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an abstract of the topic industrial safety practicles and procedures.

mam i included in my report paper the following data a intro of safety, approaches to safety,safety evaluation,personal safety,PPES types,safe work permits,fire and its types,fire triangle,fire tetrahedron,fire extinction and safety signs and colours.... This thesis introduces topics under Industrial Safety, more about practicals and procedures. Industrial Safety can be defined as an activity in management which is concerned with controlling hazard, reducing hazard and even eliminating hazards from units in industry. And it is important to manage industrial safety because it is involved of the safety of employees, property losses and also wasted man hours. This report(thesis) is included approaches to manage safety and evaluation of safety, that urged the need of safety organization held in every industrial units. And employees attitude in concerned with their personal safety, like PPEs and safe work permit procedures. Also, in-depth information about Fire Safe Protection Procedures in industrial, from the definition about fire triangle, fire tetrahedron, fire protection and extinguisher, completed with Safety signs and colors standards.