Barna Ahmad Voice & Devices Acting:Karim Abdul Malik VAS & Intl. Bus. Karim Abdul Malik CLM Barna Ahmad BMC Md. Zabid Ahsan Sales & Services Developed Market Nehal Ahmed Sales & Services Emerging Market Nazir Ahmed Customer Experience Promod R. Karmaker Business IT Faizur Rashid Financial Services/ MMoney Acting:Barna Ahmad HR Business Partner Business Control

Corporate Finance Dew an Nazmul Hasan Financial Act. & Mgt. Reporting NN Financial Compliance, Insurance & Process Improvement Ajoy Das SCM Md. Saiful Alam Revenue Assurance & Fraud Mgt. F. M. Fazle Karim Business Partnering Ruhul Amin Transformation Office Zafrul Hassan Media Buying NN Company Secretary NN Development Niloy Rahman Planning Asif Rahman Implementation Sarker Sohel Ahmed Central Operations Mizanul Ghani Milon Regional Operations Mohammad Hafizur Rahman Compliance Rezaul Karim Business Development Armaan Siddiqui Corporate Management & Strategic Planning Ahammad Jubaer Ali Organizational Development & Talent Management Rizw an Hamid Quraishi HR Operations S.M Farhad Mahbub Competence Development Md. Tauhidul Alam Employee Relations & Compliance Faisal Imt iaz Khan Corporate Communications & Media Relations NN Company Affairs Humayun Kabir CSR & Sponsorship Mohiuddin Babar Regulatory Affairs Alloisus Mohan Ramaiah Legal & Compliance Md. Shahedul Alam

Robi Axiata Limited | Org Chart 04 July 2012

Facility & Estate Management Muhammad Taha Alomgir Fleet Management Akt er Emam Khan Security Jamil Ahmed Regional Admin Operation Raushon Ahmed Safety Most ofa Abu Hasan EPMO Program 1 Acting:Nishat Husain EPMO Program 2 Danesh Bansal EPMO Program 3 Quazi Sarjil Ibne Sarw ar

HR Business Partner Business Control

HR Business Partner Business Control

Market Operations Pradeep Shrivast ava

Finance Maht ab Uddin Ahmed

Technology A. K. M. Morshed

Corporate Strategy Yoshishige Hasegawa

Human Resources Mat iul Islam Now shad

CRL Mahmudur Rahman

Administration Abdullah Al Mamun

EPMO Nishat Husain

Ethics Office Md. Shahedul Alam (Act ing)

CEO Michael Kuehner

CEOs Office Muneera Feroze Huda

Internal Audit Shafik Azlee Bin Mashar

Figure 1 shows Robi Work Plan Legal & Compliance Department Security & Safety Department MDs/CEOs Office

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Divisions of Robi Axiata Ltd. Robi is operating with following 10 Division having its establishment in different locations at Dhaka, Chittagong and other regions of Bangladesh. Robi has following divisions 1. Finance Division. 2. Administration Division. 3. Technology Division. 4. Human Resources Division. 5. EPMO Division. 6. Corporate Strategy Division. 7. CRL. 8. MO. 9. Internal Audit. 10. Digital Technology. Functions of Various Division & Departments: Administration Division: Administration division works to control the business facility layout, safety & maintenance, controlling overall employee management, security staffs & personnel management etc. Besides, maintaining alternative sites for emergency evacuation is also a part of administrative job. Administration division constitutes five units. A brief description of each unit is given below: A. Facility & Estate Management. B. Fleet Management. C. Security. D. Safety. E. Regional Admin Operation. A. Facility & Estate Management: Robi Axiata facility & Estate management is an interdisciplinary field devoted to the coordination of space, infrastructure, people and organization, often associated with business services functions such as offices, arenas, convention centers, shopping complexes, hospitals, hotels, etc. However, facilitates the business on a much wider range of activities than just business services and these are referred to as non core functions. Billing Operation Team: Billing operation team is responsible for Facility & Estate management department the entire billing process and developing required software for collecting bills from postpaid users. B. Regional Admin Operation: There are 12 Region of Robi over all Bangladesh .Every Regional Admin are operation there region of combination of other four administration divisional work.
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C. Fleet Management: Fleet Management has been developed to establish a general procedural guideline to ensure world class transportation service for Robi Business in Bangladesh .This management will maintain transport related database, vehicle distribution, GPRS based monitoring, hotline based communication and various reporting of all Robi owned and rented vehicle. D. Security: Robi security departments practice the "detect, deter, observe and report" methodology. Security officers are not required to make Checking, but have the authority to make a citizen's checking, or otherwise act as an agent. E. Safety: In this Department command and control equipment & employee safety of Robi, thats given below: Identify and control existing hazards in the office and technical sites. Plan, organize and facilitate training on general safety and road safety Ensuring safety equipment and their maintenance all over the Robi installation Ensure safe environment all over through visit to different office and technical site Ensure caution and safety signs at different locations of Robi Axiata Limited. Ensure building evacuation plan and employee drill. Develop process for quality security and monitoring all over the Robi Axiata( Bangladesh) office and technical sides Develop a system to aware/intimation of safety issues to all concern
Abdullah Al Mamun (VP, Administration)

