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Property Predictions Rules

House 4 11 12 6 8 8 4, 12

7 4,6,11 4,6,8,12 4,7,8,12 3,11 5,9 6.8.12 3,5,10 3,5,10,11 3,5,10,6,8,12 3,5,10,4,11

Significators are Mars or Saturn Prime house of property Gain of Property & fulfillment of desires. Expense incurred during the purchase of property. Property purchase thru Loan Thru Provident fund or Insurance money repeated 8 means property thru legacy Purchased thru installments not bank loan but after long process of payments IF DBA of Sun Moon Mercury, Venus & Jupiter then property is in good and Prime locat IF DBA of Rahu, Saturn, or Ketu then property is in bad location Commercial propery is purchased and Mercury is any of the DBA planets Rental income will generate Tenant will not vacate the property, or losing in litigation Demolition of property of Govt authority will take place in the DBA of Sun & Moon Partition of Property With natural benefic planets the property is lucky or good for native With natural malefic planets the property is not lucky or bad for native Sale of property Sale at higher price Sale at Lower price Simultaneous Sale and Purchase of property

of payments n good and Prime location

A of Sun & Moon

Education Preditions Rules

House 2 3 4 5 9 11 4,9,11 4,11 5,11 4,9 2,5,9 2,5,9 6,8,12 6,8,12,2,5,9 3,6,8 3,9,12 4,11 5,11 4,9,11 6,11 3,11 3,6,11 Knowledge aquired Prime house of written work communication & printing Primary Education Intelligence & the comprehension of the native Higher Education Gain in Education "A" grade or maximum marks "B" grade or above average Little lower than above combination "C" grade or average "D" grade or low If Scattered then "E" grade or just passing marks Failures & Obstacles Compartment in particular subject in relevant DBA belongs to high family but no inclination to education Foreign Education More Seats are available in good courses More Seats are available in good courses Success in competitve exams Success in competitve exams Interview clearance Interview & group discussion



6 8 12 2,3,8,12 3 3,4,8,12 2,3,4,8,12 2,4,11

Prime house of litigation Tensions, Obstacles, failures & Insults Expense in litigaton, Payments of penalties, Imprisonment & secret plots of enemies Imprisonment by Court with natural malefic Rahu or Ketu Signifies away from home. Underground to avoid the imprisonment Kidnapping native returns home For Directions of the kidnapped person Sun East Saturn West Mars South Mercury North Jupiter North East Venus North West Moon South East Rah/KetuSouth West Winning Litigation More chances Medium chances less chances but winning or bail

6,11 10,11 6,10 1,6

et plots of enemies

Vehicle Predictions Rules

House 4 11 12 4,6,11,12 4,8,11,12 3,4,5,8,10,11 Prime house of Vehicle Gain of Vehicle Expense thereon Venus is Significator of Sale or Purchase of Vehicle Purchased thru loan Purchased thru funds or investments DBA lord of Venus then he will get vehicle in gift or lottery IF DBA of Rahu ketu or Saturn then vehicle will be old and faulty If DBA of Sun moon Jupiter or Venus then Vehicle will be new Commercial Vehicle with DBA of Mercury is involved Theft of Vehicle with DBA of Saturn of Rahu Ketu Snatching of Vehicle with DBA of Rahu Ketu Vehicle will be recoverd Claim from insurance company will be recoverd Sale of Vehicle Sale at higher price Sale at lower price

7 4,6,8,12 4,7,8,12 2,6,10,11 8,11 3,5,10 3,5,10,11 3,5,10,6,8,12


HOUSE 3 9 12 7 3,9,12 3,9,12 2,4,11 3,11 3,6,11 3,10,11

Signifies away from home & short Travels Long journey, going to pilgrimage, and foreign travel Settling abroad, place away from motherland , long journeys Changing the course of journey Signifies in DBA planets of separatives Saturn, Rahu, Ketu & Sun Native Travels abro If majority of the planets signifies the combination of these native settles abroad Signifies the family members own house & motherland , realization of desires. Getting a Visa Visa to the native Getting a Visa Purpose of Travel Studies Job Business Tourism Marriage Medical emergencies Conferences Sports also sun should be involve Prizes also Venus or Jupiter Awards also Venus or Jupiter Pilgrimage also Venus or Jupiter native has fallen sick He will be cured He will be back native changed the course of journey Extension of stay Extension of stay due to litigation

4,11 2,6,10,11 2,7,10,11 5 2,7,11 1,6,8,12 3,11 5,11 6,11 10,11 9,12 1,6,8,,3,9,12 5,11 2,4,11 3,9,12,7 3,9,12 3,9,12,6,8,12

etu & Sun Native Travels abroad. se native settles abroad , realization of desires.


HOUSE 2 7 11

5 8 12 7 5,11 5,8,5,12 5,8,12 5,6,8,12 4 4,5,8,12 5,8,12, 2,7,11 3,2,7,11 3,9,12,2,7,11 2,7,11, 8,11 1,6,10 2,7,11,1,6,10,8,12 1,6,10 2,7,11 Sun Moon Mars Rahu Jupiter Saturn Mercury Ketu Venus

Prime house of family Prime house of marriage Gain of life partner or fulfillment of desire Venus is natural significator of marriage Venus is capable of promising marriage if it doesn't signify the combinations of mar House of Love External sexual organs , also signifies tensions, obstacles insults etc Bed Pleasure In addition to main house of trade & commerce. native falls in love without any physical relationship the love affair involves physical relations or bed pleasure Open and scandalous love affair Termination of affair in that DBA Hidden love affair Initially hidden then open in front of public native falls in love and marry the person Marriage in known circle because 3rd house is neighbours & relations Marriage in Foreign land or with foreigner In marriage native will gets dowry Divorce Marriage proposals & Breaking of Engagements No Marriage Remarriage Love affair with boss Same as sun but person will be very beautifull With soldier, policeman or barren lady With lower cast or much older age or outcast With respected person teacher, Preacher With lower cast or much older age or outcast With much younger in age or student, will have multiple affairs. With diseased, deformed, outcast, different religion, enuch. Very beautiful handsome, sophisticated person

