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LASAGNE ALLA EMILIANA 567 kcal 24,40 P 93,50 G 13,20 L

Egg pasta 100g, mince 40g, bechamel 30g, celery 30g, peeled tomatoes 150g, parmesan cheese 15g, carrots 30g, extra virgin olive oil 5g

ARBOREA 119 kcal 18,27 P 0,00 G 5,13 L
Beefburger cooked on the grill 90g

Euro RISOTTO with PORCINI AND CHAMPIGNON MUSHROOMS 369 kcal 7,92 P 75,36 G 6,08 L
Rice 80g, porcini mushrooms 20g, champignon mushrooms 30g, extra virgin olive oil 5g

Euro LA LOMBARDA 190 kcal 23,80 P 1,00 G 10,10 L

Chichen cutlet 100g

Euro AUBERGINES WITH TOMATOES AND CHEESE 289 kcal 23,90 P 6,20 G 18,90 L
Aubergines 100g, tomato sauce 100g, mozzarella cheese 30g, parmesan cheese 10g, extra virgin olive oil 5g


MIXED SALAD 115 Kcal 5,72 P 20,6 G 1,64 L
Lettuce100g, tomatoes 100g, corn 80g

Menutrix nutritionists, in collaboration with Vela Caf, have chosen straters, main courses and side orders with their nutrition facts Nutritional information for LUNCH Women: 900 to 1300 Kcal (in consolidation phase) Men: 1000 to 1600 Kcal (in consolidation phase)

Euro RISOTTO WITH A SEAFOOD DRESSING 355 kcal 14,48 P 66,16 G 5,44 L
Riso 80g, molluscs 30g, shellfishes 40g, extra virgin olive oil 5g

Euro PENNETTE WITH CHILLI PEPPER BASED SAUCE 456 kcal 11.80 P 80.80 G 11,70 L
Pasta 100g, tomato sauce 50g, chilli pepper, extra virgin olive oil g5

Euro MIXED GRILLED VEGETABLES (200g) 119.5 kcal 2,40 P 4,00 G 10.5 L
Aubergines, zucchini, pepperoni


Euro RICCIOLI AL PESTO (pasta with a sauce of crushed basil, pine nuts, garlic, cheese and olive oil) 459 kcal 13,92 P 65,44 G 17,52 L
Pasta with basil 80g, grana padano cheese 30g, pecorino cheese 30g, extra virgin olive oil 5g

AGRA 229 Kcal 4,09 P 14,02 G 17,84 L
Oranges 150g, fennel g, black olives g extra virgin olive oil 5g

This list, such as the breakfast one, allows every customer to find their way through breakfast and lunch so that they could get a right weight foodstyle and check upon their and their whole healthy.

Euro SPAGHETTI WITH TOMATOES AND BASIL 371 kcal 12,64 P 66,64 G 7,84 L
Spaghetti pasta 80g, tomato sauce 50g, cherry tomatoes 50g, basil

Euro GRECA 392 kcal 19,30 P 9,40 G 31,10 L

Lettuce 100g, black olives 20g, tomatoes 60g, feta cheese 100g, oregano, extra virgin olive oil 5g

Euro PENNETTE ALL AMATRICIANA (pasta with tomatoes, diced salt pork, onions, red chilli pepper) 459 kcal 18,32 P 67,28 G 14,80 L
Pasta 80g, bacon 30g, pecorino cheese 10g, extra virgin olive oil 10g, garlic q.b.

Euro MORETTA 316 kcal 33,01 P 7,10 G 17,51 L

Bresaola (dried salt beef) 60g, rocket 80g, tomatoes 140g, granacheese 30g

Euro TORTELLINI CREAM AND HAM 425 kcal 16,60 P 78,30 G 7,20 L
Tortellini 100g, stuffed with ham and mince


*P = Proteins - G = Carbohydrates - L = Lipids


TREVIGIANA 160 kcal 12.44 P 20.61 1.82 L

Lettuce100g, radicchio 80g, corn 80g, shrimps 50g, tomatoes 100g

ANCOROTTO 287 kcal 16.07 P 47.8 G 4.73 L

Bread 100g, tuna sauce 40g, tomatoes 50g

Euro PIEYA 213 kcal 16.26 P 4.48 G 12.97 L

Radicchio 80g, lettuce 100g, tomatoes 100g, black olives 40g, smoked salmon 50g

Euro BUCCINO 322 Kcal 20.40 P 45.90 G 3.80 L

Bread 100g, Mozzarella cheese 20g, tomatoes 50g, grilled aubergine 30g

VELA CAFE Presso Centro Commerciale Le Vele Via Delle Serre 09044 Quartucciu (CA)

Euro VELACAFE 383 kcal 37.79 P 12.95 G 16.94 L

Lettuce 100g, carrots 100g, corn 50g, tomatoes 100g, mozzarella cheese 50g, tuna 50g, raw ham 30g

Euro ACCIANO 486 Kcal 33.70 67.20 G 11.00 L

Bread 100g, raw ham 40g, fontina cheese 20g, zucchini 20g

Euro CAPRESE 332 kcal 21,10 P 6,30 G 24,90 L

Mozzarella cheese100g, tomatoes 200g

Euro ALSERIO 388 kcal 19.7 P 46.84 G 14.8 L

Bread 100g, Salami 40g, fontina cheese 20g, mushrooms in oil


Euro BURCEI 394 kcal 20.56 P 47.45 G 14.63 L

Bread 100g, sausage 40g, pecorino cheese 20g, aubergine 20g

Vela Caf Menu with calories At Le Vele caf Has been realized by Menutrix of Programs for commercial foodservices in collaboration with Costantino Motzo

SAVOIA 466 kcal 27,60 P 69,00 G 10,80 L
Bread 100g, raw ham 50g, fontina (soft cheese) 30g, lettuce g10

Euro CARDEDU 237 Kcal 12.10 P 45.90 G 1,80 L

Bread 100g, shrimps 40g, lettuce 20g, pink sauce 10g

Euro FRANCESCANO 546 kcal 85.95 P 67.54 G 21.3 L

Bread 100g, salami 40g, fontina (soft cheese) 30g, lettuce 10g

Euro MILANO 366 Kcal 22.50 P 68.70 G 2.00 L

Bread 100g, chicken cutlet 60g, tomatoes 30g, mayonnaise 5g

biologist nutritionist specialist in Food science

Euro VACCAIO 466 kcal 27.60 P 69.00 G 10.80 L

Bread 100g, cooked ham, fontina cheese, tomatoes

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*P = Proteins - G = Carbohydrates - L = Lipids

Euro GALLOCCIA 499 Kcal 20.40 P 68.70 G 12.20 L
Bread 100g, Mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, lettuce

Calories refer to the recipes shown and values P, G, L are as a percentage of total calories Aggiunte: TUNA SALMON
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