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Sam Crawford (801) 608-8057

To obtain a position with a reliable company to continue my career in medical, commercial, and industrial services.

Aerotek Temporary Services : January 2007 - October 2007 Provided Support for Veolia ES-IS as: Liquid vacuum truck operations Air mover vacuum truck operations Hydroblast pump operations Worked at various industrial sites including: Chevron SLR Kennecott Copper Mine ATK Aerospace and Defense Gatsby Power Plant U.S. Magnesium Corporation Sierra Pacific Power Plant in Battle Mountain, NV Coffeyville Resources Refinery in Coffeyville, KS ConocoPhillips Refinery in Billings, MT Air Products Compressor Station in Wichita, KS and more Veolia Environmental Services - Industrial Services Division : October 2007 - May 2011 Job Function: Continued work full time in the above listed positions as well as: Trained under the Loss Prevention System program as a short service employee at the Chevron SLR refinery until obtaining mentor status. Supervised crews on various projects and shutdowns in various refineries, mines, and power plants. Volunteered as a safety observer in an attempt to improve the safety of our company's work environment. Education and Training: Graduated Cottonwood High School : June 2006 Multiple Safety programs including the LPS and TRACK programs Trained on various air monitoring devices, including the MX6 and MG140 Confined Space entry, attending, and supervising Education and Training (continued): Lock-out and tag-out programs Hazardous Materials - handling and disposal Fork truck operations

Chemical circulatory operations Filter Press operations JLG/ booming man-lift operations Independent Handyman Contractor : May 2011 - Current Job Function: Due to training listed in the notational section below, I have placed bids and been awarded contracts for various projects of a wide range and variety in personal homes around the Salt Lake valley. Experience Notes: My father and various general contractors taught me how to do home repairs including but not limited to: Electrical General Computer Diagnosis and Repair Plumbing Tile Concrete Temporary Scaffolding Carpentry/ Cabinetry Framing Computers Roofing etc. Victoria's Secret Stores : September 2011 January 2012 Job Function: Organize back room inventory Stock merchandise on sales floor Service customers' needs throughout store Tender cash at register Be punctual and aware of timing to make designated goals H3 Events : July 2011 June 2012 Job Function: Provide safe and secure environment to host events (as a whole) Check identification Secure VIP area staffing General crowd control First Aid services in emergency situations Humane Society of Utah June 6, 2012 January 13, 2013 Job Function: Clean up after animals

Feed and water animals Medicate animals Physically examine animals Move animals around facility Intake animals Organize and clean environment

Personal Details:
Computer Experience: Started as a peripheral passion for me since I was roughly 6 years old and my father showed me AutoCAD on his 486, then upgrading our home PC to a P133 with Commander Keen. In High School I got bored in my basic instruction and A+ class that they allowed me to drop the courses in exchange for assisting the school's computer administrator in various tasks including: 1. Diagnosis and Repair of basic issues with any school technologies. I.E: print/scan/fax/copiers, cameras, projectors, PCs, Macs, network cabling, routers, 2. Flashing computers' OS using a standard pre-built image, or a fresh install on specialty units. 3. Basic server maintenance, clean sweeps, security protocols, and updates Hobbies: I enjoy working on and around my home and vehicles, riding my Harley, golfing, hiking, reading, and learning new systems and how they function.

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