Raushon Ahmed (GM, Regional Admin Operation)

Muhammad Taha Alamgir (GM, Facility & Estate Management)

Akter Emam Khan (GM, Fleet Management)

Jamil Ahmed (GM, Security Management)

Most of a Abuu Hasan (GM, Safety Management)

Figure 2 shows Administration Structure of Robi Axiata Ltd

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Corporate Regulatory Affairs & Legal: This division is known as CRL which is in charge of all the CSR activities approval, analysis of event management & sponsorship, maintaining relations with media, handling legal issues by govt. & so on. Two of the most renowned faces are incorporating the division. Internal Audit: Internal audit division of Robi works to ensure worth of operations, reliability of financial reporting, determining & investigating fraudulent activities, safeguarding assets in accordance with the law & regulations. Human Resources: Human resource or HR mainly works for recruiting new employees, providing training for existing employees; circulate salary to employees account, employee motivation, as well as organizational development. HR also takes the responsibility of maintaining good relations among all the employees. Technology: It is the division which provides IT support to all the divisions & departments of Robi. Main tasks of this division is maintenance of regional IT operation along with establishing BTS, central network monitoring, technology compliance, supporting employees by providing necessary hardware & software, support contact center etc. Controlling Robi website as well as intra-division & departmental websites is also an important task of technology. Corporate Sales: Corporate sales unit deals with the sales of products and services to other companies. The unit makes agreements with different companies to be the corporate clients of Robi and only handle the corporate level sales. Enterprise Program Management: Enterprise program management (EPMO) works closely with the CXOs in developing or participating different management programs. Along with the Corporate Strategy division, EPMO defines business objectives, goals, policies for business & contribute for dissimilar projects to take place. Market Operation: Market operation division is responsible for acquiring monthly targeted sales given by top management. The division works to develop brand & market communication, sales of corporate & business products, maintenance of contact center as well as participate in building up pricing strategy of new products. Finance: Finance is the heart of any business functions because they are responsible for budgeting. Finance division of Robi Axiata Limited is accountable for financing into different proposals, business partnering, as well as new product development. Finance controls financial accounting, creating salary sheets for employees, maintaining compliances & so on. SCM & corporate finance is another task of this division. Corporate Strategy: Main task of corporate strategy division is to analyze monthly growth, revenue, KPIs as well as develop new business proposals for Robi. The division is responsible to plan for organizational growth.
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Marketing Strategies: RAX always wants to achieve the desired sales growth and customer base. RAx wants to encourage the existing customers to use more of their services. They launched a package called "Robi EID DOUBLE BONUS" which was one of their successful initiatives for obtaining potential customers. Product Positioning Initially RAX's target was to reach the top, but other mobile operators are also targeting to the grass roots level and thus increasing their customer base. RAX wants to be the leader with good quality and designing products for the middle and lower middle class range too. Marketing division constitutes seven units. A brief description of each unit is given below: Brand and A&P: Brand and A&P denotes to brand and advertising & promotion. This unit deals with the overall brand management and promotion activities of the company. The unit covers both outdoor (billboards, road-overhead etc.) media and indoor (print & electronic) media. Product Development: Product development unit is like the R&D unit of a company, which is responsible for developing new products and services. This unit is closely related to the marketing research unit. International Roaming: International roaming (IR) unit is basically responsible for ISD, international SMS etc services. The core task of this unit is to negotiate with foreign telecommunication companies and to expand the international coverage by making deals with them. Direct Sales: Direct sales unit is responsible for the sales of products and services to the mass customers through the customer service centers. Dealer Management: Dealer management unit oversees the dealers of the company around the country. Information Technology Division: IT division constitutes seven units and they closely work together. Value Added Services (VAS) Value added service is a unit that implements the developed concepts and ideas of the marketing division. This handles the VAS content providers who are the third party to the company. Billing: The billing unit is responsible for processing and monitoring the billing systems for the postpaid users. The unit has a manager who reports to the AGM of IT. Rating (postpaid) This unit is responsible for charging the rates of postpaid services. The unit fixes per-minute and pulse rates and also fix the pulse durations. It has changes the rates on demand basis. Prepaid: This unit only deals with the prepaid service. It administers the e-fill and scratch card systems. At the same time, it fixes per-minute and pulse rates and fix the pulse durations.
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Product Configuration: This unit is responsible for designing and developing products and services. It develops the blueprints of the product design.

