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1 Characters: Narrator Mother Aladdin Alin Genie from the Ring Sultan Servant Princess Genie from the

Bottle SCRIPT:

Narrator: Once upon a time in the Middle East there was a young poor boy called Aladdin. When his father died, his mother had to work hard. At Aladdins House Mother: Aladdin, go to the market and buy some fish for dinner. Aladdin: Are we going to eat fish again, mother? Mother: You know we dont have enought money fish is all I can afford. Aladdin: I am sorry Mother: Its not your fault. Aladdin: But I promise you, that one day I will give you everything you deserve. Mother: Its getting late go now. Narrator: He went to the market, and while he was shopping a stranger saw him alone so he approached him. At the Market Alin: Hows your father? Aladdin: Excuse me? Alin: I just want to know how your father is doing. Aladdin: My father died a long time ago. Alin: Oh, I am sorry, I didnt know I am your uncle Alin. Aladdin: I didnt know I have an uncle. Narrator: The man in fact was not his uncle, he was an African wizard. Alin: Please take me to see your mother. Its very important. Narrator: Both went home and when Aladdins mother saw the man, she was surprised because she didnt know who he was. Mother: Please, sit down, and have dinner with us.

2 Narrator: Aladdins mother cook the fish and while they were eating the stranger said. Alin: And what do you do, Aladdin? Aladdin: Mmmm Mother: He does nothing. He just likes to play with his friends. Alin: But, thats not right. Come with me on a journey to another country. You will learn how to buy and sell the most fine fabrics. Aladdin: That sounds good to me, at least Ill meet other people and visit other countries. Alin: We will leave tomorrow morning. Narrator: Next day they left early morning. Alin told Aladdin wonderful stories throughout the journey. At night they stopped to rest. In a desert place Alin: Aladdin, bring some wood to make a fire. When you come back I will tell you a secret. Aladdin: Ill come as soon as I can I am really intrigued! Narrator: When the fire was lit the wizard said some magical words. Suddenly a door appeared. Aladdin was so scared that he started to run away. Alin: Stop! Where do you think youre going? Aladdin: But. Alin: Open the door! Its an order! Narrator: Aladdin opened the door and he saw a staircase. Alin: You will go down. Walk straight a narrow hall, then you will pass a fruit garden, and at the other end you will find an oil lamp. Bring it to me ! But I warn you dont touch anything or you will regret it! Narrator: When Aladdin was inside the cave, he saw very fine jewelry hanging from the fuit trees. He put some in his pockets disobeying the wizard. Then he saw the lamp. Aladdin: I see the lamp he wants Narrator: Then he took the lamp and look inside very carefully. Aladdin: But theres a ring inside I will put it on anyway he didnt say anything about a ring. Narrator: Then he went back to the door. When he was about to go out the wizard said. Alin: Give me the lamp! Narrator: Aladdin was surprised by the tone of his voice, and was suspicious. Aladdin: I will give it to you as soon as I am out. Alin: No! I just want the lamp! Aladdin: Let me out, then I will give you the lamp!

Narrator: The wizard was angry at Aladdin and said. Alin: I prefer to loose the lamp and its powers! You will stay there forever! Narrator: Then he shut the door. Aladdin had no other choice but to go down the stairs where he sat on the floor and remained there for two days. Aladdin: Its so dark in here and I am so cold. Narrator: Then he rubbed his hands together, and suddenly he saw a bright light coming out from the ring. It was a genie. Genie from the Ring: Master, I will do as you order! Aladdin: Who are you? Genie from the Ring: I am the slave from the ring. I will grant you all your wishes. Aladdin: If that is true, then take me home. Narrator: And in just a few second he was back home again. At Aladdins House Mother: Aladdin! I was worried about you! Where have you been? Aladdin: Oh, mother something terrible happened. Narrator: And he told his mother about the wizard , the ring, and the lamp. Mother: Aladdin, I am so sad. We dont have money not even to buy some food. Aladdin: Dont worry mother, the genie will help us. Narrator: And he rubbed the ring again, and when the genie appeared he said. Genie from the Ring: I am sorry I cant Aladdin: What do you mean you cant? Genie from the Ring: I can only take you from one place to another. Aladdin: If that is the case, then, I will sell the lamp! Mother: Are you sure you want to do that? Aladdin: Yes, we dont have other choice. Mother: Let me clean it then. Its so dirty maybe we can get more money if it looks like new. Narrator: When his mother rubbed the lamp to clean it, a genie appeared before them. Mother: Who are you? Genie from the Lamp: I am the slave from the lamp. I will obey your orders! Aladdin: Give us something to eat!

