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ADB-PBSP Partnership on Inclusive Business

PBSP is the countrys main business association, running CSR programs for companies and engaging in strategic discussions on making business more relevant for social development. ADB and PBSP engaged into a partnership for the promotion of IB. This partnership was kicked off during PBSPs Annual Membership Meeting in January 2013. A special high-level seminar on IB was held with three government secretaries and three CEOs of large companies. The partnership is strengthened by the involvement of the Asian Social Enterprise Incubator (ASEI), which provides advice on IB ventures. PBSP and ADB are seeking further support from AusAID, CIDA, and UNDPs Business Call to Action (BCtA) program for various activities. The partnerships 2013-2015 workplan foresees the following, among others: -Supporting companies with their IB business plan development and impact assessment -Building an ecosystem conducive to IB: Sector discussions on the role of IB for development and poverty reduction. For 2013, the agriculture, education and health sectors are prioritized. Discussions with the tourism sector is set for 2014; Target setting for government agencies to include IB in the delivery of services and in job creation; inclusion of IB in the mid term review of the Philippines development Plan; Developing and harmonizing an impact assessment tools for companies and government; Training of financial institutions to be more active in delivering finance to IB Awareness and knowledge promotion on IB in the Philippines society and among business;

-Exploring financing and partnerships for IB -Setting up an online knowledge platform that can help build a dynamic IB community and sustain its momentum. Total costs for the three years cooperation are estimated at US$2-3 million, and co-financing is sought from AusAID, BCtA, and CIDA.