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By Elize Gordon

To the right is Pantheon of Heroes. To the left is Metropolitan Cathedral. Below to the left is the National Congress building. And below to the right is the House of Independence.

Day 1

Today you will be going to see government buildings to learn about Paraguays government. After breakfast your going to visit the government buildings of your choice. Pantheon of Heroes Metropolitan Cathedral; the Government Palace The National Congress House of Independence You will learn about how Paraguays government is a democratic form of government. After that youll be pretty tired from jet lag so you can go back to the hotel and take a nap. For dinner you will have the national dish, Sopa Paraguaya (corn bread with cheese and onions)

To the right is Museo de Barro and tho the left is Museo Guido Boggiani.

Day 2

Today you will learn about Paraguays history. You will visit the museums that are listed below. Museo de Barro Museo Guido Boggiani You will learn that Paraguay declared independence from Spain in 1811. Asuncin was founded in 1537. Jesuit missionaries began arriving in Paraguay in 1588. After all this you might be still tired so you can go back to the hotel to take a nap. Wake up for dinner and eat Parrillada, a popular item in restaurants.

Day 3
Today you will learn about the culture. You will go to the library to learn about the culture over the years and today. Like sports, religion, imports, and exports. Imports: road, vehicles, consumer goods, tobacco, petroleum, products, electrical, machinery Exports: soybeans, feed, cotton, meat, edible oils, wood, leather Soccer is the most popular sport in Paraguay Most people in Paraguay are Roman Catholics After all that reading it is time for dinner. You will have Meat Empanadas.

All the way on the left is the Paraguay River. On the middle on the left is the Paran River. On the middle on the right is the Apa river. On the right is the mountain ranges of Amambay and Mbaracay.

Day 4
Today you will go outside for some fun! You have some choice to were you want to go. You could go to Paraguay River Apa River Mountain ranges of Amambay and Mbaracay Piece of Parana River After you visit any of those go back to the hotel for a long rest and have dinner. For dinner your going to have Bori-bori, Paraguayan dumpling soup.

From left to right is: Sopa Paraguaya, Parrillada, Bori-bori, and Meat Empanadas.

Day 5
Today you get to explore the hotel. For lunch your going to put your taste buds to the test. You have had 4 different foods. Your going to be blind folded and taste 4 different foods and your going to try and find out which one is which. After that you have to pack your bags because your going home tomorrow.

I hope You enjoyed Your Visit in Paraguay!