FACTORS OF DELAY Sat in 1st and 7th house Kuja dosha from the Moon also

Sun in 1,7 & 8th house Venus in Gemini Leo or Virgo Affilicted or combust Venus Retrograde Jupiter or Saturn Exchange of 7th and 8th lords, both afflicted Connection of 6th lord with 1st or 7th house Lagna lord in 7th house or vice versa Malefics in 6th or 8th houses Affliction to 2nd 7th 8th and 12th house and their lords

nify the combinations of marriage

es insults etc

urs & relations


HOUSE 6 8 12 1 Signifies Sickness & disease Signifies chronic disease & surgical operation Signifies confinement to bed, hospitalization & expenses thereon Signifies the body of the native Prime planet for disease is Saturn In the DBA of Saturn disease are incurable or very chronic Saturn Rahu & Ketu also signifies chronic disease Saturn & Rahu also promote phobias & depression to the sick. Ketu & Mars indicate surgical inventions for curing the disease. Jupiter protects from disease 6,8,12 If Jupiter signifies then situation is curse Sun rules over Medicine. Saturn is the natural significator of death.it is DBA lord or conjuct with any DBA lord It transit the 6,8,12 or marak or badhak houses of the native at the time of death Pluto also plays similar role more profoundly in unnatural deaths. 1,5,9,10,11 native has to live long.

with any DBA lord e time of death


THEFT HOUSE 2,6,10,11 6,8,12 2,6,10,8,11,12 2,6,10,11 7 3,9,12 3 4,11

Native gets his property back when combinations in DBA. He will not get the property back. He will get the part of the stolen items. If horoscope cast from 6th house appears in DBA then thief is servant this house is considerd to house of thief and if female planet is there then women wh number of planets in 7th house signifies number of people involved. reerecting horoscope from 7th house if these significator in DBA thief has gone far aw if only this is significator then he is near. signifies that the stolen item is in the house itself. The direction of the stolen items Sun East Saturn West Mars South Mercury North Jupiter North East Venus North West Moon South East Rahu South West Ketu South West LOST PERSON The lost person will come back home he will remain far away from home If DBA of these and benefic planet the native is happy If not then he is not happy or bad conditions If combination of accident or disease come in DBA then he is sick If Marak Badhak in DBA then possiblity of lost person is no more

2,4,11 3,9,12 5,9,10,11


POLITICAL QUESTION 2,6,10,11 6,8,12 Native will win the election Loss of elections. NEWS AND RUMOURS 3,6,11,10 Then news or rumours are true.


Then news or rumours are false. If both combinations are there then news are partialy true MUDANE QUESTIONS When olypmic will be held in our country When roads will be repaired Will our team will be champion Will dengue take any lives this year. Large combination of 3,11 in DBA give positive results. For winning the election or match For health or enjoyment or happiness For all the cases discussed above gives unfavourable results.

3,11 2,6,10,11 1,5,11 6,8,12

hief is servant planet is there then women whereas male planet signifies male ple involved. r in DBA thief has gone far away with stolen items


HOUSE 2 5 9 11 2,5,11 1,4,10 1,4,10,2,5,11 1,4,10,6,8,12 5,8,12 8,12 Family Children Childbirth gain of children Jupiter is natural significator of Childbirth Conception of the Child takes place native is unlikely to have children With separative planets Saturn Rahu Ketu causes miscarriage Scattered in DBA of natural malefic from the 6th month of the delivery period reults into Mars, Ketu, Rahu shows danger to mother or child or defamed after rape. Twin Birth when 5th house is dual or DBA lord is Jupiter or Mercury. Sugeareon Delivery

ivery period reults into weak child or premature.


HOUSE 2 10 11 6 7 2,6,10,11 2,6,10,11 2,6 10,11 6,11 2,11 5,8,12 8,12 6,11 10,11 4,9,11 4,11 5,11 3,10,11 3,6,11 3,11 5,9 2,6,10,11 2,7,10,11 8,12 2,7,11 5,8,12 5,8,12 2,6,10,5,8,12 2,6,10,11 2,6,10,11 3,9,12 5,7,12 5,8,12 2,6,10,11

Accumulation of wealth, money & bank accounts Prime house of career, name & fame. Prime house of financial gain, increments & promotion Prime house for service & working conditions Prime house of business, business partners, trade & commerce. If Sun or Moon are one of the DBA planets then Government job If Jupiter or Mercury are predominant in the DBA planet joins a private jobs. IF these are in DBA then position becomes doubtful IF these are in DBA then there is gain IF these are in DBA then there is gain IF these are in DBA then there is gain Loss of money or reversal in the career Loss of money or reversal in the career Group Discussion and Interview Group Discussion and Interview Group Discussion and Interview Written test Written test Success in interview & group discussion Success in interview & group discussion Success in interview & group discussion Timing the change of job ,native leaves the present job Change of job is good Change of job is good Bad for change of job Change from job to business he will continue the job Closure of business or forced to leave the job native gets suspension order with DBA of separative planets Native is reinstated native gets out of turn promotion & high ups, Multiple promotions sought in the DBA of Me Native gets transfer order if separative planets he has to leave the place if malefic then un In Partnership partner will cheat he will loose the lended money Native the gets the money back

ivate jobs.

sought in the DBA of Mercury e place if malefic then under devolped country if benefic then prime city

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