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Aam Aadmi

I get up in the morning and start to think, how would I earn my day's bread I sit and brood without a blink, how would I give my family a happy shed. I am no rich dad's rich son, neither am I blessed with money enough, Life for me is a marathon run, the roads ahead of me are rough. Onion makes me howl and cry, tomato's price is soaring high, pulses,rice,wheat and oil, makes me take a deep sigh. They say my country is growing, that we are at the right track, But to my eyes everything is slowing this gives me a huge setback The mudda of religion, cast or creed, is not for a man like me I'm not a Hindu,Muslim Christian or Sikh, I'm the 'Aam Aadmi'. Your villa is built on a huge land, I don't even have a house of sand. You have crores to keep in Bank Swiss, when its Money I say 'Ignorance is bliss'. You travel abroad, you fly in air, you decide my fate sitting in the party chair, you build your statues,you build your house, And I'm only a starving mouse. You have an array of cars of foreign make, on my commutation,petrol price has put a brake. You get salary, allowances and loads of perk, My salary on the first day ends with a jerk. With my prized vote I chose you the Leader, to help me lead a proud life. But to my horror you have made me the pleader, you have stabbed me with a political knife.

Is there someone out-there who would listen to my plea? cos,I'm not a lucky politician, but in his terms - the 'Aam Aadmi'.

The 'March' Fever I'm the 3rd month of the year, yet, I'm the one that all fear. Hearing my very name people run, they forget to rejoice and lack fun. students dig their neck, deep into their books they stay awake all night their faces carry sad looks. Tax payers run from pillars to post, to save their last penny I'm the month in which tax consultants earn a lot of money. Every company has its financial end on the last day of mine they strive hard to have their books of accounts glow and shine The worst sufferers are the one who work in the insurance sector they loose their nights' sleep to reach their point of vector I pray to the Lord to bless all with his choicest blessings so that they can overcome my fear and march ahead with colourful dressings.