Customer Relation Management (CRM): This unit supplies required software to the customer care centers and work with these centers side by side. The centers usually inform CRM concerning their necessaries and the unit prepares suitable software for them. Finance Division: Financial division has eight units dealing with financial matters of the company. Treasury Management: Corporate finance unit consists of the treasury management and L/C. Treasury management deals with the inflow and outflow of the company, whereas L/C (letter of credit) deals with the L/C opening banks and other foreign banks. Accounts Payable: This unit keeps track on the accounts payable of the company. Accounts Receivable: This unit keeps track on the accounts receivable s of the company while preparing the balance sheet. As Axiata is a large company with thousands of financial transactions every day, a unit to keep track on the accounts is necessary. Costing: This unit forecasts the costing of different departments and resorts them regarding the expected expenditure of any alternation. Taxation: Taxation unit takes care of the tax, VAT and tariffs of the company. Revenue Assurance: Revenue assurance unit consists of the revenue assurance and fraud management. Revenue assurance monitors the transactions and assures all protection of the finances. On the other hand, fraud management protects the fraudulences take place in the daily transactions. Reporting unit: The reporting unit reports the entire financial transactions Axiata to the parent company.

Page 15

Core Account: Core account is an important unit of the finance division dealing with the budget and fixed assets. The annual budget of various departments is prepared under the close observation of this unit.

Technical Division: The technical division consists of three major units- planning, infrastructure, and property management. Planning: The planning unit makes plans regarding the technical matters such as the RF, SWITCH etc. They assure the proper placement of technical devices and equipments. Property Management: The property management unit manages the technical equipments and assets. Infrastructure: The infrastructure unit selects the locations and builds the base transceiver station (BTS) towers. They are also responsible for the maintenance of the towers. Human Resource Division: Human resource department is responsible for the recruitment and training of the employees of the company. They also monitor the performance and handle the promotion and salary related matters. They also administer the regulations of the company. Corporate Strategy Department: The corporate strategy department determines the long term strategies and short term plans. All the corporate level policies come from them and they are also responsible for the implementation. Corporate Affairs Department: The corporate affairs department is responsible for the internal and external synchronization. At on hand, they coordinate with outside companies. Along with that, they harmonize among the divisions and departments inside the company.

The Company in Bangladesh

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The way Robi Axiata Ltd. Defines business: Robi Axiata Ltd. is the Digital Cellular Telephony Business. With a technological development in future, Robi Axiata Ltd. will adopt any cost effective and more efficient technology to provide state of the art and comprehensive service to its customers. Axiata's vision is to continuously monitor its customers needs and to plan accordingly. It will monitor the development of technology and updated self to meet customer demand. Long-Term Vision of the Company: Robi strongly believes that subscribers are their most valuable assets. They have a strong Customer Service Center. To always be with their customers the Robi "Help Line' is there. Robi has successfully migrated to a new switch with higher capacities in terms of accommodating higher customer base and as well as to let them use all the basic supplementary services under GSM technology. Robi Axiata Ltd. expertise and experience are acknowledged throughout the industry. Demand is growing all the time, not simply for the services it already provides, but for greater and more diversified services and even higher quality performance. Its pace is fast, rewards are high and work is of constant challenge. They introduced the both-way national roaming all through their network coverage. The Prepaid services with enhanced features have been commercially commenced successfully and now they are taking some projects to accumulate more advanced technological features in their network. In terms of Network Quality, the company will ensure not only the equipment are of world class standard but more importantly its size or capacity is catered to the right dimensioning of customer base, in order not to face the problems of drop calls or congestion. All these are done through proper planning, control and schedule maintenance program. They maintain the benchmark for providing the quality services. They monitor these through generating regular reports and on site survey. If there are any weak signals or a call drops, the skilled engineers are providing services round the clock to resolve the problem instantly. The most important key resource factor in Robi Axiata Ltd. (Robi) is its efficient human resource. Moreover, its decisions are based on facts from market research and coverage survey. Moreover, the above objectives can only be achieved through the right people. Robi has put its keen eyes in developing its employees through proper training, as they believe that the most important asset for Robi Axiata Ltd. (Robi) is its staff members. So they are ensuring quality services by quality people. Axiata has the plan to give opportunity to every household in using cellular service in the country at the competitive price providing unparalleled quality service and customer care. In achieving this goal, they can't wait for more interconnection facilities with the fixed network. Robi is planning to enforce their strong efforts to create their own independent network. They have already started the Dhaka-Chittagong Robi backbone. The future plan is to vigorously expand the network, which was called cell to cell expansion, covering almost all the regions of Bangladesh within the year 2005.

