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Caring for the Community

CommunicAID is an inclusive, equal-opportunity nonprofit organization that helps the homeless of Washington D.C. escape their poverty status. In the 18 years of working with the Washington D.C. community, CommunicAID has achieved a reputation for caring, creativity and commitment, the three Cs that underlie all of their programs.

Structure and Administration

CommunicAIDs structure consists of:

CommunicAID is about the people- both the members of our team and the people we serve. - Suzanne J. McGrath, M.S.W. CommunicAID Director

Five affiliate organizations Four Government Agencies Two transportation services An 11-member Board of Trustees 10 Administrators Many employees and countless volunteers

CommunicAID provides the people it helps with theses services: Teen and adult literacy program Food banks Homeless shelters Low income housing placement Counseling Job training and placement

Witin a year, CommunicAID significantly increased its fundraising:

577 West Street, Washington D.C. 00111

Tel.: 202-444-0000 Fax: 202-441-0001