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Grade 4 Overview Sunday 17/02/2013 Thursday 21/02/ 2013. Report Writing We will begin to research inventors as part of our unit of inquiry. At home we encourage you to work with your child to read about their selected inventor and discuss how this inventor impacted the world we live in today. READ we ask all parents to try to sit with their children and read for at least 20 minutes a day. This will improve their scores in every subject. Everyday Math: 6.6: Using a Full-circle Protractor
6.7: The Half-Circle Protractor 6.8: Rectangular Coordinate Grids for Maps

This week we will start to learn how to identify angles and use protractors to measure them. At home you can work with your child to identify angles in and around the home. Students are all encouraged to practice playing www.worldeducationgames.com to learn their basic facts even more. ** There will be an Addition Fact Quiz on Thursday
Unit of Inquiry This week we will be looking at the energy behind moving objects. At home try to discuss with your child how and why certain things move, or why they dont. This discussions can happen anywhere, in the home, outside, in the car etc.

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