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A bibliography is an alphabetical list of all the sources you have used for research. You must list your sources in a specific format. This format is called the Harvard system. INTERNET author, (year of publication), title of site, online, <Internet address> (date site accessed). Example : NASA Volcanology Team (1997) What Volcanic Phenomena do we Study Using Remote Sensing, <http://www.geo.edu/eos/phenom.html> (Accessed on 11 October 1999) BOOKS author (date) title, publisher: place of publication. Example (one author): Allport, John (1995) The Nature of Politics, Doubleday Anchor: New York. Example: more than two authors Hay, I., Bochner,D., et. al. (1996) AIDS and HIV Testing, Someday Press: Sydney. ENCYCLOPEDIAS title (year of publication) publisher, place of publication, volume number, page numbers. Example: The World Book encyclopedia (2005) 16th edn, Field Enterprises Corp: Chicago, vol. 3, pp. 189-192.

EMAIL sender (sender's e-mail address). (date sent) subject of message, email to recipient (recipient's e-mail address) Example: Day, Martha (MDAY@sage.uvm.edu) (July 30 1995) Review of Film, E-mail to Xia Li (XLI@moose.uvm.edu) MAGAZINE ARTICLE author's name (publication date) title of the article in title of the magazine, volume number (issue number) month of publication if provided, page number/s. Example: Nix, J.P. (1995) Bibliography of Farm Management in Journal of the Farm Management Association, 1 (6) Winter, pp. 1-56. NEWSPAPER ARTICLE author's name (if available) (year) headline in name of newspaper, publication date, page number/s. Example: Gratten, M. (1987) Hawke's Demise in The Age, 13th August, p.14. VIDEO For many television documentaries, videocassettes or audiocassettes, there will be no clear author. In such cases give: title (format) (date), producer, production company: place. Example: My Life with Willow (video recording) (1990) Producer Helen Dimedenko, Richie Video: New South Wales.