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The Marketing Activities of Robi Axiata Ltd. Advertisement and Promotion: Robi GSM are trying to convert non users to mobile phone users stressing the benefit of GSM services, and with the service benefit of Robi that will make their life easier. To serve the market more accurately their target market will be further segmented based on psychographics and business sites. The striven to develop a better product will be a continuous process. Conducting of market research will be held every 3 months. They will use their import to develop new products based on the data they will get from survey. Thus the product will be designed to meet the customers need. Robi has a wide variety of promotional activities. The promotional activities include T.V., radio, newspapers, magazines, flyers, brochures, etc. Robi has also put up billboards at certain strategic locations in order to attract customers as well as give their products and services a boost so that they can increase their customer base. Robi branding has been carried in order to bring about its brand awareness. They are trying to identify Robi as a unique product so that it can be differentiated from its competitors. Billboards are there to attract attention and appeal to customers so that they are aware of Robi's products and services. Mostly billboards have been put on main roads and some major shopping centers around Dhaka city like Eastern Plaza, where mostly the younger generation hang out. This in turn would attract that segment of customers within a specific age group, i.e. teenagers and people in their early twenties, as this generation has the urge to communicate frequently and be up-to-date on recent events. Thus, by promoting their products and services through these various media, electronic as well as press advertisements, Robi can well be in the way of obtaining it's vision and so resulting in a higher subscriber base and in turn a higher potential market share. The Commercial Division distributes leaflets or brochures so those new customers can find out information about Robi's various packages and choose from among them.

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Achievements in 2011 and 2010: Robi Axiata Limited, the leading mobile phone operator of the nation, has received Star News HR EXCELLENCE AWARDS FOR INNOVATION IN HR. Leading mobile phone service provider Robi has been re-assessed and rewarded with ISO 9001:2008 certification. Robi received this internationally renowned Management Standard after complying with all requirements. Robi has been conferred the prestigious Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific ICT Award 2010 for "Emerging Market Service Provider of the Year". Past Achievements: Awarded the prestigious fund grant from GSMA MMU (Mobile Money for the Unbanked) in 2009. Crossing 10 million subscribers mark in 2009. Ranked within top 6 global comparable telcos in A.T. Kearney benchmarking exercise in 2009. Cost optimization project saved 2 times of what was projected. Bangladesh Mobile Phone Businessmen Association (BMBA) Award 20082009 as the best service provider in Bangladesh. The Weekly Financial Mirror Samsung Mobile & Robintex Business Award 2008-2009 as the best Telecommunication Company. TeleLink Telecommunication Award 2007 TeleLink Telecommunication Award 2007" for its excellence in service, corporate social responsibilities and dealership management for the year 2006 in commemoration of WORLD Telecommunication Day 2007. Arthakantha Business Award Given by the national fortnightly business magazine of Bangladesh for its excellence in service in telecom sector. Financial Mirror Businessmen Award Given by the national weekly Tabloid business magazine. Financial Mirror Businessmen Award Given by the national weekly Tabloid business magazine. Deshbandhu C. R. Das Gold Medal For contribution to telecom sector in Bangladesh. Beatification Award for exceptional contribution to the Dhaka Metropolitan city from Prime Minister Office on 13th SAARC Summit.

Page 19

Standard Chartered - Financial Express Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Awards 2006 For contribution in Education, Primary Health, poverty alleviation and ecological impact. Arthokontho Business Award 2006 for better telecom service provider in Bangladesh. Financial Mirror & Robintex Business award 2006 for its excellence in service, corporate social responsibilities activities throughout Bangladesh. Desher Kagoj Business Award 2006 For Corporate Social Responsibilities activities. TeleLink Telecommunication Award 2005 for its excellence in service for the year 2005.


Page 20

Corporate Social Responsibility As a socially responsible corporate, Robi has in place an extensive CSR program aimed at contributing to social uplift and environmental upkeep. With the vision of enabling opportunities to improve lives, Robi drives its CSR activities in the domain of education, ICT, Health and environment. Being committed to address societal needs, it has various outreach activities across the country. In the aspect of education, Robi along with the popular English daily The Daily Star runs the English in schools program. It is intended to promote English language learning among the secondary level students in several schools across the country. In todays world, information technology plays a dominant role in all aspects of our life. Right and access to information play a key role in augmenting knowledge. Considering this, Robi has installed computer corners at 72 colleges in far flung regions. This is facilitating the students with the window of opportunity to log on to internet and thus to the vast reservoir of information and knowledge. At the same time, Robi has established Internet Corners at all divisional libraries. This has added digital value to the storehouses of knowledge. On the health front, Robi has been conducting a wide range of activities. Since 2011, Robi activated a landmark program titled Protobondhita korbo joy through which treatment is provided to clubfeet children. The program has already helped hundreds of ill-fated children to lead normal life like others. Another remarkable feat in the sector is the installation of purified drinking water supply facilities at key railway stations in the country. Robi in collaboration with the global organization Water Aid has set up or setting up water treatment plants at major railway stations in the country.

