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Over the course of our country's history, society has had to deal with various

important social issues (abortion, religion, equal rights, abuse and

domestic.). One issue, however, remains an extremely pervasive problem,

eroding the social fabric of our society. The abuse of children in this country,

and in many others, has affected hundreds of thousands of people, most

notably children. The effects of sexual abuse on the victims are, by and

large, everlasting, and very debilitating. Sexual abuse is quite the 'forbidden'

topic, as it makes everyone uncomfortable, but this is precisely why it needs

to be addressed and dealt with.

There are four major forms of child abuse:

1. Physical - this refers to causing physical injury to a child

2. Emotional - this type refers to constant and repeated acts of verbal insults

3. Psychological - the failure to provide a child’s basic needs as well as


4. Sexual - inappropriate touching, fondling of genitals, intercourse or

making them the subject of pornographic material.

I am quite sure that each citizen of Trinidad and Tobago has been deeply

touched by the scourge of sexual abuse on children. I have therefore chosen

as the theme for my portfolio: “The impact of sexual abuse on a child”. The

portfolio is divided into three sections:

1. Expository

2. Reflective

3. Analytical

In the Expository section, I presented an eight minute speech on my theme,

which included a fundamental investigation and theoretical study involving

the contemporary issues of today’s society. In the Reflective section, I have

produced a poem as well as a dramatic piece associated to my theme. In

addition, a rationale for the reflective pieces has been provided.

The reason why I chose this topic, “the impact of sexual abuse on a child” is

primarily, because cases of these type replicate day after day in our country;

and no one in authority seems to care or show concern. On the other hand in

my community young children are engaged in these activities day in, night

out. It upsets me but there is nothing I can do. They are oblivious to their

livelihood and I am appreciative to contain the ability to see what they are

going through and the impacts on their innocent lives.

"According to the U.S. Department of Justice, "Somewhere in America, a

child is abused every 2 minutes”. The typical child sex offender molests an

average of 117 children, most of who do not report the offence" .Many of
these victims become adults without telling anyone during their childhood

years and often do not tell others even as adults. Child Abuse Research and

Statistics show that "there are 60 million survivors of childhood sexual

abuse in America today".

In conclusion, every individual is certainly aware of our situation of sexual

child abuse and its inundated situation in Trinidad. The government and

those in higher authority should deal with this plaguing condition more

critically and drastically. In time to come, I hope that the government of our

lovely twin island, advocate crucial change for the betterment of the citizens

in the most effective and efficient way. At seventeen years old, the direction

I see our country is headed scares me beyond words. It does seem easier to

pretend that these things don’t exist but the reality is that they do.

Furthermore, one day I would absolutely like to lend a hand and facilitate

these victims; I will set this as one of my long-term goals and accomplish it


According to Prevent Child Abuse Georgia, an organization aimed at preventing child abuse
before it happens, 90% of child abuse is perpetrated by a relative or close friend of the
victim's family - it's someone the child knows and trusts. This play illustrates some of the
early warning signs of abuse in a fictional but common American story.