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Functional Nature of planets based on their ownership

------ Dr. Satya Prakash Choudhary Trines/ Trikonas The rulers of the 1,5,9 houses are benefic ( with the 9 being the most benefic' and the 1 being the least benefic'. This classification is also written as 1<5<9.)

Malefic Lordship/ Trishadaya The rulers of the 3,6,11 houses are malefic. (With the 11 being the most malefic' and the 3 rd being the least malefic'. This classification is also written as 3 < 6 < 11).

Angles/ Quadrants/ Kendras/ The rulers of the 1, 4, 7, 10 houses are Kendra or neutralizing houses.( 4 and 10 are also known as sukhasthanas' or houses of happiness'. This classification is also written as 4<7<10.)

Conditional The rulers of the 2,12,8 houses are termed conditional'. (I.e they can be malefic or benefic according to which other house they rule and other factors. This classification is also written as 2<12<8.) 8 th house: Is also called the most malefic of all the houses and rulers. 8 is represented as a malefic' and conditional' but the contradiction does not really arise because a house' can be malefic' in one area of life and a benefic' in another manner.

2 nd and 7 th house Are known as Marakas or Killer houses These are used mostly in calculating the losses' incurred in the dasa period in which the killing would take place.( The term killing' is not to be taken literally, but rather, killing' an aspect of life. Generally it is used for longevity etc)

Rajayoga karaka : Staus giving

If a planet owns both a quadrant and a trine he gets empowered to confer status. If such a planet is well-placed he confers status, promotion or power during his dasa or antardasa. Reasons Why The 2, 3, 8 and 7 Houses Are Considered Malefic 8 th house - Malefic: The 8 th house is 12 th from the 9 th house. The 9 house = fortune/luck/dharma; The 12 house - expenditure/loss. Therefore the loss/expenditure' of fortune/luck/dharma' is the reason for the 8 th . House being considered most malefic. The Luck/fortune seen in the 9 house, is nothing but the Dharma of the person. The 5 and 9 houses reflect in some way, the positive dharma' of previous lives. So it stands to reason that the most Dharmic housethe 9" is also the most fortunate. This gives a clear indication that Dharma and Karma' are synonymous with each other, and one follows the other. In conclusion, if 9 is the most benefic, then the 8 is the most malefic. 7 th house malefic: The 8 th house is the house of longevity/the life force. An expenditure of this life-force' is seen in the 7 th house -7 th being 12 th ' from the 8 th . This is the reason why the 7 house is also seen as a killer house'. 2 nd house Killer The Will to live and the' efforts' made in this direction are seen in the 3 rd . House. The 3 rd . House also signifies valour/courage (to live) . The loss/expenditure-(12th house) of this will to live (3 rd . House) is seen in the 2 nd . House. The 2 nd . House is 12 th . From the 3 rd house' . This is the reason why the 2 nd house is known as a killer house'. For example: a person with a terminal illness and a strong 3 rd House (will to live) can overcome and survive, whereas a person without a strong will would succumb to the illness. 3 rd house malefic: The 3 rd house is considered malefic since it is the 8 th house from the 8 th . House (8 th house relating to the life span/longevity of the person. It is also the house where the efforts' are seen. The 12 th & 2 nd Conditional The 12 th and 2 nd houses change their colours according to the conditions they are under. This is why, in certain circumstances, the 12 th can give a person good fortune abroad' and the 2 nd can give wealth'. Practically speaking however, any house that gives wealth', also gives the opportunity to fall from the spiritual path'.


Functional Functional Benefic Malefic

+ Neutral Neutral


Raja Yoga






Ve, Ma Ma,


Sa, Me Ve

Ju, Mo, *Ve Su,Ma, Ju Ve,Me





Mo, Ju,Ve Mo,*Me, Mo, Sa:mixed Sa, Sa Su : cond


Ma, Ju,




Ma,Ju, *Su Ve, *Me ? Sa,Me, Mo Ju,Mo

Me,Ve, Sa


Sa, Mo:cond Su, Sa

Me, Sa




Ma, Ve Ma, Ju,Su Me, Ve







Su, *Ma, Sa: - ve Mo, Sa



Ma,Su,Me Ve












Ve, *Sa ? Mo,Ma *Ju


*Sa, Me =

Su, Me

Ju,Mo,Ma Ve