Page 21

In remote rural areas of Bangladesh, electricity is rarely available. People in these areas, particularly in the off-grid region, depend on kerosene or wax candles to meet their demands for light to beat darkness. Robi has intervened in this aspect and provided solar panels to hundreds of homes in remote villages. This has not only infused a new lease of life amongst the poor villagers but that their carbon footprints have also been decreased significantly besides facilitating them with savings from buying fuels or candles. All these CSR activities of Robi are already showing visible signs of success in making positive impacts in the lives of the people. Besides, Robi has well-conceived programs to ensure welfare for its employees. These programs include day care centre, organizing art contests for children of the employees etc. CSR Highlights: In line with Government's 'Digital Bangladesh vision 2021', is working towards increasing IT literacy as well as access to information highway. For mass people. Along with providing internet connectivity for the mass education, is facilitating the rural and suburban colleges with computers. While running the program for the rural colleges across the country, has mapped this program into a 2 year plan to reach 64 districts of Bangladesh focusing mainly on the Women's colleges to increase the rate of IT literacy among the female students. In line with Government's 'Digital Bangladesh vision 2021', is working towards increasing IT literacy as well as access to information highway. For mass people. Along with providing internet connectivity for the mass education, is facilitating the rural and suburban colleges with computers. While running the program for the rural colleges across the country, has mapped this program into a 2 year plan to reach 64 districts of Bangladesh focusing mainly on the Women's colleges to increase the rate of IT literacy among the female students.

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Robi Axiata Limited organized an art competition for children of its Dhaka based employees on Saturday, June 9, 2012. The event was organized in observance of the World Environment Day 2012. The theme of the contest was Rong Tulite Amar Prithibi and the children were drew/painted pictures portraying the world as they would want it to be. About 80 children, aged Between 5 to 14 participated in the art competition. The competition was rounded off with a magic show performed by popular magician Ulfat Kabir. Robi organized Konthe O Tulite Bangladesh contest (Wednesday March 31, 2010) Robi initiates health camp at Rangpur for underprivileged women (Wednesday March 07, 2010) Robi Axiata Ltd. pledge for Healthy Women, Healthy Family (Sunday March 08, 2010) Robi Axiata Ltd. stands beside the visually impaired people of the society (February 28, 2010) Robi Axiata Ltd. donates sewing machines for the underprivileged women (January 31, 2010) Robi stood beside the cold affected people of Northern region.

Robi Axiata Ltd. & The Daily Star have jointly initiated English in Schools (EIS), a language learning program to promote English language learning at secondary schools across the country. Robi Axiata Ltd. was besides the cold affected underprivileged people of the city. Robi Axiata Ltd. stands beside SOMA Robi Axiata Ltd. had taken various initiatives in Bishwa Estema 2008 Robi Axiata Ltd. organized debate championship 2008 in Chittagong. Robi Axiata Ltd. joined hands with SEID trust rehabilitate children with disabilities especially intellectual and multiple disabilities into mainstream society and to Facilitate activities directed towards ensuring the rights of such children.

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I am working there as an intern so I dont have to handle any core responsibilities. I only look After the supporting work, like: Data Entry, Worksheet Check, Report prepared, Documentation Preparer By Excel ,Employee Database prepared and main work is Data Analysis & Communication with support staff under Fleet Management department. Justification /Observation: Robi Axiata Limited believe that a Working time directive system will not be effective unless it is easy to use by both the employer and driver. More than 432Vehicle for Fleet management of Robi Axiata Limited (owned vehicle 92 & 340 rented). The basic right and protections that the Robi Axiata working time regulations provide are: A Limit of an average of 8 hour work in a day. A limit of an average of 48 hours for rental and outsource and 40 hours for pay roll a week which a driver can be required to work (though driver can choose to work more if they want to). A right to enjoy 1 day holiday for outsources and rental drivers and 2 days for pay roll drivers in a week. A right to off government holiday. Fleet Management will serve 24/7 basis transport service and will communicate with user through e-mail, SMS & hotline as per the SLA. Fleet Management will maintain transport related all database, vehicle distribution, GPRS based monitoring and various reporting of all Robi owned and rented vehicles. User will raise ticket for vehicle through VMS, SMS USSD following operational manual. Fleet Management will generate various reports as per management requirement. User will be accountable for vehicle usage and cost incurs for each trip will be booked to user divisions account. Fleet Management will focus on optimum utilization of vehicles at cost efficient manner. Fleet Management will generate VMS based vehicle utilization report on monthly basis and will asses companywide vehicle requirement periodically. Fleet Management will monitor of vehicles or deviation from approved policy to compliance. The Fleet Management maintains proper documentation, record and compliance related issues while using official vehicles.

Page 24

CHAPTER-4 The Project Fleet Management of Robi Axiata Limited Flip through a mining Journal or attend an industry Conference and you will likely come across .some discussion of Fleet Managements a hot topic these days. But beyond the obvious definition-Fleet Management comprises the target-oriented, optimal, planning, Supervision and control of the Fleet operations based on the available resources, considering internal and external influencing factor. A Special focus is on the integration of organizational processes with modern information Systems. In Robi Axiata Limited Fleet management department constitutes four units. A brief description of each unit is given below: Fleet operation. Fleet support. Vehicle Maintenance. Vendor Management.

