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Table 1.3.

1: Iconic Classes/Specialties Iconic Specialties: You gain your Specialtys bonus feat only if its one listed. Iconic Classes: If your level in any base class is higher than your level in ones listed, your starting action dice decrease by 2. Species Drake Dwarf Elf Goblin Ogre Orc Pech Rootwalker Species Dwarf Elf Iconic Classes Keeper Soldier Sage Scout Lancer Priest Burglar Soldier Explorer Keeper Feat Hill-Born Lava-Born Hart Nation Lore of the Stars Owl Nation Spider Nation Eastern Horde Great Horde Northern Horde Southern Horde Western Horde Western Horde Quick-Finger Folk New Leaf Evergreen Mistbranch Purewood Skybranch Waterroot Whitebark Sage Soldier Priest Captain Scout Courtier Iconic Specialties Acrobat Barbarian Lord Mystic Bard Rogue Fist Sorcerer Guardian Warden

Adept Fencer

Archer Lord

Aristocrat Ranger

Artisan Vanguard

Lord Wizard

Artisan Guardian Acrobat Merchant

Barbarian Nomad Adventurer Physician

Criminal Shaman Bard Rogue

Fighter Sorcerer Cavalier Swindler

Gladiator Tribesman Corsair Warden

Iconic Class Explorer Explorer Captain Mage* Keeper Assassin Explorer Captain Scout Keeper Soldier Lancer

Iconic Specialties






* requires sorcery campaign quality

Goblin Orc Pech Rootwalker

every specialty

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