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ByJustiInACHILLI ‘Vampmnee CREATED BY MARK ReIn® HAGEN, Creprrs, Written and Developed by: Justin Achilli Vampire® and the World of Darkness™ created by A Sotemn ReMeMpnrance ‘New York by Night was never intended to be a “high-powered” setting. You'll see as you read through Mark Reine Hagen it that its focus is on the nightly struggle in the unlives Storyteller Game System Design: Mark of young Kindred. It's not the playground of ancient Rein*Hagen elders, moving pawns across the chessboard of the Editor: James Stewart Jyhad. You'll notice a lack of “power players,” both in Art Director: Richard Thomas the characters and in the environment itself. There’sno Layout & Typesetting: Becky Jollensten hidden vampire conspiracy revealed to be in the UN, Interior Art: Mike Danza. Michael Gaydos,Chris- 0 continent-spanning vendetta waiting to be settled topher Shy by a Methuselah who dismantles the Statue of Liberty Front Cover Art: Mike Danza with her own talons. Front & Back Cover Design: Becky Jollens Such being the case, we've continued with this om wer Design: Becky Jollnsten 1 sprintingschedule despite the eventsof (asofthis Seamned boy me writing) Tuesday. For those of you not writing at this desk with me, that’s Tuesday, 11 September 2001, when the United States was made the victim of terror ‘None of the contentin thisbook has been changed. There's no cabal of supernatural creatures behind the events of that wretched day. Handling it at all in the context of the game would be the height of insensitiv- ity, especially so closely to the time that these wounds were made. By not including those events, we are not denigrating the situation through omission, we are merely maintaining a respectful silence. To everyone who lost loved ones or, worse, their own lives, you are in our thoughts and prayers. —Justin Achill 14 September 2001 :! ©2001 White WolfPublishing, Inc. Alltights reserved. Repro- ~~ iw 735 PARK NORTH BLYD, duction withoue the written permission ofthe publisher is expressly Alek ore 18 forbidden, except for the purposes of reviews, and for blank charac- e . ITE ter sheets, which may be reproduced for personal use only. White ‘Wolf, Vampire, Vampire the Masquerade, Vampire the Dark Ages, CURKSTON, GA S002] yoo the Ascension, Hane th Reckoning, Word of Dases Wh and Aberrant are registered trademarks of White Wolf Publishing, Inc. All rights reserved. Werewolf the Apocalypse, Wraith the Game Supe Oblivion, Changeling the Dreaming, Werewolf the Wild West, Mage the Sorcerers Crusade, Wraith the Great War, Trinity, and New YorkbyNight are trademarks of White Wolf Publishing, Inc, Allrights reserved. Allcharacters,names, places and text herein are copyrighted by White Wolf Publishing, Inc. ‘The mention of or reference to any company or product in these pages is nota challenge to the trademark or copyright concemed. Thisbookuses the supernatural for settings, characters and themes. All mystical and supematural elements are fiction and intended for entertainment purposes only. This book contains mature content. Reader discretion is advised. For a free White Wolf catalog call 1-800-454-WOLF. Check out White Wolf online at hep fv hite-wolf coms al. games whitewolf and rec.games frp storyteller PRINTED IN THE USA. ‘New Yous Next 2 INTRODUCTION: LONG STREET" Cuapter One: THe Crry fe CHapTerR Two: THE FACeoF THE: CuaptTer THREE: ALL THE BEAU CuaptTer Four: Conspiracies CHapTer Frve: TeLLinG THE TA!