Page 25

General Manager

Vehicle Maintenance (Specialist)

Vendor Management (Specialist)

Fleet Operation (Manager)

Fleet Support (Specialist)

Fleet Operation (Specialist)

Fleet Operation (Specialist)

Transport Support Agent

Figure 3: Shows Fleet Management Structure of Robi Axiata Limited

Page 26

1. Fleet support: Analyze and Plan for vehicle requirement /dispose of & execute the plan liaison with concern division /department. Organize & maintain up to date BRTA documentation of all RAx owned vehicles and keep control on vendor to maintain update documents (driving license, BRTA papers, 1st party Insurance etc). Handle insurance related activity for all vehicle/s liaisons with internal/external parties. Organize appointment of new drivers (direct /3rd party), fuel pump, workshops, and service vendor liaison with concern department. Ensure instant support (logistic, insurance, police, replacement, repairing etc.) if for any accident of RAx owned vehicle and coordination with vendor for rented vehicle. All sort/s of fleet related legal issue (police case, labor issues, robbery, misdeal etc.) to be handled liaison with RAx Legal Division. Preserve one set update documents & alternate Keys of each RAx owned vehicle, also maintain documentation of all driver. Prepare yearly budget for vehicle acquisition, BRTA documentation, maintain budget, and generate report/s as & when required by the management. Develop process for fleet automation and support to operation. 2. Vendor Management: Organize all rented vehicles acquisition through Supply chain Management Deployment of all rented vehicles as per Agreement/LOA Prepare of all rented vehicle bill and ensure on time payment. All sorts of Conflict resolution regarding rented vehicles Fleet monthly rented vehicles cost analysis. Fleet related cost forecast Month to Month Assist to prepare yearly budget of Fleet Management and generate report/s as & when required by the management.
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3. Vehicle Maintenance: Organize maintenance of all RAx owned vehicles and monitor maintenance of rented vehicles to ensure vehicle quality at standard level. Handle accidental vehicle/s repair-maintenance liaison with concerned internal /external department /parties. Maintain vehicle maintenance record (VMR) sheet in each vehicle (owned/rented) and maintain maintenance history for RAx owned vehicles. Quotation collection for type, tube, battery, and repair/maintenance works, negotiation and obtain approval to work done. Raise all Purchase Requisition (PR) of Fleet (vehicle rental, maintenance, 3rd party service etc.) and get PO through SCM. Maintain safety parking of all RAx owned vehicle and visit parking places randomly. Evaluation of workshops at half yearly basis. Prepare yearly vehicle maintenance budget, maintain budget and generate report/s as & when required by management.

4. Fleet operation: Fleet operation center refers to central location (at 13th Floor, Udoy Tower) based operation with comprised of all modern facilities (VMS, IP based Hotline, GPRS based monitoring & reporting) and 24/7 basis service by roaster Agents. a) VMS: VMS means Vehicle management software. This is refers to a simple but effective Software which will enable us to maintain central database, vehicle distribution, monitoring and various reporting of all Robi owned and rented vehicles. b) VTS: VTS means Vehicle tracking system .This is refers to GPRS based navigation device will be installed in all vehicles (rented & owned) which will ensure safety, unconscious movement, effective utilization of vehicles. c) User: All Robi employees, who will raise ticket for vehicle and will use vehicles. d) IP based Hotline: This is refers to internet protocol based common short code for fast communication through telephone. e) Agent: Transport Service Center (TSC in short) is a 24/7 based call center, which maintain a bunch of vehicles in Dhaka and limited vehicles in region .Transport agent receives formal ticket through the VMS for vehicle requisition , immediate feedback with ticket number, assign/notify user.

Transport Agent have to check vehicle availability, understand importance & scrutinize the customers need, set priority and assign/notify user accordingly. These service agents have to consider agreed lead time to resolve or cancel notification of each ticket. Also the agents are responsible for continuous follow up of tickets and various quarries regarding emergency or general support as well as provide relevant information to employees in a proper manner as per the Fleet management.
1 Level Supervisor

ROBI Network.

Ticket send to user supervisor for approval. Mail notification to supervisor. User raise ticket using Robi Approval/ cancellation from Network. supervisor through SMS/Web/ Request store in server. Laptop.

LAN or WILAN solution through laptop or desktop

SMS based solution from cell phone


Central Data Base Server.


Fleet Distribution Center. Ticket Resolved & SMS notification to driver. Web Solution through Hand set

SMS & Mail notification to user.

If ticket cancel SMS & Mail notification to user.

Figure 4 shows Vehicle tracking &VMS working system.


User Login VMS through web/SMS/ USSD

Raise ticket for vehicle

TSC receive ticket

Ticket check by SIC

Ticket number auto reply through SMS & mail Ticket assign to agent

If error call user for correction

Check ticket (OK/Error)


Measure service defination

Dedicated service

General Service

Assign the vehicle in VMS


Search vehicle from system

Yes Notify to user vehicle not available SMS notification to driver

Communicate with driver & assign vehicle in VMS

SMS notification to driver Resolve ticket and SMS & mail notification to user

Resolve ticket and SMS & mail notification to user

Figure 5 shows Flow -Chart of VMS ticketing process for vehicle requisition.

