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Jasper Chang Professor Wingate Engl 114B February 14, 2013 A Piece of Paper has Borders, but the Internet does not More and more instructors present their materials via internet. Many students are required to submit their papers and take quizzes on line. I believe the internet is beneficial to both the students and educators, because it allows students to revise their works within a few clicks, improves the relationship between instructors and students, and drives the community into a more environmental friendly status. The purpose of developing advanced technology is to ensure that our lives can be progressed to the next level without any drawbacks. When the first connection was recorded in 1962 (Leiner), barely anyone knew the existence of this magical network gateway called the internet. Now, the internet has blended into modern lifestyle and become essential for completing daily tasks. In fact, even the education system start to collaborate with the internet. The majority of students want to present the best works to their evaluator. However, since we are not robots, mistakes are tended to be expected. In the traditional way, once the paper is printed out, there is no turning back unless you always carry a printer with you. We often find errors on our assignments right before the bell rings. Nevertheless, the internet provides a solution for such frustrating occasion. Within in the few clicks, students are now able to make corrections and resubmit their paper before the time runs out. Many educators are now collecting materials from the internet because it is very easy, efficient, and convenient. For example, Professor Wingate from the English Department has created her own website. She posts new things and updates the instructions all the time. Students are


required to create a personal website and submit all the works onto it. By providing this new access, students are now able to revise and perfect their assignments. Moreover, the instructor can give feedbacks instantly. As result, instructors and students have gained extra leisure for other activities. In addition, they can work in an environment that they think is most comfortable to them. Each ink cartridge is made of plastic, which is refined from the fossil fuel. Papers are made of trees, therefore, we need to put more effort into deforestation. The only requirements for using the internet are proper connection and a functional internet-capable device. It is not worth to damage the earth by squandering more unnecessary papers and other materials. People might argue that students should be responsible for getting the work done and not blaming on the other causes, such as internet access failure, dead laptop battery, and etc. Students should always double-check their work and be prepared as early as possible. But how many times has your printer had a system failure indication, paper jam, or ink and paper shortage? In reality, unexpected and inevitable things always happen in everyones life. The internet is just a better solution for students to show their best performance to the instructor. Things do not change in all of a sudden. Some people still prefer handwriting where the printing is so popular and common in nowdays. More educators will acknowledge the sweet side of the internet. They will make education more interesting and intuitive. And students may perform better under such interactive learning environment because it is not confined in a tedious classroom anymore.

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