4 Narrator: And from that day Aladdin and his mother always had food on their table. One day Aladdin went to the market and he saw passing by the Sultans daughter. In the Market Aladdin: Oh, shes so beautiful! I am in love with her. Narrator: Then he went home and told his mother about the beautiful girl. At Aladdins House Aladdin: I want to marry her! Mother: Ha, ha, ha you know that is impossible. Aladdin: Please, mother. Go talk to the Sultan, and take this fine jewelry I found in the cave. Mother: Very well. Ill go but I cant promise you good news. Narrator: Her mother went to the palace to talk to the Sultan. At the Palace Sultan: Old woman what can I do for you? Mother: My son, Aladdin, fell in love with your daughter, and he wants to marry her. He has sent her a gift. Sultan: Let me see it. Narrator: As soon as the Sultan saw the sparkling jewelry he said. Sultan: This fine jewelry is not enough. I will approve to the wedding on one condition. Mother: And what is that? Sultan: If your son builds by tomorrow a splendid and magnificent palace, he will marry my daughter. Mother: I will let him know your desire. Narrator: When Aladdin heard the news he asked the genie from the lamp for another wish. At Aladdins House Aladdin: I order you to build the most beautiful palace, with precious stones, and a magnificent garden. Genie from the Lamp: Your wish is an order to me! Narrator: Next day the Sultan was astonished to see the palace and agreed to the wedding, and in a few days they got married But in a faraway place the wizard heard the news. Alin: I am so furious! Aladdin didnt die inside the cave. I have to go back and get the lamp! I am sure he has it! Narrator: As soon as he returned he disguised himself as a merchant and went to the palace where Aladdin and his wife were living.

5 At the Palace Servant: What can I do for you? Alin: I would like to talk to the princess. Servant: Let me call her. Narrator: As soon as the princess was before him, he said. Alin: Would you like to exchange old lamps for new ones? Princess: Well indeed I have an old lamp. Let me bring it. Narrator: As soon as the princess gave the lamp to Alin, he rubbed the lamp. And the Genie appeared. Alin: Take me, the princess, and the palace to my homeland. Genie: Your wish is an order to me! Narrator: And he took them away. When the sultan knew about what had happened he was furious at Aladdin, and he had to tell him the truth, Sultan: Very well I will forgive you if in forty days you bring me my daughter back. Aladdin: You know I will. I love her more than anything in the world. Narrator: Aladdin was desperate, and didnt know what to do. Then he remembered the Genie of the Ring. He rubbed the ring and the genie appeared. Aladdin: Take me to where my wife is. Narrator: In an instant they were in Africa, and Aladdin started looking for the princess, until he found her. In Africa Aladdin: My dear wife what have they done to you? Princess: Oh Aladdin this is like a nightmare! Aladdin: I have to tell you he truth come sit over here we have to talk. Narrator: Aladdin told her what had happened, then he asked. Aladdin: And do you know where the lamp is? Princess: That wicked wizard has it. Aladdin: We have to think of something to get it back I think I have a plan. Princess: I am listening. Narrator: That night the princess invited Alin to have dinner. But as always, he carried the lamp with him. In a Restaurant Alin: You look beautiful tonight princess!

6 Princess: Thank you I think I need some fresh air Lets go to the balcony. Alin: Take my hand Princess: But do you have to take that lamp with you? Alin: Well, no not really. Princess: Then leave it on the table. It looks so old and rusty that nobody will take it. Alin: Youre right. Narrator: Alin placed the lamp over the table and they went outside. As soon as they left, Aladdin took the lamp, then he went behind them, and when they were in the balcony, he pushed Alin, falling down from the balcony. Aladdin: Come on! Princess: Rub the lamp! Aladdin: Genie, I order you to take us to our palace in the Middle East. Narrator: And in an instant they appeared in the palace where Aladdins mother and the sultan were waiting, and when they saw them they hugged them and kissed them. At the Palace Sultan: My dear daughter youre back. Princess: Oh, father Aladdins mother: Aladdin! Sultan: Thank you Aladdin for bringing my dearest daughter home. Aladdin: Everything is over now, and we have nothing to worry about come, my dear wife our life together is just beginning. Narrator: And they were happy for many, many years.

The End