Business Case Analysis Team: In according of responsibility workgroup for this transport is as follow : Robi fleet operation Team Internal/outsourced service agent User (ticket raised by Robi employee) Regional Admin Robi vigilance IT & power of Technology Service: a. Dedicated Service(VMS based):refers to the usage of dedicated vehicles for the major stakeholders as follows: Technology Regional operation, Fiber optic patrolling & central operation Roasters vehicles Market Operation(RMs) Expatriates & Employees under employee benefit policy of HR. b. General Service(VMS based) :refers to the usage of pool vehicles for the stakeholders as follows: Intra office movement ( within the city) Regional/ Inter District group movement Corporate Sales Support (team movement) Staff pick-drop (Dhaka & Chittagong Based) Whole Sale Business Protocol Service for VIPs AMs Functional Support Event support c. Hotline based Service (only for emergency):refers to the service provides based on request through Hotline by Central pool / Region Admin: Rescue team support in emergency MSC break down situation Natural Disaster (fire, Earthquake, Storm) Genera Service interrupted situation Sudden employee sickness situation

Table shows task & time outline position User task User login VMS and raise ticket for vehicle (as per VMS Manual) Time outline System will generate ticket number to user and notification to immediate supervisor for approval within 5 minutes lead time. Systems generate auto reply within 1 min.

Transport Agents

Auto reply to user with ticket number. Shift-in- charge receive users request Assign agent to check & resolve the ticket in system by user identified vehicle. Agent check ticket, communicate user (if error) & minor edition of ticket on behalf user. Communicate driver and user for future reference and upload VMS database. Provide alternate solution proposal to user (if ticket could not be resolved through dedicated vehicle then agent should follow general service guideline to fulfill customer need) For dedicated vehicle driver will start duty with pre assigned Robi authorized employee on business needs. Will approve each vehicle ticket even on post facto basis.

Agent should resolve the ticket as per users given information with in 1 hour. 10 min




Line Supervisor

After assigning driver will start duty within reasonable time to travel from existing vehicle position to user location. 7 days from ticket date.

Regional Fleet Maintenance process: As per recommendation of Regionalization committee, Regional Admin Operation will responds for maintenance of Robi owned vehicle at Region for minor vehicle maintenance related issues; Region Admin Operation will initiate requisition through (for direction of center Fleet Maintenance. Upon higher expert level opinion from central fleet maintenance mail).regional admin will proceed for necessary vehicle main), regional admin will proceed for necessary vehicle maintenance through region based set workshops. Regional vehicle maintenance includes scope of work as follows: Battery replacement. Any sort of minor servicing. Fine-tuning minor engine related works. General servicing. Tire change (if available as per requirements). Fine-tuning minor Electrical related works Minor interior /exterior decoration. Lubricant change.

To ensure proper maintenance & comply with Robi procedure Regional Admin operation is proposing include regional workshop under Agreement workshop will provide vehicle part and Services time Robi on credit as per requirement. Beside if accident happens within the city then workshop will ensure instant support & workshop will consider Robi as priority customer for any sort of maintenance. However agreement clause should be specified so no difficulties arise in future.


Table shows 6 months Km department ways: Total Km run by each Department from Jan-June'12 Department name Administration Pool Pick/Drop MO EPMO Technology CRL Finance No. of vehicles No. of Vehicles in % Total Km run Km run in %

90 198 852 48 810 36 36

4 10 41 2 39 2 2

341,187 908,568 1,727,555 1,469 5,603,491 42,560 54,901

4 10 20 65 1

Total number of Km run by each department in 6 months 5,603,491

Total Km run

1,727,555 341,187 908,568 1,469 42,560 54,901

Figure 6 shows department ways Km run in 6 months.


Total Km run by each department in percentage from Jan-June'12

Km run in %

65 4 10 20 0 0 1

Figure7 shows department ways Km run in percentage from Jan-June12

For this table & figure shows the month of Jan-June (2012) The number of vehicles at Robi Axiata Limited was 432 and now there are 340 number of rental vehicles. Total km run by rented vehicles is 8,679,731. Thus, on an average each vehicle runs 4,193 km per month. Average expenditure of rented vehicles is around 22,883,877 BDT per month. Cost per vehicle in each month is around 66,330 BDT and BDT 15.78/Km.


COST ANALYSIS Table shows rent vehicle per monthly grand total expenses: Rent Vehicle cost per month Type of Vehicle Coaster/Noah Microbus/Sedan Car/ Probox/Station Wagon(Rent) KM run by CNG/Diesel/Octane(per km) 9/11.00/13.45 Over Time Hours(Rate per hour ) Tour Day(per day) others cost 30-35 500-600 Amount(tk) 40000-80000

Grand total Expenses

Goals and Objectives:

Fleet Management comprises the target-oriented, optimal, planning, Supervision and control of the Fleet operations based on the available resources, considering internal and external influencing factor. A Special focus is on the integration of organizational processes with modern information Systems. Another goals and objectives are motivated employees, effective & efficiency transport over all Bangladesh.


