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October 8, 2012

Payroll Engine

There are a lot of payroll engines that do exist in the market serving different organizations under different circumstances. But the problem with those payroll engines that comes to our observation is that most of them are static or required changes in their programming when an organizational structure changes. And for these changes there required a professional programmer to make these changes according to the demands of company. So what we are aiming to develop is such a comprehensive payroll engine that is Fully Customizable Platform independent User friendly interfaces Fully customizable means that a simple computer operator can easily manages the changes that are happening in the particular organization by using user friendly interfaces. Platform independent defines a term that our software did not be based on any particular platform (e. g mySQL , Oracle), but it can be interact with any of the database system installed in any organization. So this feature didnt binds the client to use a particular database technology.

A lot of organizations now a days are moving towards the softwares to assist their workers and also to reduce their manpower. Almost every organization either small or large do have some employees and have to pay them on time. So to generate the payroll slips of their workers and manage them accordingly is a time consuming task which almost every organization wants to reduce as much as possible. So we are trying to develop such a reliable payroll engine which generates the payroll slips of employees efficiently and quickly.

Currently there are a lot of payroll softwares that exist in the market and running in different organizations. Many software development companies have develop the payroll softwares for different organizations. Some of them also developed generic payroll softwares or web based payroll softwares. E.g. PAYROLL MATE is a generic payroll software and TIMETRAX is a web based payroll generator.


October 8, 2012

So this shows that there is a lot work done in the field of payroll software development. But why we choose this project as our final year project is because of following two reasons. Almost every payroll software is developed for particular organization and worked efficiently under specific circumstances. But when the conditions or specifications of an organization changes, then these softwares become inefficient , or require changes in their code by professional developers. So we are looking forward to develop such a software which is fully customizable by user friendly interfaces. So that changes can easily be implemented to them by not going through the coding. Secondly ,almost every payroll engine is technology dependent i.e. either it is for mySQL, Oracle e.t.c. So if an organization wants change their database technology then their payroll engine also needs to be change. So our focus is to develop a Platform independent software.

Project aim and objectives:

The aim of our project is to develop a comprehensive platform independent payroll engine. This can be achieved by fulfilling the following objectives. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. User friendly administrative interfaces Full customization of software Platform independency Efficient coding Interactive Outlook of software

Intellectual challenge:
Platform independency is one main reason of doing this as a final year project. Because we didnt saw any payroll engine which is platform independent so this is actually a type of innovation in this field. So this project is also a research project as well because we are going to implement a new idea to this field. And the end of this project we are able to gain immense knowledge of most of database technologies e.g. mySQL, Oracle e.t.c.

Research Programme:
We have divided our project to different phases in order to successfully complete the project within the allocated time. Following is the description of different phases. Research phase In this phase we planned to visit almost 6-7 companies who have implemented the payroll softwares so that we have a good understanding about how payroll works, what are the


October 8, 2012

limitations they are facing, what are different criterias in every organization so that we can customized are project as much as possible. Design Phase Implementation Phase Debugging Phase Gant chart/Timeline:

Project deliverables:
At the end of this project we are able to deliver a payroll software which is Fully Customizable Platform Independent User friendly

Resources required for the project:

For the development of our software , following programming language we are going to use Java

Why java: Java is an open source powerfull programming language which have excellent resources to assist us in this project.