Chapter-5 Organizational Impact:

Historic Data A cleverly structured database allows Robi to keep a history of all information. Trend analysis and forecasting allow management to easily understand the business performance and make accurate decisions to manage the operation. Business Control By a single click, managers can easily determine the performance of the business and revenues. Ease-of-use Users can easily navigate around the system because of its simplistic design. Support Fleet management main objective, 24/7 support structure around the country is to assist employees. A team of highly specialized, well-spoken individuals, will assist employees telephonically or remotely to decrease turn-around time. Time Saving With reports that can be generated on demand, decisions can be made instantaneously and accurately without having to refer to documentation and manual paperwork Fleet costs An audit trail of active jobs through the different stages of manufacturing e.g. Cutting, Fabrication, Beveling, Polishing and Toughening. This will give an indication of which process the job is currently in to inform Robi employees should there be an enquiry. A Management screen is also integrated to get an overview of all the jobs completed and still in queue. A statistical report can be generated on demand for management to monitor performances. Increase fleet utilization Every Item can be categorized or grouped for searching and reporting purposes. Data Automation Let the software (VMS) do the hard work, giving the Organization freedom to manage Fleet management. Flexibility If a quotation is done, it can easily be converted to a job order then to an invoice by a single click. Thus, avoiding recapturing of information all the time. Reporting can be customized to suite business to maintain the professional image. Compliance Management Robi software (VMS) allows to manage any type of vehicle or driver compliance including: certifications, registration renewals, annual physicals, and inspections. Operator Management The software (VMS) will allow tracking detailed audit of vehicles in order to comply with Regional usage and KM reporting requirements. Maintenance Managements Management of internal workshops and external (Vendor) suppliers as well as integrated purchase order processing. Robi systems additionally highlight parts and vehicle warranty claims thus saving Organization money.


Chapter-6 Problem Identified (Findings) :

Fleet management can use 3rd party for the Vehicle to reduce cost and it is possible to find get the best vehicle in that case 3rd party can help Robi. Vehicle & driver replacement (without information) is another problem of fleet management. Fleet management is a database process so necessary data collection is another problem. Many types of people (as like Vendor & driver) handling is difficult in this sector.

Chapter-7 Recommendation:
While working with the Fleet management, there were certain things that came in front of my eyes which Robi I think should consider developing the plan. May be Robi has other options or other strategy to follow in these issues, however I am not acknowledged about those. Therefore some recommendations by me are here. The most important key source factor of Robi Axiata Ltd is its efficient transport planning is designed to identify an organization need for business purpose and motivated employees. Moreover its decisions are based on facts from mark research and coverage survey. The Company also monitors its activities and proactive is marketing decisions. It has assumed that qualified & identified staffs will be available during the time of a disaster. But so far working with Robi, I havent seen any training program that is going on to make them so. Hence, Robi should provide proper training on transport to construct qualified. Robi should collect information of regional & crisis coordination team as soon as possible for transport. Damage & salvage assessment should initiate very soon so that actions can be taken analyzing. Tracking technologies not only help the manager to know all the details related to his fleet but also helps the driver to map out the best possible route to the destination. It also helps them to avoid the traffic, choose the shortest way thus saving fuel and valuable time at the same time. Tracking helps in checking the theft or illegal use.

So far, these are some criteria that Robi should keep in mind in building up the plan. Moreover, the plan will be presented to the Management. So, the Management has the right to include, exclude or change any commendation of the report.

CHAPTER-8 Conclusion
It is my immense pleasure to conclude the report as a part of my internship program. The report is a reflection of my work, sincerity, credibility as well as coordination between me & Robi Axiata Limited. I tried my best to provide as much as information I could. Now a day fleet management is an important issue for any organization. From the above Discussion, we can easily understand that Robi Axiata Limited. Robi Axiata Limited is one of the top mobile companies of Bangladesh .It covers the whole Bangladesh by its network. There are many product and services of Robi Axiata Limited is available in market. At this moment the company is in growing position. But the strategies of the company will make the company number one mobile company in Bangladesh. So we can easily find out the human-resource practice, and transport, employee satisfaction and relations at Robi is a very developed and effective one. As a multinational company for making the process more effective Robi Axiata should analyze the recruitment and selection process of other multinational company of have and abroad. That can make Robi Axiata Limited perfect company will get efficient professionals that will increase the productivity as well as revenue.


Websiteswww.robi.com.bd www.transport@robi.com.bd www.axiata.com www.linkedin.com/.../axiata-bangladesh-ltd www.btr.net www.btrc.org/ www.robi.combd

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